VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2, 2020

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International Food Research Journal Volume 27 Issue 2, 2020

Original articles
    • Bayrak, B., Yilmazer, M. and Palabiyik, B.
    • Phuangsombut, K., Phuangsombut, A. and Terdwongworakul, A.
    • Chel-Guerrero, L., Estrella-Millán, Y., Betancur-Ancona, D., Aranda-González, I., Castellanos-Ruelas, A. and Gallegos-Tintoré, S.
    • Salik, M. A. and Arslaner, A.
  1. Antioxidant profiling of indigenous oat cultivars with special reference to avenanthramides
    • Manzoor, M. S., Pasha, I., Shehzad, A., Zia, M. A. and Zhu, M. J.
  2. Fatty acid composition and characterisation of commercial vegetable oils with chemometric approaches
    • Kim, N. H., Jung, S. Y., Park, Y. A., Lee, Y. J., Jo, J. Y., Lee, S. M. and Oh, Y. H.
    • Zheng, Y., Du, J. and Li, M.
    • Manaois, R. V., Zapater, J. E. I. and Labargan, E. S. A.
    • Villegas-Rascón, R. E., Plascencia-Jatomea, M., Rosas-Burgos, E. C., López-Franco, Y. L., Tánori-Córdova, J. C., López-Meneses, A. K and Cortez-Rocha, M. O.
    • Abbasi, G. A., Yow, B. C. and Goh, Y. N.
    • Sun, Y.-X., He, R., Pan, Y.-G., Chen, H.-M., Ye, J.-Q., Chen, L.-Z., Fu, N.-F., Pu, Y.-F., Xiao, X.-H., Liu, S.-S. and Zhang, W.-M.
    • Li, W., Yu, S. Y., Cheng, P. and Zhang, J. B.
    • How, Y.-H., Ewe, J.-A., Song, K.-P., Kuan, C.-H., Kuan, C.-S. and Yeo, S.-K.
    • Wong, C. W., Leow, R. K. S., Lim, W. Y. and Siew, Z. Z.
  3. Characterisation of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory activities of polysaccharides derived from Duchesnea indica (Andrews) Focke
    • Long, M., Yu, X., Li, B., Xiong, Y., Xiang, B. and He, Q.
    • Li, H., Seewaeng, P., Inchuen, S. and Siriamornpun, S.