VOLUME 23 ISSUE 6, 2016

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International Food Research Journal Volume 23 Issue 6, 2016

Mini Review
  1. Actor network theory in food safety (IFRJ-2015-556)
    • Vitalis, R. E., Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R. and Son, R.
  2. Bioactive lipids in milk (IFRJ-2015-347)
    • Dhankhar, J., Sharma, R. and Indumathi, K. P.
Original articles
    • Nguyen, T. Y. L. and Le, V. V. M.
    • Scapin, G., Schmidt, M. M., Prestes, R. C. and Rosa, C. S.
    • Kapcum, N., Uriyapongson, J., Alli, I. and Phimphilai, S.
    • Gan, Y. Z. and Azrina, A.
  1. Extraction of phenolic antioxidants from four selected seaweeds obtained from Sabah (IFRJ-2015-421)
    • Fu, C.W.F., Ho, C.W., Yong, W.T.L., Abas, F., Tan, T.B. and Tan, C.P.
  2. Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of blueberry toppings with honey (IFRJ-2015-257)
    • Zambiazi, R. C., Jansen, C., Bueno-Costa, F. M., Silva, S. S. D., and Hartwig, N.
    • Boonyakiat, D., Chuamuangphan, C., Maniwara, P. and Seehanam. P.
    • Julianti, E., Rusmarilin, H., Ridwansyah and Yusraini, E.
    • Shokrollahi, F. and Taghizadeh, M.
    • Nartnampong, A., Kittiwongsunthon, W. and Porasuphatana, S.
    • Ebrahimian, M. and Motamedi, H.
    • Hmadhlu, P., Sae-Wong, C. and Chinachoti, P.
    • Akinboro, A., Baharudeen, I., and Mohamed, K.
    • Juliana, B, R., Vanessa, B. V., Tatiana, E., Claudia, S. R. and Bernardo, B.
  3. Effect of heat assisted high pressure treatment on rate of change in pH and gel strength of acidified milk gel in the preparation of soft cheese (IFRJ-2014-207)
    • Sahu, J. K. and Kumar Mallikarjunan, P.
    • Titov, E.I., Tikhomirova, N.A., Ionova, I.I., Gorlov, I.F., Mosolova, N.I., Korotkova, A.A. and Zlobina, E.Y.
    • Rajeev Bhat, Nurul Hanida Binti Ismail and Yeoh, T. K.
  4. Comparison of parboiled and white rice obtained from ten varieties cultivated in Benin (IFRJ-2015-379)
    • Houssou, A. F. P., Gankoue, Y. B., Kaboré, A., Futakuchi, K., Traoré, K., Moreira, J., Diagne A., Manful, J. and Mensah,G.A.
    • Kusumawaty, I, Fardiaz, D., Andarwulan, N., Widowati, S. and Budijanto, S.
    • Uthumporn, U., Nadiah, N. I., Koh, W. Y., Zaibunnisa, A. H. and Azwan, L.
    • Zárate, L., Garnica, A. M., Prieto, L., Poveda, J. C. and Cerón, M.
    • Singh, V., Das, M. and Das, S.K.
    • Jaswir, I., Alotaibi, A., Jamal, P., Octavianti, F., Lestari, W., Hendri, R. and Alkahtani, H.
    • Soma, G., Mahadevamma, S. and Sudha, M. L.
  5. A method for softening beans with coats (IFRJ-2015-546)
    • Hayashi, M., Kato, K., Umene, S. and Masunaga, H.
  6. The value of the lamb meat in human nutrition (IFRJ-2015-534)
    • Krishtafovich, V., Krishtafovich, D., Surzhanskaya, I., Marakova, A. and Vorobieva, D.
    • Trombete, F. M., Freitas-Silva, O., Saldanha, T., Venâncio, A. A. and Fraga, M. E.
  7. Application of vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh-seasoned tempe (IFRJ-2015-192)
    • Astawan, M., Hermanianto, J., Suliantari and Sugiyanto, G.S.P.
  8. Viability of the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus La-5 in ice cream: effect of lactose hydrolysis and overrun (IFRJ-2015-332)
    • Chiquetti, R.L., Castro, E.M., Valério, G.D., Bernini, L.J., Suguimoto, H.H., Santana, E.H.W., Alegro, L.C.A. and Souza, C.H.B.
  9. Application of bacteriocins from Enterococcus hirae on butterhead lettuce seeds inoculated with Escherichia coli O157:H7 (IFRJ-2015-263)
    • Goñi, M.G., Tomadoni, B., Audisio, M.C., Ibarguren, C., Roura, S.I., Moreira, M.R. and Ponce, A.G.
  10. Investigation of Halococcus morrhuae in salted-ripened anchovy products (IFRJ-2015-161)
    • Felix, M. M., Czerner, M., Ameztoy, I, Ramírez, E. and Yeannes, M. I.
  11. Effect of belimbing buluh (Averrhoa bilimbi) juice extract on oxidative stability and microbiological quality of spent chicken meat (IFRJ-2014-574)
    • Nakyinsige, K., Abdul Rahman, N.S., Salwani, M.S., Abd Hamid, A., Adeyemi, K.D., Sakimin, S.Z. and Sazili, A.Q.
  12. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from humans and environmental surfaces in a research laboratory
    • Vitalis, R. E., Regidor-111, D., Haresh, K.K., Nishibuchi, M. Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R. and Son, R.
  13. Antibiotic Susceptibility profile of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from shrimp in Selangor, Malaysia
    • Saifedden, G., Farinazleen, G., Nor-Khaizura, A., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
  14. Determination of permissible alcohol and vinegar in Shariah and scientific perspectives (IFRJ-2014-754)
    • Jamaludin, M. A., Hashim, D. M., Rahman, R. A., Ramli, M. A., Majid, M. Z. A., Othman, R. and Amin, A.
Short Communication