VOLUME 27 ISSUE 5, 2020

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International Food Research Journal Volume 27 Issue 5, 2020

Original articles
    • Liwan, S. Y., Utami, T., Murdiati, A., Triwitono, P. and Rahayu, E. S.
    • Ndanusa, A. H., Cicuzza, D. and Siddique, M. M.
    • Amarantini, C., Budarso, T. Y., Antika, Y. E. and Prakasita, V. C.
    • Han, K., Ji, W. and Wang, R. F.
  1. Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of aqueous, ethanolic and acetonic extracts of Pimenta dioica L. leaves
    • Sánchez-Zarate, A., Hernández-Gallegos, M. A., Carrera-Lanestosa, A., López-Martínez, S., Chay-Canul, A. J., Esparza-Rivera, J. R. and Velázquez-Martínez, J. R.
  2. Impact of juice extraction method on the physicochemical, functional, and sensory properties of Sabah snake grass (Clinacanthus nutans) juice mix
    • Noranizan, M., Pean, L. F., Li, J. W., Aadil, R. M., Ahmad, T., Rosli, S. Z., Yong, Y. Y. and Kim, D.-O.
  3. Stability of corn and olive oil-in-water emulsions supplemented with ethanol-treated rapeseed meal protein isolate
    • Kalaydzhiev, H., Gandova, V. D., Ivanova, P., Brandão, T. R. S., Dessev, T. T., Silva, C. L. M. and Chalova, V. I.
    • Chen, Y., Xie, J., Sun, J., Zhou, Z., Zhang, R., Li, H. and Wei, D.
    • Mohd Desa, S. N. F., Muhamad, N. A., Mohd Nor, N. A., Abdul Razak, F., Abdul Manan, N. S., Ab-Murat, N. and Marhazlina, J.
    • Tan, H. M., Leong, K. H., Song, J., Mohd Sufian, N. S. F., Mohd Hazli, U. H. A., Chew, L. Y. and Kong, K. W.
    • Tabassam, Q., Mehmood, T., Anwar, F., Saari, N. and Qadir, R.
    • Nor Qhairul Izzreen, M. N., Mohd Fadzelly, A. B., Umi Hartina, M. R., Rabiatul Amirah, R. and Rozzamri, A.
    • Udomsri, P., Pongsuwanporn, T., Nitisinprasert, S. and Nakphaichit, M.
    • Ramón-Canul, L. G., Ramón-Canul, F. C., Moo-Huchin, V. M., Herrera-Corredor, J. A., Cabal-Prieto, A., Ramírez-Sucre, M. O. and Ramírez-Rivera, E. J.
    • Suwannaphan, S., Chalermnon, N., Tongchin, P., Uthaisan, C. and Tongsumrith, T.
  4. Phytochemical analysis, antibacterial and antibiogram activities of fruits peels against human pathogenic bacteria
    • Gillani, S. F., Ali, S., Tahir, H. M., Shakir, H. A. and Hassan, A.