VOLUME 24 ISSUE 2, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 2, 2017

Mini Review
Original articles
    • Radhika., Kumar, V., Vyas, G. and Kaur, S.
    • Mohamed, G., Lertrat, K. and Suriharn, B.
    • Hafsé, M., Farah, A., Mouktadir, J.E. and Fikri-Benbrahim, K.
    • Hihat, S., Remini, H. and Madani, K.
  1. Study on physico-chemical properties, antioxidant activity and shelf stability of carrot (Daucus carota) and pineapple (Ananas comosus) juice blend
    • Owolade, S.O., Akinrinola, A.O., Popoola, F.O., Aderibigbe, O.R., Ademoyegun, O.T. and Olabode, I.A.
  2. Phytochemical profiling of the leaves of Brassica juncea L. using GC-MS
    • Sharma, A., Kumar, V., Kanwar, M.K., Thukral, A.K. and Bhardwaj, R.
    • Chalorcharoenying, W., Lomthaisong, K., Suriharn, B. and Lertrat, K.
    • Supapvanich, S., Mitrsang, P. and Srinorkham, P.
    • Aishah, S., Amiza, M.A., Sarbon, N.M. and Effendy, W.A.M.
    • Azemi, W.A.W.M., Samsudin, N.A., Halim, N.R.A. and Sarbon, N.M.
    • Rocha, M., Cardozo, M.A., Raffi, J.E., El Halal, S.L.M., Souza, M.M. and Prentice, C.
    • Go, S.K., Chia, S.L., Tan, C.P. and Chong, G.H..
    • Gazala, K., Masoodi, F.A., Masarat, H.D., Rayees, B. and Shoib, M.W.
    • Reka, P., Thahira Banu, A. and Seethalakshmi, M.
  3. Modelling and optimization of processing variables of snack (kokoro) produced from blends of maize and African yam bean seed flour
    • Idowu, A.O. and Aworh, O.C.
    • Ajayi, O.A., Ola, O.O. and Akinwunmi, O.O.
    • Yagoub, A.A., Ma, H. and Zhou, C.
    • Sayyari, M., Valero, D. and Serrano, M.
    • Sheibani, A., Ayyash, M.M., Vasiljevic, T. and Mishra, V. K.
    • Aboshora, W., Abdalla, M., Niu, F.F, Yu, J.H, Raza, H., Idriss, S.E., Al-Haj, N.Q.M, Al-Farga, A. and Lianfu, Z.
    • Tidke, B., Sharma, H.K. and Kumar, N.
    • Reginio, F.C., Jr., Hurtada, W.A., Estacio, M.A.C. and Dizon, E.I.
    • Purwandari, U., Bimantara, M.A. and Hidayati, D.
  4. Nutritional profile of Rabbitfish (Siganus spp.) from the Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Wahyuningtyas, L.A., Nurilmala, M., Sondita, M.F.A., Taurusman, A.A. and Sudrajat, A.O.
    • Chakraborty, D., Das, J., Das, P.K., Bhattacharjee, S.C. and Das, S.
  5. Sensory evaluation of probiotic whey beverages formulated from orange powder and flavor using fuzzy logic
    • Faisal, S., Chakraborty, S., Devi, W.E., Hazarika, M.K. and Puranik, V.
  6. Levels of selected metals in commercially available rice in Ethiopia
    • Tegegne, B., Chandravanshi, B.S. and Zewge, F.
  7. Profile of aroma compounds and acceptability of modified tempeh
    • Kustyawati, M.E., Nawansih, O. and Nurdjanah, S.
  8. Economic analysis of broiler production in Peninsular Malaysia
    • Abdurofi, I., Ismail, M.M., Kamal, H.A.W. and Gabdo, B.H.
  9. Role of protective agents on the viability of probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum during freeze drying and subsequent storage
    • Savedboworn, W., Kerdwan, N., Sakorn, A., Charoen, R., Tipkanon, S. and Pattayakorn, K.
  10. The effect of two Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains on the blood lipid profile of rats fed with high fat containing diet
    • Nocianitri, K.A., Antara, N.S., Sugitha, I.M., Sukrama, I.D.M., Ramona, Y. and Sujaya, I.N.
  11. Antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from different environments: a preliminary study
    • Tremonte, P., Pannella, G., Succi, M., Tipaldi, L., Sturchio, M., Coppola, R., Luongo, D. and Sorrentino, E.
  12. Fungal contamination of foods prepared in some hotels in the Kumasi metropolis
    • Darko, S., Mills-Robertson, F.C. and Wireko-Manu, F.D.
  13. Identification and characterization of the Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from Malaysian fermented fish (Pekasam)
    • Ida Muryany, M.Y., Ina Salwany, M.Y., Ghazali, A.R., Hing, H.L. and Nor Fadilah, R.
  14. Distribution of bacteriophages in food and environment samples
    • Premarathne, J.M.K.J.K., Thung, T.Y., New, C.Y., Huat, J.T.Y., Basri, D.F., Rukayadi, Y., Nakaguchi ,Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
Short Communication
  1. Characterization of essential oil content isolated from Rhus flexicauli (Baker)
    • Ibrahim, M.E., Ahmed, S.S., Khalid, A.K. and El-Sawi S.A.