VOLUME 25 ISSUE 1, 2018

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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Issue 1, 2018 new

Mini Review
  1. Adverse effects on consumer’s health caused by hormones administered in cattle
    • Senthil Kumar, V., Rajan, C., Divya, P. and Sasikumar, S.
  2. Characteristics and use of electrolyzed water in food industries
    • Athayde, D.R., Flores, D.R.M., Silva, J.S., Silva, M.S., Genro, A.L.G., Wagner, R., Campagnol, P.C.B., Menezes, C.R. and Cichoski, A.J.
Original articles
    • Mahdi, C., Untari H., Padaga, M.C. and Raharjo, S.J.
    • Mushollaeni, W., Kumalaningsih, S., Wignyanto and Santoso, I.
    • Rahmani, F., Dehganiasl, M., Heidari, R., Rezaee, R. and Darvishzadeh, R.
    • Elsorady, M. E. I. and Ali, S. E.
    • Panya, T., Chansri, N., Sripanidkulchai, B. and Daodee, S.
    • Fidrianny, I., Anggraeni, N.A.S. and Insanu, M.
    • Amron, N. A. and Konsue, N.
    • Benkeblia, N. and Beaudry, R.M.
    • Mchazime, I. and Kapute, F.
    • Benmeziane, F., Djermoune – Arkoub, L., Boudraa, A.T. and Bellaagoune, S.
    • Jahurul, M.H.A., Zaidul, I.S.M., Sahena, F., Sharifudin, M.S., Norulaini, N.N., Md. Eaqub Ali, Hasmadi, M., Ghafoor, K., Wahidu Zzaman and Omar, A.K.M.
    • Pires, D. R., de Morais, A. C. N., Coelho, C. C. S., Marinho, A. F., Góes, L. C. D. S. A., Augusta, I. M., Ferreira, F. S. and Saldanha, T.
    • Akullo, J., Agea, J.G., Obaa, B. B., Okwee-Acai, J. and Nakimbugwe, D.
    • Istianah, N., 1Ernawati, L., Anal, A.K. and Gunawan, S.
    • Bouatia, M., Touré, H. A., Cheikh, A., Eljaoudi, R., Rahali, Y., Oulad Bouyahya Idrissi, M., Khabar, L. and Draoui, M.
  1. Kefir ice cream flavored with fruits and sweetened with honey: physical and chemical characteristics and acceptance
    • Januário J.G.B., Oliveira, A.S., Dias, S.S., Klososki, S.J. and Pimentel, T.C.
    • Koh, S.H. Loh, S.P.
    • Rana, S. S., Pradhan, R. C. and Mishra, S.
  2. Foam-mat drying of passion fruit aril
    • Khamjae, T. and Rojanakorn, T.
    • Janairo, J.I.B. and Amalin, D.M.
    • Astuti, R.M., Palupi, N.S. and Zakaria, F.R.
    • Kukreja, R.K., Sripum, C., Charoenkiatkul, S., Kriengsinyos, W. and Suttisansanee, U.
    • Asksonthong, R., Siripongvutikorn, S. and Usawakesmanee, W.
    • Yusof, H.M., Sarah, Ng, M.L., Lam, T.W. and Kassim, M.N.I.
    • Itthisoponkul T., Naknan P., Prompun S. and Kasemwong K.
    • Sahoo, P.K. and Sharma, A.K.
  3. Characterization and functional properties of gelatin extracted from goatskin
    • Zilhadia, Yahdiana,H., Irwandi, J. and Effionora, A.
  4. GC-MS analysis of unpolar fraction from Ficus carica L. (fig) leaves
    • Ivanov, I., Dincheva, I., Badjakov, I., Petkova, N., Denev, P. and Pavlov, A.
  5. Formulation and characterization of emergency food based on instan corn flour supplemented by instan tempeh (or soybean) flour
    • Aini, N., Prihananto, V., Wijonarko, G., Sustriawan, B., Dinayati, M., and Aprianti, F.
  6. Studies on black tea production from fresh roselle calyxes
    • Aregbesola, O. A., Faborode, M. O. and Hounkanrin, B.A.
  7. Potential health risk of heavy metals accumulation in vegetables irrigated with polluted river water
    • Ratul, A.K., Hassan, M., Uddin, M.K., Sultana, M.S., Akbor, M.A. and Ahsan, M.A.
  8. Evaluation of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of oily macerates of Algerian dried figs (Ficus carica L.)
    • Debib, A., Tir-Touil, M.A., Meddah, B., Hamaidi-Chergui, F., Menadi, S. and Alsayadi, M.S.
  9. Nutritional and microbiological evaluation on sauces and ketchups available in Bangladesh
    • Anandsynal, Mumtaz, B., Motalab, M., Jahan, S., Hoque, M.M. and Saha, B. K.
  10. Effect of dietary olive leaves on the lipid and protein oxidation and bacterial safety of chicken hamburgers during frozen storage
    • da Silva, S. L., Marangoni, C., Brum, D. S., Vendruscolo, R. G., Silva, M. S., de Moura, H. C., Rampelotto, C., Wagner, R., de Menezes, C. R., Barin, J. S., Campagnol, P. C. B., Cichoski, A. J.
  11. Comparison between morphophysiological and molecular methods for the identification of yeasts isolated from honey
    • Rodrigues, A. M. D., Pinheiro, R. E. E., Costa, J. A., Santos, J. T. O., Poli, J. S., Rosa, C. A., Soares, M. J. S., Muratori, M. C. S. and Nóbrega, M. M. G. P.
  12. In vivo evaluation of snake fruit Kombucha as hyperglycemia therapeutic agent
    • Zubaidah, E., Apriyadi, T.E., Kalsum, U., Widyastuti, E., Estiasih, T.,Srianta, I. and Blanc, P.J.