VOLUME 24,2017

International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 1, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Preparation, properties and application of rice bran protein: A review
    • Phongthai, S., Homthawornchoo, W. and Rawdkuen, S.
Original articles
    • Chakraborty, K., Raychaudhuri, U. and Chakraborty, R.
    • Zakwan, Julianti, E. and Lubis, Z.
    • Sadoudi, R. and Ali Ahmed, D.
    • Hanis Mastura, Y., Hasnah, H. and Yap, Y.T.
  1. Effect of processing treatments on polyphenol removal from kernel of two Iranian acorns varieties
    • Ghaderi-Ghahfarrokhi, M., Sadeghi-Mahoonak, A.R., Alami, M. and Mousavi Khanegah, A
  2. Isolation and development of wheat based gluten edible film and its physico-chemical properties
    • Sharma, N., Khatkar, B. S., Kaushik, R., Sharma, P. and Sharma, R.
  3. Effect of different drying methods and solvent ratios on biological activities of Phyllanthus acidus extracts
    • Siti Zulaikha, A. G, Mediani, A, Khoo, L. W, Lee, S. Y, Leong, S. W. and Abas, F.
    • Fong, E.L., Khan, M.J., Wan Aida, W.M. and Maskat, M.Y.
    • 15. Assessment of heavy metals, minerals, alcohol, and fusel oil content of selected fermented plant beverages of Thailan
    • Wichienchot, S., Prakobpran, P., Ngampanya, B. and Jaturapiree, P.
    • Ilao, S.M.M., Panabang, M.B., Depositario, D.P.T. and and Baticados, G.N.
    • Martini, M., Altomonte, I., Sant'Ana Da Silva, A. M. and Salari, F.
    • Thomas, R., Banik, S., Mohan, N. H. and Sarma, D. K.
    • Chaobo, X., Feng, G.., Pingya, W., Jin, Z. and Yuanyuan, L.
    • Marangoni, C., Cichoski, A.J. and Barin, J.S.
  4. Assessment of different packaging structures in the stability of refrigerated fresh Brazilian Toscana sausage
    • De Paula, R., Soares, J. M., Da Silva, P. F., Backes, G.T., Cansian, R. L., Treichel, H. and Valduga, E
    • Tee, E. T. and Siow, L. F.
    • Lilly, T.T., Immaculate, J.K. and Jamila, P.
  5. Utilization of flavor enhancers in hamburgers with replacement of 70% NaCl by KCl
    • Freitas, T. A., dos Santos, S. G. P., Gonçalves, C. A. A., dos Santos, B. A., Silva, M. S., Cichoski, A. J. and Campagnol, P. C. B.
    • Karnopp, A. R., Margraf, T., Maciel, L. G., Santos, J. S. and Granato, D.
    • Sripakdee, T., Mahachai, R. and Chanthai, S.
    • Prakitchaiwattana, C., Boonin, K. and Kaewklin, P.
    • Silva, L. M. R., Lima, A.C.S., Maia, A.G., Sousa, P.H.M., Gonzaga, M.L.C. and Ramos, A.M.
    • Pathak, D., Majumdar, J., Raychaudhuri, U. and Chakraborty, R.
    • Pojchananaphasiri, W. and Lertworasirikul, S.
    • Awolu, O.O., Oyebanji, O.V. and Sodipo, M.A.
  6. Fatty acid profile of Chlorella biomass obtained by fed batch heterotrophic cultivation
    • Ferreira, S.P., Holz, J.C.P., Lisboa, C.R. and Costa, J.A.V.
  7. Quality attributes of Bael (Aeglemarmelos Corr.) preserve and candy
    • Singh, A. K., Chaurasiya, A. K. and Mitra, S.
  8. Characterization of a new biodegradable edible film based on semolina loaded with nano kaolin
    • Jafarzadeh, S.,Alias, A.K.,Ariffin, F.,Mahmud, S., Najafi, A. and Sheibani, S.
