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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Supplementary Issue, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Fish gelatin nanoparticles and their food applications: a review
    • Akbar, I.,Jaswir, I., Jamal, P. and Octavianti, F.
  2. A review on acid and enzymatic hydrolyses of sago starch
    • Azmi, A.S., Malek, M.I.A. and Puad, N.I.M.
Original articles
    • Runa, H., Serri, N.A., and Ahmad, H.
    • Abd Samad, N.S., Amid, A., Jimat, D.N. and Ab. Shukor, N.A.
    • Jalal, K.C.A., Akbar John, B., Nurul Lyana, M.S., Faizul, H.N., Noor Isma Yanti, M., Irwandi, J. and Mahbuba Bulbul
  1. Nutritional perspectives of early Muslims’ eating habits
    • Ahmed I. A., Asiyanbi-Hammed T. T., Idris M. A., Mikail M. A., Hammed A. and Hammed A. M.
  2. Gelatin-polysaccharide based materials: a review of processing and properties
    • Asiyanbi, T.T., Bio-Sawe, W., Idris, M.A., and Hammed, A.M.
  3. Nutrients depictions of Barhi date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) kernels
    • Mahmud, I.A., Mirghani, M.E.S., Alkhatib, M.F.R., Yusof, F., Shahabuddin, M., Rashidi, O. and Daoud, Jamal I.
  4. Comparison of composition, thermal behaviour and polymorphism of pink guava (Psidium guajava) seed oil-palm stearin blends and lard
    • Noor Raihana, A.R., Marikkar, J.M.N., Jaswir, I., Nurrulhidayah, A.F. and Miskandar, M.S.
    • Noor Raihana, A.R., Marikkar, J.M.N., Jaswir, I., Nurrulhidayah, A.F. and Miskandar, M.S.
    • Ilias, N.N., Jamal, P., Sulaiman, S., Jaswir, I., Ansari, A.H., Azmi, A.S. and Zainudin, Z.
    • Mohammedelnour, Ahmed A. Mirghani, M.E.S., Kabbashi, Nasser A., Alam, Md Z., Musa, Khalid H., Abdullah, Aminah
    • Aburigal, Y.A.A., Mirghani, M.E.S., Elmogtaba, E.Y., Sirible, A.A.M., Hamza, N.B. and Hussein, I.H.
    • Jamal, P., Olorunnisola, K.S., Jaswir, I., Tijani, I.D.R. and Ansari, A.H.
    • Shahidan, N., Othman, R., Jaswir, I., Hashim, Y.Z. H-Y
    • Jaswir, I., Ahmad, H., Susanti, D., Bakhtiar, M.T., and Octavianti, F.
  5. Research progress in bioflocculants from Bacteria
    • Abdullah, A.M., Hamidah, H. and Alam, M.Z.
    • Noh, C.H.C., Azmin, N.F.M., Amid, A., Asnawi, A.L.
    • Jamal, P., Hashlamona, A.,Jaswir, I., Akbar, I., Nawawi, W.M.F.W
    • Jamaludin, M.A., Amin, A., Fadzlillah, N. A., Kartika, B., Othman, R., Sani S. and Ramli A.
    • Muflih, B.K, Ahmad, N.S, Jamaludin, M.A. and Nordin, N.F.H
    • Babiker, S., Mirghani, M.E.S., Kabbashi, N.A., Alam Md. Z. and Marikkar, J.M.N.
    • Yusof, F., Chowdhury, S., Faruck, M. O. and Sulaiman, N.
    • Hagr, T.E., Mirghani, M.E.S., Elnour, A.A.H.M. and Bkharsa, B.E.
    • Yusof, F., Faruck, M.O. and Chowdhury, S.
  6. Determination of natural carotenoid pigments from freshwater green algae as potential halal food colorants
    • Othman, R., Noh, N., Nurrulhidayah, A.F. Anis Hamizah, H and Jamaludin, M. A.
    • Kabbashi, N.A., Mirghani, M.E.S., Alam Md. Z
  7. Effect of storage conditions on the crystallisation behaviour of selected Malaysian honeys
    • Nurul Zaizuliana, R. A., Anis Mastura, A. F., Abd Jamil, Z., Norshazila, S., Zarinah, Z.
  8. Process optimization for the production of fish gelatin nanoparticles
    • Subara, D., Jaswir, I., Alkhatib, M.F.R. and Noorbatcha, I.A.N.
  9. Optimization of essential oil and fucoxanthin extraction from Sargassum binderi by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction with ethanol as co-solvent Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
    • Jaswir, I., Noviendri, D., Taher, M., Mohamed, F., Salleh, H. M., Octavianti, F., Lestari, W., Hendri, R., Abdullah, A., Miyashita, K., Hasna, A.
  10. Rapid detection of ethanol in beverages using IIUM-fabricated electronic nose
    • Nurul Asyikeen A.M., Jaswir, I., Akmeliawati, R., Ibrahim, A.M.,Aslam, M. and Octavianti, F.