VOLUME 23 ISSUE 4, 2016

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International Food Research Journal Volume 23 Issue 4, 2016

Research Articles
  1. Crystallization kinetics of coconut oil based on Avrami model (IFRJ-ICAAI-203)
    • Mursalin, Hariyadi, P., Purnomo, E.H., Andarwulan, N., and Fardiaz, D.
    • Pracham, S. and Thaiudom, S.
    • Thongchai , W. and Liawruangrath, B.
    • Raihanah, C., Zailina, H., Ho, Y. B., Saliza, M. E. and Norida, M.
  1. The α-glucosidase and α-amylase inhibitory activity from different chili pepper extracts (IFRJ-ICAAI-283)
    • Watcharachaisoponsiri, T., Sornchan, P., Charoenkiatkul, S. and Suttisansanee, U.
  2. An alternative bioassay using Anabas testudineus (Climbing perch) colinesterase for metal ions detection (IFRJ-2015-319)
    • Ahmad, S. A., Wong, Y. F., Shukor, M. Y., Sabullah, M. K., Yasid, N. A. Hayat, N. M., Shamaan, N. A., Khalid, A. and Syed, M. A.
    • Chantaro, P., Sribuathong, S., Chareon, R. and Chalermchaiwat, P.
    • Loupassaki, S., Abouzer, M., Basalekou, M., Fyssarakis, I. and Makris D.P.
    • Belgis, M., Wijaya, C.H., Apriyantono, A., Kusbiantoro, B. and Yuliana, N.D.
    • Kreungngern, D. and Chaikham, P.
    • Abhay S.M., Hii C.L., Law C.L., Suzannah S. and Djaeni, M.
    • Reihani, S. F. S., Tan, T.C. and Easa, A. M.
    • Reginio, F. C., Jr., Dizon, E. I. and Hurtada, W. A.
    • Daffodil, E.D., Tresina, P.S. and Mohan, V.R.
    • Nur Syakila Azmi, Rajeev Bhat and Yeoh, T.K.
    • Dias, L.S., Hadlich, J.C., Luzia, D.M.M. and Jorge, N.
    • Baljeet, S.Y., Roshanlal, Y. and Ritika, B.Y.
  3. Physicochemical e antioxidant properties of the pequi (Caryocar brasiliense Camb.) almond oil obtained by handmade and cold-pressed processes (IFRJ-2015-331)
    • Torres, L. R. O., Shinagawa, F. B., Santana, F. C., Araújo, E. S., Oropeza, M. V. C., Macedo, L. F. L., Almeida-Muradian, L. B., Lima, H. C. and Mancini-Filho, J.
    • Thummajitsakul, S., Kaewsri, W. and Deetae, P.
    • Norra, I., Aminah, A. and Suri, R.
    • Sitthitrai, K., Lertrat, K. and Tangwongchai, R.
    • Lakache, Z., Tigrine-Kordjani, N., Tigrine, C., Aliboudhar, H. and Kameli, A.
    • Zailanie, K. and Kartikaningsih, H.
    • Nadzirah, K. Z., Zainal, S., Noriham, A. and Normah, I.
    • Manikkam, V., Vasiljevic, T., Street, W.A., Donkor, O.N. and Mathai, M.L
  4. Conservation of physalis by edible coating of gelatin and calcium chloride (IFRJ-2015-280).
    • Licodiedoff, S., Koslowski, L. A. D., Scartazzini, L., Monteiro, A. R., Ninow, J. L. and Borges, C. D.
  5. Chemical composition, germination and sanity of landrace maize seeds stored (IFRJ-2015-278)
    • Stefanello, R., Muniz, M.F.B., Nunes, U.R., Londero, P.M.G., Dutra, C.B. and Alves, J.S.
  6. Characterization of Sugar from Arenga pinnata and Saccharum officinarum sugars (IFRJ-2015-269)
    • Choong, C.C., Anzian, A., Che Wan Sapawi, C.W.N.S. and Meor Hussin, A.S.
  7. Novel cytoprotective effect for Cd-toxicity by using garlic extracts (IFRJ-2015-225)
    • Boonpeng, S., Siripongvutikorn, S., Sae-Wong, C. and Sutthirak, P.
  8. Factors affecting conjugated linoleic acid production by Lactobacillus plantarum GSI 303 (IFRJ-2015-287)
    • Suteebut, N., Chanthachum, S., Intarapichet, K., Cadwallader, K.R. and Miller, M.J.
  9. Assessing Staphylococcus aureus in ready to eat (RTE) food and risk assessment of food premises in Putrajaya (IFRJ-2015-554)
    • Shafizi, A.W., Mohammad Ridzuan, M.S., Ubong, A., New, C.Y., Mohhiddin, O., Toh, P.S., Chai, L.C. and Son, R.
Short Communication
  1. Microbiological safety of Thai pandan custard filled products and their ingredients (IFRJ-ICAAI-149)
    • Puangburee, S., Jindaprasert, A., Vattanmanee, S., Wongsommart, D. and Swetwiwathana, A.
  2. Essential oil composition of Iphiona scabra (DC) grow wild in Egypt (IFRJ-2015-411)
    • Ibrahim, M. E., Ahmed, S. S., Khalid, K. A. and El-Sawi, S. A.