VOLUME 28,2021

International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 1, 2021


  1. Potential biochemical effects of honey in oral health care: a review
    • Qamar, Z., Alghonaim, M. F., Almohana, S. A., Almohana, A. A. and Zeeshan, T.

Original articles
    • Ibraheem, S., Idris, Y. M. A., Mustafa, S., Kabeir, B., Abas, F., Maulidiani, M. and Abdul Hamid, N.

    • Long, M., Tao, S.-K., Wang, X.-H., Wang, J.-Y., Hu, Y.-Y., Cai, H.-Z. and Zhan, G.

    • Nguyen, V. T., Dang, T. B. and Trinh, K. S.

    • Deshpande, V. K. and Walsh, M. K.

    • Nguyen, N. V. T., Nguyen, K. N. H., Dam, K. T. T., Vo, H. T. T., Nguyen, K. A. T. and Kim, K. H.

    • Gedikoğlu, A., Clarke, A. D., Lin, M. and Yılmaz, B.

    • Mabogo, F. A., Mashau, M. E. and Ramashia, S. E.

    • Can-Cauich, C. A., Sauri-Duch, E., Cuevas-Glory, L. F., Betancur-Ancona, D., Ortiz-Vázquez, E., Ríos-Soberanis, C. R., Chel-Guerrero, L., González-Aguilar, G. A. and Moo-Huchin, V. M.

    • Li, Y. H., Wang, J. G. and Liu C. J.

    • Yu, Z., Guo, H., Zhao, W., Zhang, M., Li, J. and Liu, J.

    • Mohd Joha, N. S., Misran, A., Mahmud, T. M. M., Abdullah, S. and Mohamad, A.

    • Naveed, R., Siddique, A. B., Hussain, I., Ulhaq, M., Aslam, B. and Mahmood, M. S.

  1. div>
    • Liu, J., Dong, X., Han, S., Xie, A., Li, X., Li, P., Xu, B. and Luo, D.

    • Zhao, L., Zhao, X., Ma, Y., Zhang, Y. and Wang, D.


International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 2, 2021


  1. Mycotoxins in foods, from the field to the plate: a review
    • Barajas-Ramirez, J. A., Moncada-Abaunza, D. A. and Gómez-Espinoza, M. G.

Original articles
    • Hung, Y. C., Hsiao, Y. H. and Hsieh, J. F.

    • Mahfudh, N., Hadi, A. and Solechan, R. A. Z.

    • Ourailoglou, D., Athanasiadis, V., Bozinou, E., Salakidou, C., Evmorfopoulos, E. and Lalas, S.

    • Gökmen, M., Tavşanli, H. and Önen, A.

  1. Physicochemical and sensory properties of Manchego-type cheese fortified with nanoemulsified curcumin
    • Sardiñas-Valdés, M., Hernández-Becerra, J. A., García, H. S., Chay-Canul, A. J., Velázquez-Martínez, J. R. and Ochoa-Flores, A. A.

  2. The effect of hydrogen peroxide prepared with silver ions on the qualitative traits of table eggs and reducing the dynamics of mycobiota growth
    • Tomczyk, Ł., Szablewski, T., Stuper-Szablewska, K., Biadała A., Konieczny, P., Nowczewski, S. and Cegielska-Radziejewska, R.


International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 3, 2021


Original articles
  1. Effect of feeding type and artisanal process in microstructural and physicochemical parameters of fresh and ripened goat cheese
    • Ramírez-Rivera, E. J., Herrera-Corredor, J. A., Toledo-López, V. M., Sauri-Duch, E., Rodriguez-Miranda, J., Juárez-Barrientos, J. M., Díaz-Rivera, P. and Herman-Lara, E.

  2. New high-fat dairy products with colour attractants
    • Pylypenko, L., Sevastyanova, O., Makovska, T. and Oliinyk, L.

  3. Physicochemical and sensory analysis of surimi sausage incorporated with rolled oat powder subjected to frying
    • ZarulAkmam, M., Umi Hartina, M. R., Nor Qhairul Izzreen, M. N., Nabila, H. Z., Wafin, W., Mat Yusoff, M., Ismail-Fitry, M. R. and Rozzamri, A.