  9. Unravel browning mechanism in making kue delapan jam
    • Agustini, S., Priyanto, G., Hamzah, B., Santoso, B. and Pambayun, R.
  10. Salt release from yellow alkaline noodles
    • Tan, T.C., Ho, S.C., Chong, S.M. and Easa, A.M.
  11. A survey on the quality of traditional butters produced in West Azerbaijan province, Iran
    • Ghasemloy Incheh, K.H., Hassanzadazar, H., Forouzan, S.H., Banafshehchin, E.l., Mozafarian, E.l., Aminzare, M. and Hashemi, M.
  12. Rural households’ food security status and coping strategies in Edo State Nigeria
    • Ehebhamen, O. G., Obayelu, A.E., Vaughan, I.O. and Afolabi, W.A.O.
  13. Immobilization of fungi β-galactosidase on celite to produce galactooligosaccharides during lactose hydrolysis
    • Fai, A.E.C., Kawaguti, H.Y., Thomazelli, I., Santos, R. and Pastore, G.M.
  14. Probiotic yoghurt flavored with organic beet with carrot, cassava, sweet potato or corn juice: Physicochemical and texture evaluation, probiotic viability and acceptance
    • Januário, J. G. B., da Silva, I. C. F., de Oliveira, A. S., de Oliveira, J. F., Dionísio, J. N., Klososki, S. J. and Pimentel, T. C.
  15. Characterization of anti-listerial bacteriocin produced by lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional fermented foods from Cambodia
    • Peng, C., Borges, S., Magalhães, R., Carvalheira, A., Ferreira, V., Casquete, R. and Teixeira, P.
  16. Microbiological quality of cooked meat products sold in Kelantan, Malaysia during Ramadhan month
    • Ain Auzureen, M. Z., Erkihun Aklilu, Mohd Azam Khan, G. K., Ruhil Hayati, H., Al Sultan, I. I. and Soon, J. M.
  17. Prevalence of Salmonella spp. in chicken and beef from retail outlets in Malaysia
    • Shafini, A.B., Son, R., Mahyudin, N.A., Rukayadi, Y. and Tuan Zainazor, T.C.
  18. Isolation of food-borne pathogen bacteriophages from retail food and environmental sewage
    • Thung, T. Y., Siti Norshafawatie, B. M. F., Premarathne, J. M. K. J. K., Chang, W. S., Loo, Y. Y., Kuan, C. H., New, C. Y., Ubong, A., Ramzi, O. S. B., Mahyudin, N. A., Dayang, F. B., Che Wan Jasimah, W. M. R. and Son, R.
Short Communication
  1. Detection and quantification of aflatoxin in cassava and maize flour sold in Kigali open markets, Rwanda
    • Matsiko, F., Kanyange, C., Ingabire, G., Dusingizimana, T., Vasanthakaalam, H. and Kimonyo, A.


International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 2, 2017

Mini Review
Original articles
    • Radhika., Kumar, V., Vyas, G. and Kaur, S.
    • Mohamed, G., Lertrat, K. and Suriharn, B.
    • Hafsé, M., Farah, A., Mouktadir, J.E. and Fikri-Benbrahim, K.
    • Hihat, S., Remini, H. and Madani, K.
  1. Study on physico-chemical properties, antioxidant activity and shelf stability of carrot (Daucus carota) and pineapple (Ananas comosus) juice blend
    • Owolade, S.O., Akinrinola, A.O., Popoola, F.O., Aderibigbe, O.R., Ademoyegun, O.T. and Olabode, I.A.
  2. Phytochemical profiling of the leaves of Brassica juncea L. using GC-MS
    • Sharma, A., Kumar, V., Kanwar, M.K., Thukral, A.K. and Bhardwaj, R.
    • Chalorcharoenying, W., Lomthaisong, K., Suriharn, B. and Lertrat, K.
    • Supapvanich, S., Mitrsang, P. and Srinorkham, P.
