VOLUME 24 ISSUE 5, 2017

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International Food Research Journal Volume 24 Issue 5, 2017 new

Mini Review
  1. Bioactive peptides from fish by-products with anticarcinogenic potential
    • Nurdiani, R., Vasiljevic, T., Singh, T.K. and Donkor, O.N.
Original articles
    • Zzaman, W., Yusoff, M.M. and Yang, T.A.
    • Tan, C. X. and Azrina, A.
    • Simwaka, J.E., Chamba, M.V.M., Huiming, Z., Masamba, K.G. and Luo, Y.
    • Rosida, R., Harijono, Estiasih, T. and Sriwahyuni, E.
    • Al-Faris ,N. and Al-Jobair, M.
    • Alam, M.K., Rana, Z.H. and Akhtaruzzaman, M.
    • Jansrimanee, S. and Lertworasirikul, S.
  1. Resource recovery in the food industry: use in the development of cakes
    • Santos, C. O., Silveira, M. R., Santos, A. M., Quatrin, A. and Rosa, C. S.
    • Adeleke, O.R., Adiamo, O.Q., Fawale, O.S. and Olamiti, G.
    • Jiamjariyatam, R.
    • Sari, A.A., Bazargani-Gilani, B., Pajohi-Alamooti, M.R. and Choobkar, N.
    • Bet, C.D., Cordoba, L.P., Ribeiro, L.S. and Schnitzler, E.
    • Kapreliants, L. and Zhurlova, O.
    • Jing, L., Yuwei, L., Zhenping, H. and Qian, W.
    • Katola, A. and Kapute, F.
    • Olatunya, A.M. and Akintayo, E.T.
  2. Effects of substrates and drying methods on antioxidant compound and antioxidant activity of fruiting body extracts of two oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus cystidiosus)
    • Hoa, H. T., Wang, C. H., Tam, N. V. and Wang, C. L.
    • Islam, S., Akond, M., Islam, I. and Adam, Z.
    • Kanwal, N., Randhawa, M. A. and Iqbal, Z.
    • Shewakena, S., Chandravanshi, B. S. and Debebe, A.
    • Ydjedd, S., Chaalal, M., Richard, G., Kati, D.E., López-Nicolás, R., Fauconnier, M. L. and Louaileche, H.
    • Santiago, L.A., Saguinsin, S.G.C., Reyes, A.M.L., Guerrero, R.P., Nuguid, A.M.N. and Santos, A.C.N.
    • Daramola, B.
    • Rathod Ketan, M. and Pagote, C.N.
    • Deshmukh, Y., Sharma, H.K. and Kumar, N.
    • Lestari, H.P., Martono, S., Wulandari, R., and Rohman, A.
  3. Phytochemicals, volatile oil and biological activities of Triumfetta flavescens (Hochst)
    • Ahmed, S. S., Ibrahim, M. E., Khalid, A. K. and El-Sawi, S. A.
  4. Stability of blended palm oils during potato frying
    • Azimah, R., Azrina, A. and Khoo, H. E.
  5. Anti-tyrosinase activity of orange peel extract and cosmetic formulation
    • Wuttisin, N., Boonmak J., Thaipitak, V., Thitilertdecha, N. and Kittigowittana, K.
  6. Antihyperanaemic and antihyperlipidemic activities of Artocarpus altilis fruit based-diet on alloxan-induced diabetic rats
    • Ajiboye, B. O., Ojo, O. A., Aganzi, I. Y., Chikezie, G. S., Fadaka, O. A., Jayesimi, K. and Olaoye, O.
  7. Potential of local black soybean as a source of the isoflavones daidzein and genistein
    • Sumardi, D., Pancoro, A., Yulia, E., Musfiroh, I., Prasetiyono, J., Karuniawan, A. and Syamsudin, T.S.
  8. Gel formation of pectin from okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) leaves, pulp and seeds
    • Nur Farhana A. R., Amin I., Sadeq Hassan A. S. and Shuhaimi M.
  9. Development and evaluation of Mustard green pickled liquid as starter for Morinda citrifolia Linn. Fermentation
    • Sirilun, S., Sivamaruthi, B. S., Kesika, P., Makhamrueang, N., Chaiyasut, K., Peerajan, S., Chaiyasut, C.
  10. Fresh cut fruit salads as a promising vehicle for Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus plantarum
    • Martins, E.M.F., Ramos, A.M., Stringheta, P.C., Lago-Vanzela, E. S., Oliveira, P.M. and Martins, M.L.
  11. Antimicrobial effectiveness and color stability of protein-based films incorporated with essential oils
    • Ribeiro-Santos, R., Motta, J. F. G., Teodoro, C. E. S. and Melo, N. R.
  12. Nutritional quality of biomass from four strains of Nostoc and Anabaena grown in batch cultures
    • Rosales-Loaiza, N., Aiello-Mazzarri, C., Gómez, L., Arredondo, B. and Morales, E.
  13. Microbial control and quorum sensing inhibition by phenolic compounds of acerola (Malpighia emarginata)
    • Oliveira, B.D.A., Rodrigues, A.C., Bertoldi, M.C., Taylor, J.G. and Pinto, U. M.
  14. The distribution and characteristics of bacteria in recreational river water of a community resort in Baram, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
    • Lihan, S., Tian, P. K, Chiew, T. S., Ching, C. L., Shahbudin, A., Hussain, H. and Mohd-Azlan, J.
  15. Effects of consumption of galactooligosaccharides obtained through whey enzymatically modified on the faecal flora and nutritional parameters of hamsters
    • Fonseca, R. A. S., Rodrigues, A., Santos, V., Moreira, L., Rodrigues, R. S., Machado, M. R. G., Souza-Soares, L. A., Burkert, C. A. V. and Burkert, J. F. M.