VOLUME 24 ISSUE 4, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 4, 2017

Original articles
    • Abdullahi, U.F., Igwenagu, E., Aliyu, S., Mu’azu, A., Naim, R. and Wan-Taib, W.R.
    • Rohman, A., Widyaningtyas, R. and Amalia, F.
    • Kungu, J.M., Dione, M., Roesel, K., Ejobi, F., Ocaido, M. and Grace, D.
    • Supachaturat, S., Pichyangkura, R., Chandrachai, A. and Pentrakoon, D.
  1. Economic analysis of broiler production in Peninsular Malaysia
    • Abdurofi, I., Ismail, M.M., Kamal, H. A. W. and Gabdo, B. H.
  2. Physicochemical properties and applications of date seed and its oil
    • Golshan Tafti, A., Solaimani Dahdivan, N. and Yasini Ardakani, S.A.
    • Shetty, P. and D’Souza, A.
    • Akhavan, H.R. and Barzegar, M.
    • Suntharalingam, C. and Terano, R.
    • Saiful Bahri, S. and Wan Rosli, W. l.
    • Diafat, A.E.O., Benouadah, A., Bahloul, A., Meribai, A., Mekhalfi, H., Bouaziz, F., Techache, D., 1Laabachi, H. and Arrar, L.
    • Wiset, L.,Wongkasem, K., Poomsa-ad N. and Kampakdee, M.
    • Utami, R., Kawiji, Khasanah, L.U. and Nasution, M.I.A.
    • Boussada, M., Lamine, J. A., Bini, I., Abidi, N., Lasrem, M., El-Fazaa, S. and El-Golli, N.
  3. Fatty acids profiles in fillets Pampus argenteus and Sparidentex hasta during frozen storage
    • Aberoumand, A., Ziaee nejad, S., Baesi, F., Koliae, Z.
    • Wongtawatchai, T., Sarsutham, K., Sukketsiri, W., Tipmanee, V. and Chonpathompikunlert, P.
    • Normah, I. and Nurul Fasihah, R.
    • Msusa N., Likongwe J., Kapute F., Mtethiwa A. and Sikawa D.
    • Samat, S., Mohd Nor, N., Hussein, F. N., Eshak, Z. and Ismail, W. I. W.
    • Kusuma, H.S. and Mahfud, M.
    • Loypimai, P., Moongngarm, A. and Naksawat, S.
    • Maitre, A., Rathod, R. P. and Annapure, U. S.
    • Pereira, J.M, Evangelho, J.A, Moura, F.A., Gutkoski, L.C. Zavareze, E.R. and Dias, A.R.G.
    • Utto, W., Pruthtikul, R., Nutthi, S. and Phungam, N.
  4. Evaluation of the functional properties of mung bean protein isolate for development of textured vegetable protein
    • Brishti, F.H., Zarei, M., Muhammad, S.K.S., Ismail-Fitry, M.R., Shukri, R. and 1*Saari, N.
  5. Application of membrane-based technology for purification of bromelain
    • Nor, M. Z. M., Ramchandran, L., Duke, M. and Vasiljevic, T.
  6. Rheological behavior of mixed nectars of pineapple skin juice and tropical fruit pulp
    • Silva, D.C. S., Braga A.C.C., Lourenço L.F.H., Rodrigues A.M. and Peixoto Joele, M.R.S.
  7. Evaluation of in vitro wound healing efficacy of breadfruit derived starch hydrolysate
    • Amin, Z.M., Koh, S.P., Tan, C.P., Yeap, S.K., Hamid, N.S.A. and Long, K.
  8. Chemical profile, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of Citrus reticulata and Citrus clementina (L.) essential oils
    • Boudries, H., Loupassaki, S., Ladjal Ettoumi, Y., Souagui, S., Bachir Bey, M., Nabet, N., Chikhoune, A., Madani, K. and Chibane, M.
  9. Optimization of β-galactosidase production from Penicillium sp. for synthesis of galactooligosaccharides
    • Bassetto, R.Z., Cabral, P.S., Silveira, M.H.L., Almeida, M.M. and Chiquetto, N.C.
  10. Construction of Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium ghosts isolated from retail chicken meat
    • Thung, T. Y., Chin, Y. Z., Najwa, M. S., Ubong, A., New, C. Y., Ramzi, O. S. B., Kuan, C. H., Mahyudin, N. A., Dayang, F. B., Che Wan Jasimah, W. M. R. and Son, R.
  11. Antimicrobial resistance of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Enteritidis isolated from vegetable farms and retail markets in Malaysia
    • Kuan, C.H., Rukayadi, Y., Ahmad, S. H., Wan Mohamed Radzi, C.W.J., Kuan, C.S., Yeo, S.K., Thung, T.Y., New, C.Y., Chang, W.S., Loo, Y.Y., Tan, C.W., Ramzi, O.S.B., Mohd Fadzil, S.N., Nordin, Y., Kwan, S.Y. and Son, R.