    • Aishah, S., Amiza, M.A., Sarbon, N.M. and Effendy, W.A.M.
    • Azemi, W.A.W.M., Samsudin, N.A., Halim, N.R.A. and Sarbon, N.M.
    • Rocha, M., Cardozo, M.A., Raffi, J.E., El Halal, S.L.M., Souza, M.M. and Prentice, C.
    • Go, S.K., Chia, S.L., Tan, C.P. and Chong, G.H..
    • Gazala, K., Masoodi, F.A., Masarat, H.D., Rayees, B. and Shoib, M.W.
    • Reka, P., Thahira Banu, A. and Seethalakshmi, M.
  3. Modelling and optimization of processing variables of snack (kokoro) produced from blends of maize and African yam bean seed flour
    • Idowu, A.O. and Aworh, O.C.
    • Ajayi, O.A., Ola, O.O. and Akinwunmi, O.O.
    • Yagoub, A.A., Ma, H. and Zhou, C.
    • Sayyari, M., Valero, D. and Serrano, M.
    • Sheibani, A., Ayyash, M.M., Vasiljevic, T. and Mishra, V. K.
    • Aboshora, W., Abdalla, M., Niu, F.F, Yu, J.H, Raza, H., Idriss, S.E., Al-Haj, N.Q.M, Al-Farga, A. and Lianfu, Z.
    • Tidke, B., Sharma, H.K. and Kumar, N.
    • Reginio, F.C., Jr., Hurtada, W.A., Estacio, M.A.C. and Dizon, E.I.
    • Purwandari, U., Bimantara, M.A. and Hidayati, D.
  4. Nutritional profile of Rabbitfish (Siganus spp.) from the Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Wahyuningtyas, L.A., Nurilmala, M., Sondita, M.F.A., Taurusman, A.A. and Sudrajat, A.O.
    • Chakraborty, D., Das, J., Das, P.K., Bhattacharjee, S.C. and Das, S.
  5. Sensory evaluation of probiotic whey beverages formulated from orange powder and flavor using fuzzy logic
    • Faisal, S., Chakraborty, S., Devi, W.E., Hazarika, M.K. and Puranik, V.
  6. Levels of selected metals in commercially available rice in Ethiopia
    • Tegegne, B., Chandravanshi, B.S. and Zewge, F.
  7. Profile of aroma compounds and acceptability of modified tempeh
    • Kustyawati, M.E., Nawansih, O. and Nurdjanah, S.
  8. Economic analysis of broiler production in Peninsular Malaysia
    • Abdurofi, I., Ismail, M.M., Kamal, H.A.W. and Gabdo, B.H.
  9. Role of protective agents on the viability of probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum during freeze drying and subsequent storage
    • Savedboworn, W., Kerdwan, N., Sakorn, A., Charoen, R., Tipkanon, S. and Pattayakorn, K.
  10. The effect of two Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains on the blood lipid profile of rats fed with high fat containing diet
    • Nocianitri, K.A., Antara, N.S., Sugitha, I.M., Sukrama, I.D.M., Ramona, Y. and Sujaya, I.N.
  11. Antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus plantarum strains isolated from different environments: a preliminary study
    • Tremonte, P., Pannella, G., Succi, M., Tipaldi, L., Sturchio, M., Coppola, R., Luongo, D. and Sorrentino, E.
  12. Fungal contamination of foods prepared in some hotels in the Kumasi metropolis
    • Darko, S., Mills-Robertson, F.C. and Wireko-Manu, F.D.
  13. Identification and characterization of the Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from Malaysian fermented fish (Pekasam)
    • Ida Muryany, M.Y., Ina Salwany, M.Y., Ghazali, A.R., Hing, H.L. and Nor Fadilah, R.
