VOLUME 26 ISSUE 3, 2019

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International Food Research Journal Volume 26 Issue 3, 2019

  1. Factors and advances on fermentation of Monascus sp. for pigments and monacolin K production: a review
    • Kraboun, K., Kongbangkerd, T., Rojsuntornkitti, K. and Phanumong, P.
Original articles
    • Nizaha Juhaida, M., Smirnova, O., MacNaughtan, B., Vieira, J. and Wolf, B.
    • Amat Sairin, M., Abd Aziz, S., Tan, C. P., Mustafa, S., Abd Gani, S. S. and Rokhani, F. Z.
    • Halimatun Sa’adiah, A. H., Jinap, S. and Norhayati, H.
    • Abbas Ali, M., Azizul Islam, M., Hossen, J. and Ibrahim, M.
  1. Melting and crystallisation behaviour of soybean oil in blend with palm oil-based diacylglycerol
    • Ong, C. R.-E., Tang, T.-K., Lee, Y.-Y., Choong, T. S.-Y., Lai, O.-M., Kuan, C.-H. and Phuah, E.-T.
  2. Cassava derivatives in the preparation of unconventional gluten-free snacks
    • Leonel, M., Garcia, E. L., Santos, T. P. R., Fernandes, D. S. and Mischam, M. M.
  3. Jambolão extracts as synthetic additive substitutes in fresh chicken sausage during cold storage
    • Pereira, G. C. A., Gonçalves, M. C. S., Costa, L. L., Santos, S. G. P., Vargas, F. C. and Arantes-Pereira, L.
  4. Assessment of physicochemical and sensory characteristics of foam-mat dried papaya fruit powder
    • Kandasamy, P., Varadharaju, N., Dhakre, D. S. and Smritikana, S.
  5. Optimisation of temperature and time for the dark germination bioprocess of Moringa oleifera seeds to boost nutritional value, total phenolic content and antioxidant activity
    • León-López, L., Bañuelos-Piña, A. M., Reyes-Moreno, C., Milán-Carrillo, J., Contreras-Andrade, I., Sánchez-Magaña, L. M. and Cuevas-Rodríguez, E. O.
    • Rahim, A., Kadir, S., Jusman, J., Zulkipli, Z. and Hambali, T. N. A.
    • Cruz, V. A., Gonçalves, C. A. A., Masson, G. A., Alvarez, M. C., Costa, L. L., Mesquita, M. S. and Ferreira, E. N.
    • Hardiwati, K. T., Seninha, M., Lay, B. W. and Yanti
    • Wei, K., Ruan, L., Li, H., Wu, L., Wang, L. and Cheng, H.
    • Inthuja, J., Mahendran, T. and Jemziya, M. B. F.
    • Rahim, N. A. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Ho, L.-H., Zainal Abidin, N. F. S., Tan, T.-C. and Noroul Asyikeen, Z.
    • Sarbon, N. M., Howell, N. K. and Wan Ahmad, W. A. N.
  6. Extraction, purification and characterisation of a milk-clotting protease from ‘kesinai’ (Streblus asper Lour.) leaves
    • Pagthinathan, M., Ghazali, H. M., Yazid, A. M. and Foo, H. L.
    • Ratana-arporn, P. and Jommark, N.
    • Fazly Ann, Z. and Rukayadi, Y.
  7. Effect of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) and coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) on microbial quality and sensory acceptability of frozen paratha
    • Rosli, N. A., Azilan, N. A., Mahyudin, N. A., Mahmud Ab Rashid, N. K., Meon, F. N. S., Ismail, Z., Chern, P. E. and Kanasan, S.
    • Sanwiriya, P. and Suleiman, N.
    • Onwurafor, E. U., Uzodinma, E. O., Chikwendu, J. N. and Nwankwor, O. F.
    • Sophonputtanaphoca, S., Chutong, P., Cha-aim, K. and Nooeaid, P.
    • Cherono, K., Workneh, T. S. and Melesse, S. F.
    • Dhital, S. and Vangnai, K.
    • Yue, C. S., Ng, Q. N., Lim, A. K., Lam, M. H. and Chee, K. N.
    • Jo, Y., Ameer, K., Chung, N. and Kwon, J. H.
  8. Quinoa as gelling agent in a mortadella formulation
    • Vargas Zambrano, P., Riera González, G. and Cruz Viera, L.
  9. Zodo gum exudates from Rosaceae as a fat replacer in reduced-fat salad dressing
    • Mozafari, H. R., Hojjatoleslamy, M. and Hosseini, E.
  10. Preservation of spiced radish juice using hurdle technology
    • Kaur, G., Kumar, V., Sangma, C., Kaur, J., Kaur, J. and Suri, S.
  11. Cinnamon essential oil reduces adhesion of food pathogens to polystyrene
    • Ferreira, L. R., Rosário, D. K. A., Silva, P. I., Carneiro, J. C. S., Pimentel Filho, N. J. and Bernardes, P. C.