VOLUME 24 ISSUE 3, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 3, 2017

Mini Review
  1. Optical parameters in food and agricultural processing
    • Mohd Ali, M., Hashim, N., Bejo, S. K. and Shamsudin, R.
Original articles
    • Sharma, N., Malik, D., Bhandu, A., Batra, N. and Behal, A.
    • Wardani, S. K, Cahyanto, M. N, Rahayu, E. S, and Utami, T.
    • Samet-Bali, O., Felfoul, I., Lajnaf, R., Attia, H. and Ayadi, M.A.
    • Ed-dra, A., Rhazi Filali, F., El Allaoui, A. and Aboulkacem, A.
  1. Prevalence of toxigenic Clostridium perfringens strains isolated from dried spur pepper in Thailand
    • Tassanaudom, U., Toorisut, Y, Tuitemwong, K., Jittaprasartsin, C., Wangroongsarb, P. and Mahakarnchanakul, W.
  2. Physico-chemical and microbial properties of undervalued dates and processed dates by-products in Morocco
    • Bellaouchi, R., Ghomari, I., Hasnaoui, A., Hakkou, A., Bechchari, A., Chihib, N.E. and Asehraou, A.
    • Lesley, M. B., Ernie, S.R., Kasing, A. and Son, R.
    • Viera, V.B., Piovesan, N., Rodrigues, J.B., Mello, R. de O., Prestes, R.C., Santos, R.C. V dos., Vaucher, R. de A., Hautrive, T. P. and Kubota, E. H.
    • Tang, J.Y.H., Mat-Sa’ad, S.H., Banerjee, S.K., Ho, L.H. and Son, R.
    • Chuajedton, A., Aoyagi, H., Uthaibutra, J., Pengphol, S. and *Whangchai, K.
    • Jabo, M.S. M., Ismail, M. M., Abdullah, A. M. and Shamsudin, M. N.
    • Weerawatanakorn, M., Tamaki, H., Asikin, Y., Wada, K., Takahashi, M., Ho, C.T. and Pan, M.H.
    • Efiuvwevwere, B.J.O. and Oruwari, B.O.
    • Ponnam, A., Acharya, A., Mitra, A. N., and Banerjee, P.
  3. Impact of food nutrition intervention on food handlers’ knowledge and competitive food serving: a randomized controlled trial
    • Nik Rosmawati, N.H., Wan Manan, W.M., Noor Izani, N.J., Nik Nurain, N.H. and Razlina, A.R.
    • Salehi, S., Khodadadi, I., Akbari-adergani, B., Shekarchi, M. and Karami, Z.
    • Singh, A. B. and Teron, R.
  4. Optimization of enzymatic protein hydrolysis conditions of okara with endopeptidase Alcalase
    • Montilha, M. S., Sbroggio, M. F., Figueiredo, V. R. G., Ida, E. I. and Kurozawa, L. E.
    • Lashgari, M., Maleki, A. and Amiriparian, J.
    • Halim, N. R. A. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Saci, F., Louaileche, H., Bachir bey, M. and Meziant, L.
    • Amaral Mello, M.R.P., Moita Neto, J.M. and Torres, E.A.F.S.
    • Kumar, V., Sharma, H.K., Singh, K., Kaushal, P., and Singh, R.P.
    • Chay, C., Elegado, F. B., Dizon, E. I., Hurtada, W. A., Norng, C. and Raymundo, L. C.
  5. Effect of supplementation with pollen and brewer’s yeast in the fermentation and in the physicochemical properties of honey spirits
    • Silva, I. L. da, Pagliarini, M. A., Chagas, T. E., Frühauf, M., Kempka, A. P. and Dornelles, R.C.P.
    • Chapagai, M. K., Wan Rosli ,W. I., Wan Manan, W. M., Jalil, R. A., Karrila, T. and Pinkaew, S.
  6. Phytochemical composition, antioxidant and antibacterial potential of underutilized parts of some fruits
    • Sharma, G., Vivek, I., Gupta, A.K., Ganjewala, D., Gupta, C. and Prakash, D.
  7. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of aqueous fraction from Albizia lebbeck leaves
    • Praengam, K., Muangnoi, C., Charoenkiatkul S., Thiyajai, P. and Tuntipopipat, S.
  8. Antioxidant activity of pigments derived from Monascus purpureus-fermented rice, corn, and sorghum
    • Srianta, I., Zubaidah, E., Estiasih, T., Iuchi, Y., Harijono and *Yamada, M.
  9. Combination of whey protein and carbohydrate for microencapsulation of pumpkin (Cucurbita spp.)seed oil by spray-drying
    • Le, T. H., Tran, T. M. V., Ton, N. M. N., Tran, T. T. T., Huynh, T. V., Nguyen, T. N., Quang, S. P. and Le, V. V. M.
  10. Green extraction and simultaneous inclusion complex formation of Sideritis scardica polyphenols
    • Korompokis, K., Igoumenidis, P. E., Mourtzinos, I. and Karathanos, V.T.
  11. Photo-oxidative changes of red palm oil as affected by light intensity
    • Ayu, D. F., Andarwulan, N., Hariyadi, P. and Purnomo, E. H.
  12. Physical and frictional properties of pomegranate arils as a function of fruit maturity
    • Khodabakhshian, R., Emadi, B., Khojastehpour, M. and Golzarian, M.R.
  13. Alteration in morphological features of Puntius javanicus liver exposed to copper sulfate
    • Sabullah, M. K., Ahmad, S. A., Shukor M. Y., Gansau, A. J.,Shamaan, N. A., Khalid, A. and Sulaiman, M. R.
Short Communication
  1. Study on in-bed drying system for the drying of paddy in Assam
    • Chakraborty, S., Hazarika, M.K., Khobragade, C.B., Paul, S.K. and Bora, J.
  2. Detection limit of polymerase chain reaction technique for species authentication in meat products
    • Felk, G.S., Marinho, R.S., Montanhini, M.T.M., Rodrigues, S.A., Bittencourt, J.V.