  14. Distribution of bacteriophages in food and environment samples
    • Premarathne, J.M.K.J.K., Thung, T.Y., New, C.Y., Huat, J.T.Y., Basri, D.F., Rukayadi, Y., Nakaguchi ,Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
Short Communication
  1. Characterization of essential oil content isolated from Rhus flexicauli (Baker)
    • Ibrahim, M.E., Ahmed, S.S., Khalid, A.K. and El-Sawi S.A.


International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 3, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Optical parameters in food and agricultural processing
    • Mohd Ali, M., Hashim, N., Bejo, S. K. and Shamsudin, R.
Original articles
    • Sharma, N., Malik, D., Bhandu, A., Batra, N. and Behal, A.
    • Wardani, S. K, Cahyanto, M. N, Rahayu, E. S, and Utami, T.
    • Samet-Bali, O., Felfoul, I., Lajnaf, R., Attia, H. and Ayadi, M.A.
    • Ed-dra, A., Rhazi Filali, F., El Allaoui, A. and Aboulkacem, A.
  1. Prevalence of toxigenic Clostridium perfringens strains isolated from dried spur pepper in Thailand
    • Tassanaudom, U., Toorisut, Y, Tuitemwong, K., Jittaprasartsin, C., Wangroongsarb, P. and Mahakarnchanakul, W.
  2. Physico-chemical and microbial properties of undervalued dates and processed dates by-products in Morocco
    • Bellaouchi, R., Ghomari, I., Hasnaoui, A., Hakkou, A., Bechchari, A., Chihib, N.E. and Asehraou, A.
    • Lesley, M. B., Ernie, S.R., Kasing, A. and Son, R.
    • Viera, V.B., Piovesan, N., Rodrigues, J.B., Mello, R. de O., Prestes, R.C., Santos, R.C. V dos., Vaucher, R. de A., Hautrive, T. P. and Kubota, E. H.
    • Tang, J.Y.H., Mat-Sa’ad, S.H., Banerjee, S.K., Ho, L.H. and Son, R.
    • Chuajedton, A., Aoyagi, H., Uthaibutra, J., Pengphol, S. and *Whangchai, K.
    • Jabo, M.S. M., Ismail, M. M., Abdullah, A. M. and Shamsudin, M. N.
    • Weerawatanakorn, M., Tamaki, H., Asikin, Y., Wada, K., Takahashi, M., Ho, C.T. and Pan, M.H.
    • Efiuvwevwere, B.J.O. and Oruwari, B.O.
    • Ponnam, A., Acharya, A., Mitra, A. N., and Banerjee, P.
  3. Impact of food nutrition intervention on food handlers’ knowledge and competitive food serving: a randomized controlled trial
    • Nik Rosmawati, N.H., Wan Manan, W.M., Noor Izani, N.J., Nik Nurain, N.H. and Razlina, A.R.
    • Salehi, S., Khodadadi, I., Akbari-adergani, B., Shekarchi, M. and Karami, Z.
    • Singh, A. B. and Teron, R.
  4. Optimization of enzymatic protein hydrolysis conditions of okara with endopeptidase Alcalase
    • Montilha, M. S., Sbroggio, M. F., Figueiredo, V. R. G., Ida, E. I. and Kurozawa, L. E.
    • Lashgari, M., Maleki, A. and Amiriparian, J.
    • Halim, N. R. A. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Saci, F., Louaileche, H., Bachir bey, M. and Meziant, L.
    • Amaral Mello, M.R.P., Moita Neto, J.M. and Torres, E.A.F.S.
    • Kumar, V., Sharma, H.K., Singh, K., Kaushal, P., and Singh, R.P.
    • Chay, C., Elegado, F. B., Dizon, E. I., Hurtada, W. A., Norng, C. and Raymundo, L. C.
  5. Effect of supplementation with pollen and brewer’s yeast in the fermentation and in the physicochemical properties of honey spirits
    • Silva, I. L. da, Pagliarini, M. A., Chagas, T. E., Frühauf, M., Kempka, A. P. and Dornelles, R.C.P.
    • Chapagai, M. K., Wan Rosli ,W. I., Wan Manan, W. M., Jalil, R. A., Karrila, T. and Pinkaew, S.