  4. Bioactive compounds, volatile, and texture profile of muffins after partial substitution of butter and milk
    • Mureșan, C. C., Marc (Vlaic), R. A., Mureșan, V., Mureșan, A., Marţiş, G., Socaci, S., Fărcaş, A., Filip, M. R. and Muste, S.

  5. Reducing microbial contamination risk and improving physical properties of plant-based mayonnaise produced using chickpea aquafaba
    • Reducing microbial contamination risk and improving physical properties of plant-based mayonnaise produced using chickpea aquafaba


International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 4, 2021


Original articles
    • Soodsawaeng, P., Butkhot, N., Boonthai, T., Vuthiphandchai, V. and Nimrat S.

    • Zhang, S., Amin, F., Xiong, M., Bhatti, H. N. and Bilal, M.

    • Nguyen, T. H., Boonyaritthongchai, P., Buanong, M., Supapvanich, S. and Wongs-Aree, C.

  1. Effect of season and processing steps in nutritional components and bioactivities of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis)
    • Neri, T. A., Nguyen, T. T., Nguyen, T. H. P., Rohmah, Z., Jeong, S.-B., Hwang, D.-J. and Choi, B.-D.

  2. Penicillin and tetracycline residues in selected fresh and UHT milk with different fat contents
    • Buczkowska, M., Górski, M., Garbicz, J., Grajek, M., Buczkowski, K., Garbowska, D., Klein, D. and Duda, S.

  3. Glycaemic index and glycaemic load of commonly consumed Thai fruits
    • Kamchansuppasin, A., Sirichakwal, P. P., Bunprakong, L., Yamborisut, U., Kongkachuichai, R., Kriengsinyos, W. and Nounmusig, J.

  4. Optimisation of alginate-pectin bead formulation using central composite design guided electrospray technique
    • Azhar, M. F., Haris, M. S., Mohamad, I. Ismadi, M. N. S., Yazid, A. A. H., Rahman, S. R. and Azlan, N. H.


International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 5, 2021


  1. Pimenta dioica: a review on its composition, phytochemistry, and applications in food technology
    • Jarquín-Enríquez, L., Ibarra-Torres, P., Jiménez-Islas, H. and Flores-Martínez, N. L.

Original articles

  1. Thai creamed honey: enthalpy of crystal melting and texture profile under different storage conditions
    • Suriwong, V., Jaturonglumlert, S., Varith, J., Narkprasom, K., Tanongkankit, Y., Nitatwichit, C. and Thaisamak, P.

  2. Quantitative and qualitative assessments of microbial contamination in some bottled and tap water with their drug resistant pattern
    • Razzak, S. B. A., Sweety, M. A., Lubna, M. A., Akter, T., Ahmmed, J., Hossaini, F., Uddin, S. H. M., Roy, T. S. and Acharjee, M.

  3. Assessment of betaine content in commercial cow and goat milk
    • Živković, J., Trutić, N., Sunarić, S., Živanović, S., Jovanović, T., Kocić, G. and Pavlović, R.

  4. Antifungal effect of acetogenins from avocado (Persea americana Mill.) seed against the fungus Botrytis cinerea
    • Echenique-Martínez, A. A., Rodríguez-Sánchez, D. G., Troncoso-Rojas R., Hernández-Brenes, C., Robles-Ozuna L. E. and Montoya-Ballesteros, L. C.


International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 6, 2021


Original articles
    • Zhao, W., Xu, G., Chen, Y., Yu, Z., Li, J., Yu, H. and Liao, X.

    • Süfer, Ö. and Bozok, F.

    • Dai, Q., Wang, H., Wang, Y., Xiao, M., Jin, H., Li, M. and Xia, T.

  1. Antioxidant and pro-apoptosis activities of coffee husk (Coffea arabica) anthocyanins
    • Fu, X. P., Shen, X. J., Yin, X., Zhang, Y. H., Wang, X. F., Han, Z. H., Lin, Q. and Fan, J. P.

  2. An improved method for the purification and structural analysis of rubropunctatin from red yeast glutinous rice
    • Shen, M. Y., He, L. Y. Z., Xu, L., Sui, T., Wei, D. M., Cao, C., Hu, J. W., Fu, R. Y. and Zhou, Y. B.

  3. The effect of dietary rapeseed on milk protein fractions in dairy cows
    • Oancea, A.-G., Dragomir, C., Pistol, G.-C., Cismileanu, A., Toma, S. M. and Radu, G. L.