VOLUME 23 ISSUE 5, 2016

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International Food Research Journal Volume 23 Issue 5, 2016

Mini Review
  1. Protein thaw loss in meat systems: Biochemical influence towards meat authentication of fresh versus thawed
    • Nathan, S., Chowdhury, M. E. H., Anuar, Z. M. Z., Iekhsan, O., Sharifah, S. H. and Ahmed, N.
Original articles
    • Maghenzani, M., Chiabrando, V. and Giacalone, G.
    • Techavuthiporn, C. and Boonyaritthonghai, P.
    • Wong, C. W. and Lim, W. T.
    • Payamalle, S., Patil, G., Kagankar, K., Revannavar, S., Naik, S., Dandin, V. S., Joseph, K. S., Shinde, S., Murthy, H. N., Lee, E. J. and Paek K. Y.
    • Nantakornsuttanan, N., Thuphairo, K., Kukreja, R.K., Charoenkiatkul, S. and Suttisansanee, U.
    • Siswoyo, T.A, and Morita, N.
    • Ngampanya, B., Keayarsa, S., Jaturapiree, P., Prakobpran, P. and Wichienchot, S.
    • Borges, V. C. and Salas-Mellado, M. M.
    • Khang, D.T., Vasiljevic, T. and Xuan, T. D.
    • Marikkar, J. M. N, Tan, S. J., Salleh, A. Azrina, A. and Shukri, M. A. M.
    • Massini, L., Rico, D., Martin-Díana, A. B. and Barry-Ryan, C.
  1. Effect of germination on antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and keratinocyte proliferation of rice
    • Vichit, W. and Saewan, N.
    • Wijewardana, R.M.N.A, Nawarathne, S.B. and Wickramasinghe, I.
    • Reshma, M. V., Shyma, S., George, T. M., Rishin, A. V., Ravi, K. C. and Shilu, L.
  2. In vitro study of selected physiological and physicochemical properties of fish protein hydrolysates from 4 Australian fish species
    • Nurdiani, R, Dissanayake, M., Street, W. E., Donkor, O.N., Singh, T. K. and Vasiljevic, T.
    • Ratnaningsih, N., Suparmo, Harmayani, E. and Marsono, Y.
    • Park, S., Ju, H., Kim, J., Min, H.R., Kim, H.H., Park, G.H., Park, Y.J., Lee, E.H., Kim, H.S., , R.N., Kim, H.B., Seo, D.J., Kang, G.I., Kim, D.Y., Kim, J.H., Kil, G., Baek, G. and Kwon, K.H.
    • Khodabakhshian, R. and Emadi, B.
    • Muenmanee, N., Joomwong, A., Natwichai, J. and Boonyakiat, D.
    • Rodrigues, N. da R., Barbosa Junior, J.L. and Barbosa, M.I.M.J.
    • Scheuer, P.M., Mattioni, B., Santos, I.R., Di Luccio, M., Zibetti, A.W.,Miranda, M.Z., Francisco, A.
  3. Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying of green plantain (Musa paradisiaca L.) peel
    • Faneite, A. M., Rincón, A., Ferrer, A., Angós, I. and Arguello, G
    • Winarsi, H., Yuniaty, A. and Nuraeni, I.
  4. Anti-cariogenic activities of some East African oleo gum resin crude extracts and essential oils
    • Mohamed, S. B., Mirghani, M. E. S., Olorunnisola, K. S. and Mohamed B. A.
  5. Characterization of fabricated optical fiber for food irradiation dosimetry
    • Noramaliza, M.N., Maryam, A.J., Hassan, S., Wan Saffiey, W.A., Nizam, T., Faizal, M., David, A.B. and Ahmad Faizal, A.R.
  6. Supercritical CO2 extraction of bioactive compounds from Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L) Vahl
    • Calista, Tjipto, M.S., Putro, J.N., Nugraha, A.T., Soetaredjo, F.E., Ju, Y.H. and Ismadji, S.
  7. Effect of carbonation sources and its addition levels on carbonated mango juice
    • Thongrote, C., Wirjantoro, T.I. and Phianmongkhol, A.
  8. Sodium and potassium contents in selected salts and sauces
    • Tan, W. L., Azlan, A. and Noh, M. F. M.
  9. Determination of Na and K in Brazilian solid dietary sweeteners by flame photometry
    • Oliveira, A.P., Martins, D.L., Martins, M.L. and Villa, R. D.
  10. Risk of transmission of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in foods
    • New, C.Y., Ubong, A., Nur Hasria, K., Nur Fatihah, A. and Son, R.
  11. Microbial status of street vended fresh-cut fruits, salad vegetables and juices in Dhaka city of Bangladesh
    • Mahfuza, I., Arzina, H., Md. Kamruzzaman, M., Afifa, K., Md. Afzal, H., Rashed, N. and Roksana, H.
  12. Factors influencing the adoption of bundled sustainable agricultural practices: A systematic literature review
    • Rajendran, N., Tey, Y.S., Brindal, M., Ahmad Sidique, S.F., Shamsudin, M.N., Radam, A. and Abdul Hadi, A.H.I.
  13. Development of novel “energy’ snack bar by utilizing local Malaysian ingredients
    • Ho, L.-H., Tang, J. Y. H., Mazaitul Akma, S., Mohd Aiman, H. and Roslan, A.
Short Communication
  1. Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activities of Camellia sinensis var. assamica in different leave maturity from Northern Thailand
    • Dorkbuakaew, N., Ruengnet, P., Pradmeeteekul, P., Nimkamnerd, J., Nantitanon, W. and Thitipramote, N.
  2. Tempeh extract fortified with iron and synbiotic as a strategy against anemia
    • Helmyati,S., Sudargo, T., Kandarina, I., Yuliati, E., Wisnusanti, S. U., Puspitaningrum, V. A. D. and Juffrie. M.
  3. Effect of xanthan gum/CMC on bread quality made from Hom Nil rice flour
    • Wongklom, P., Chueamchaitrakun, P. and Punbusayakul, N.