  6. Phytochemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial potential of underutilized parts of some fruits
    • Sharma, G., Vivek, I., Gupta, A.K., Ganjewala, D., Gupta, C. and Prakash, D.
  7. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous fraction from Albizia lebbeck leaves
    • Praengam, K., Muangnoi, C., Charoenkiatkul S., Thiyajai, P. and Tuntipopipat, S.
  8. Antioxidant activity of pigments derived from Monascus purpureus-fermented rice, corn, and sorghum
    • Srianta, I., Zubaidah, E., Estiasih, T., Iuchi, Y., Harijono and *Yamada, M.
  9. Combination of whey protein and carbohydrate for microencapsulation of pumpkin (Cucurbita spp.)seed oil by spray-drying
    • Le, T. H., Tran, T. M. V., Ton, N. M. N., Tran, T. T. T., Huynh, T. V., Nguyen, T. N., Quang, S. P. and Le, V. V. M.
  10. Green extraction and simultaneous inclusion complex formation of Sideritis scardica polyphenols
    • Korompokis, K., Igoumenidis, P. E., Mourtzinos, I. and Karathanos, V.T.
  11. Photo-oxidative changes of red palm oil as affected by light intensity
    • Ayu, D. F., Andarwulan, N., Hariyadi, P. and Purnomo, E. H.
  12. Physical and frictional properties of pomegranate arils as a function of fruit maturity
    • Khodabakhshian, R., Emadi, B., Khojastehpour, M. and Golzarian, M.R.
  13. Alteration in morphological features of Puntius javanicus liver exposed to copper sulfate
    • Sabullah, M. K., Ahmad, S. A., Shukor M. Y., Gansau, A. J.,Shamaan, N. A., Khalid, A. and Sulaiman, M. R.
Short Communication
  1. Study on in-bed drying system for the drying of paddy in Assam
    • Chakraborty, S., Hazarika, M.K., Khobragade, C.B., Paul, S.K. and Bora, J.
  2. Detection limit of polymerase chain reaction technique for species authentication in meat products
    • Felk, G.S., Marinho, R.S., Montanhini, M.T.M., Rodrigues, S.A., Bittencourt, J.V.


International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 4, 2017

Original articles
    • Abdullahi, U.F., Igwenagu, E., Aliyu, S., Mu’azu, A., Naim, R. and Wan-Taib, W.R.
    • Rohman, A., Widyaningtyas, R. and Amalia, F.
    • Kungu, J.M., Dione, M., Roesel, K., Ejobi, F., Ocaido, M. and Grace, D.
    • Supachaturat, S., Pichyangkura, R., Chandrachai, A. and Pentrakoon, D.
  1. Economic analysis of broiler production in Peninsular Malaysia
    • Abdurofi, I., Ismail, M.M., Kamal, H. A. W. and Gabdo, B. H.
  2. Physicochemical properties and applications of date seed and its oil
    • Golshan Tafti, A., Solaimani Dahdivan, N. and Yasini Ardakani, S.A.
    • Shetty, P. and D’Souza, A.
    • Akhavan, H.R. and Barzegar, M.
    • Suntharalingam, C. and Terano, R.
    • Saiful Bahri, S. and Wan Rosli, W. l.
    • Diafat, A.E.O., Benouadah, A., Bahloul, A., Meribai, A., Mekhalfi, H., Bouaziz, F., Techache, D., 1Laabachi, H. and Arrar, L.
    • Wiset, L.,Wongkasem, K., Poomsa-ad N. and Kampakdee, M.
    • Utami, R., Kawiji, Khasanah, L.U. and Nasution, M.I.A.
    • Boussada, M., Lamine, J. A., Bini, I., Abidi, N., Lasrem, M., El-Fazaa, S. and El-Golli, N.
  3. Fatty acids profiles in fillets Pampus argenteus and Sparidentex hasta during frozen storage
    • Aberoumand, A., Ziaee nejad, S., Baesi, F., Koliae, Z.
    • Wongtawatchai, T., Sarsutham, K., Sukketsiri, W., Tipmanee, V. and Chonpathompikunlert, P.
    • Normah, I. and Nurul Fasihah, R.
    • Msusa N., Likongwe J., Kapute F., Mtethiwa A. and Sikawa D.
  4. Short-term consumption of Gelam honey reduces triglyceride level
    • Samat, S., Mohd Nor, N., Hussein, F. N., Eshak, Z. and Ismail, W. I. W.
    • Kusuma, H.S. and Mahfud, M.
    • Loypimai, P., Moongngarm, A. and Naksawat, S.
    • Maitre, A., Rathod, R. P. and Annapure, U. S.
    • Pereira, J.M, Evangelho, J.A, Moura, F.A., Gutkoski, L.C. Zavareze, E.R. and Dias, A.R.G.
    • Utto, W., Pruthtikul, R., Nutthi, S. and Phungam, N.
  5. Evaluation of the functional properties of mung bean protein isolate for development of textured vegetable protein
    • Brishti, F.H., Zarei, M., Muhammad, S.K.S., Ismail-Fitry, M.R., Shukri, R. and 1*Saari, N.
  6. Application of membrane-based technology for purification of bromelain
    • Nor, M. Z. M., Ramchandran, L., Duke, M. and Vasiljevic, T.
  7. Rheological behavior of mixed nectars of pineapple skin juice and tropical fruit pulp
    • Silva, D.C. S., Braga A.C.C., Lourenço L.F.H., Rodrigues A.M. and Peixoto Joele, M.R.S.
  8. Evaluation of in vitro wound healing efficacy of breadfruit derived starch hydrolysate
    • Amin, Z.M., Koh, S.P., Tan, C.P., Yeap, S.K., Hamid, N.S.A. and Long, K.
  9. Chemical profile, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Citrus reticulata and Citrus clementina (L.) essential oils
    • Boudries, H., Loupassaki, S., Ladjal Ettoumi, Y., Souagui, S., Bachir Bey, M., Nabet, N., Chikhoune, A., Madani, K. and Chibane, M.
  10. Optimization of β-galactosidase production from Penicillium sp. for synthesis of galactooligosaccharides
    • Bassetto, R.Z., Cabral, P.S., Silveira, M.H.L., Almeida, M.M. and Chiquetto, N.C.
  11. Construction of Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium ghosts isolated from retail chicken meat
    • Thung, T. Y., Chin, Y. Z., Najwa, M. S., Ubong, A., New, C. Y., Ramzi, O. S. B., Kuan, C. H., Mahyudin, N. A., Dayang, F. B., Che Wan Jasimah, W. M. R. and Son, R.
  12. Antimicrobial resistance of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Enteritidis isolated from vegetable farms and retail markets in Malaysia
    • Kuan, C.H., Rukayadi, Y., Ahmad, S. H., Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J., Kuan, C.S., Yeo, S.K., Thung, T.Y., New, C.Y., Chang, W.S., Loo, Y.Y., Tan, C.W., Ramzi, O.S.B., Mohd Fadzil, S.N., Nordin, Y., Kwan, S.Y. and Son, R.


International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 5, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Bioactive peptides from fish by-products with anticarcinogenic potential
    • Nurdiani, R., Vasiljevic, T., Singh, T.K. and Donkor, O.N.
Original articles
    • Zzaman, W., Yusoff, M.M. and Yang, T.A.
    • Tan, C. X. and Azrina, A.
    • Simwaka, J.E., Chamba, M.V.M., Huiming, Z., Masamba, K.G. and Luo, Y.
    • Rosida, R., Harijono, Estiasih, T. and Sriwahyuni, E.
    • Al-Faris ,N. and Al-Jobair, M.
    • Alam, M.K., Rana, Z.H. and Akhtaruzzaman, M.
    • Jansrimanee, S. and Lertworasirikul, S.
  1. Resource recovery in the food industry: use in the development of cakes
    • Santos, C. O., Silveira, M. R., Santos, A. M., Quatrin, A. and Rosa, C. S.
    • Adeleke, O.R., Adiamo, O.Q., Fawale, O.S. and Olamiti, G.
    • Jiamjariyatam, R.
    • Sari, A.A., Bazargani-Gilani, B., Pajohi-Alamooti, M.R. and Choobkar, N.
    • Bet, C.D., Cordoba, L.P., Ribeiro, L.S. and Schnitzler, E.
    • Kapreliants, L. and Zhurlova, O.
    • Jing, L., Yuwei, L., Zhenping, H. and Qian, W.
    • Katola, A. and Kapute, F.
    • Olatunya, A.M. and Akintayo, E.T.
  2. Effects of substrates and drying methods on antioxidant compound and antioxidant activity of fruiting body extracts of two oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus cystidiosus)
    • Hoa, H. T., Wang, C. H., Tam, N. V. and Wang, C. L.
    • Islam, S., Akond, M., Islam, I. and Adam, Z.
    • Kanwal, N., Randhawa, M. A. and Iqbal, Z.
    • Shewakena, S., Chandravanshi, B. S. and Debebe, A.
    • Ydjedd, S., Chaalal, M., Richard, G., Kati, D.E., López-Nicolás, R., Fauconnier, M. L. and Louaileche, H.
    • Santiago, L.A., Saguinsin, S.G.C., Reyes, A.M.L., Guerrero, R.P., Nuguid, A.M.N. and Santos, A.C.N.
    • Daramola, B.
    • Rathod Ketan, M. and Pagote, C.N.
    • Deshmukh, Y., Sharma, H.K. and Kumar, N.
    • Lestari, H.P., Martono, S., Wulandari, R., and Rohman, A.
  3. Phytochemicals, volatile oil and biological activities of Triumfetta flavescens (Hochst)
    • Ahmed, S. S., Ibrahim, M. E., Khalid, A. K. and El-Sawi, S. A.
  4. Stability of blended palm oils during potato frying
    • Azimah, R., Azrina, A. and Khoo, H. E.
  5. Anti-tyrosinase activity of orange peel extract and cosmetic formulation
    • Wuttisin, N., Boonmak J., Thaipitak, V., Thitilertdecha, N. and Kittigowittana, K.
  6. Antihyperanaemic and antihyperlipidemic activities of Artocarpus altilis fruit based-diet on alloxan-induced diabetic rats
    • Ajiboye, B. O., Ojo, O. A., Aganzi, I. Y., Chikezie, G. S., Fadaka, O. A., Jayesimi, K. and Olaoye, O.
  7. Potential of local black soybean as a source of the isoflavones daidzein and genistein
    • Sumardi, D., Pancoro, A., Yulia, E., Musfiroh, I., Prasetiyono, J., Karuniawan, A. and Syamsudin, T.S.
  8. Gel formation of pectin from okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) leaves, pulp and seeds
    • Nur Farhana A. R., Amin I., Sadeq Hassan A. S. and Shuhaimi M.
  9. Development and evaluation of Mustard green pickled liquid as starter for Morinda citrifolia Linn. Fermentation
    • Sirilun, S., Sivamaruthi, B. S., Kesika, P., Makhamrueang, N., Chaiyasut, K., Peerajan, S., Chaiyasut, C.
  10. Fresh cut fruit salads as a promising vehicle for Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum
    • Martins, E.M.F., Ramos, A.M., Stringheta, P.C., Lago-Vanzela, E. S., Oliveira, P.M. and Martins, M.L.
  11. Antimicrobial effectiveness and color stability of protein-based films incorporated with essential oils
    • Ribeiro-Santos, R., Motta, J. F. G., Teodoro, C. E. S. and Melo, N. R.
  12. Nutritional quality of biomass from four strains of Nostoc and Anabaena grown in batch cultures
    • Rosales-Loaiza, N., Aiello-Mazzarri, C., Gómez, L., Arredondo, B. and Morales, E.
  13. Microbial control and quorum sensing inhibition by phenolic compounds of acerola (Malpighia emarginata)
    • Oliveira, B.D.A., Rodrigues, A.C., Bertoldi, M.C., Taylor, J.G. and Pinto, U. M.
  14. The distribution and characteristics of bacteria in recreational river water of a community resort in Baram, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
    • Lihan, S., Tian, P. K, Chiew, T. S., Ching, C. L., Shahbudin, A., Hussain, H. and Mohd-Azlan, J.
  15. Effects of consumption of galactooligosaccharides obtained through whey enzymatically modified on the faecal flora and nutritional parameters of hamsters
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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 6, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Supplementary Issue, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Fish gelatin nanoparticles and their food applications: a review
    • Akbar, I.,Jaswir, I., Jamal, P. and Octavianti, F.
  2. A review on acid and enzymatic hydrolyses of sago starch
    • Azmi, A.S., Malek, M.I.A. and Puad, N.I.M.
Original articles
    • Runa, H., Serri, N.A., and Ahmad, H.
    • Abd Samad, N.S., Amid, A., Jimat, D.N. and Ab. Shukor, N.A.
    • Jalal, K.C.A., Akbar John, B., Nurul Lyana, M.S., Faizul, H.N., Noor Isma Yanti, M., Irwandi, J. and Mahbuba Bulbul
  1. Nutritional perspectives of early Muslims’ eating habits
    • Ahmed I. A., Asiyanbi-Hammed T. T., Idris M. A., Mikail M. A., Hammed A. and Hammed A. M.
  2. Gelatin-polysaccharide based materials: a review of processing and properties
    • Asiyanbi, T.T., Bio-Sawe, W., Idris, M.A., and Hammed, A.M.
  3. Nutrients depictions of Barhi date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) kernels
    • Mahmud, I.A., Mirghani, M.E.S., Alkhatib, M.F.R., Yusof, F., Shahabuddin, M., Rashidi, O. and Daoud, Jamal I.
  4. Comparison of composition, thermal behaviour and polymorphism of pink guava (Psidium guajava) seed oil-palm stearin blends and lard
    • Noor Raihana, A.R., Marikkar, J.M.N., Jaswir, I., Nurrulhidayah, A.F. and Miskandar, M.S.
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  5. Research progress in bioflocculants from Bacteria
    • Abdullah, A.M., Hamidah, H. and Alam, M.Z.
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  6. Determination of natural carotenoid pigments from freshwater green algae as potential halal food colorants
    • Othman, R., Noh, N., Nurrulhidayah, A.F. Anis Hamizah, H and Jamaludin, M. A.
    • Kabbashi, N.A., Mirghani, M.E.S., Alam Md. Z
  7. Effect of storage conditions on the crystallisation behaviour of selected Malaysian honeys
    • Nurul Zaizuliana, R. A., Anis Mastura, A. F., Abd Jamil, Z., Norshazila, S., Zarinah, Z.
  8. Process optimization for the production of fish gelatin nanoparticles
    • Subara, D., Jaswir, I., Alkhatib, M.F.R. and Noorbatcha, I.A.N.
  9. Optimization of essential oil and fucoxanthin extraction from Sargassum binderi by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SC-CO2) extraction with ethanol as co-solvent Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
    • Jaswir, I., Noviendri, D., Taher, M., Mohamed, F., Salleh, H. M., Octavianti, F., Lestari, W., Hendri, R., Abdullah, A., Miyashita, K., Hasna, A.
  10. Rapid detection of ethanol in beverages using IIUM-fabricated electronic nose
    • Nurul Asyikeen A.M., Jaswir, I., Akmeliawati, R., Ibrahim, A.M.,Aslam, M. and Octavianti, F.