VOLUME 25 ISSUE 2, 2018

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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Issue 2, 2018 new

Mini Review
Original articles
    • Namyota, C. and Sirikulchayanonta, C.
    • Prasertwattanakul, Y. and Ongkunaruk, P.
    • Indrastuti, Y.E., Estiasih, T., Christanti, R.A., Pulungan, M.H., Zubaedah, E. and Harijono
    • Mongkontanawat, N., Wasikadilok, N., Phuangborisut, S., Chanawanno, T. and Khunphutthiraphi,T.
    • Alves, L. L., Rampelotto, C., Silva, M. S., De Moura, H. C., Durante, E. C., Mello, R. O., Menezes, C. R., Barin, J. S., Campagnol, P. C. B. and Cichoski, A. J.
    • Khattab, A.A., Ibrahim, M.I.M. and El-Kady, A.A.
    • Trinh, H.N.P., Long, B.H.D., Thanh, N.N., Phong, H.X. and Dung, N.T.P.
  1. Effects of oregano, cinnamon, and sweet fennel essential oils and their blends on foodborne microorganisms
    • Ribeiro-Santos, R., Ventura, L. A. F., Santos, D. C., *Melo, N. R. and Costa, B. S.
  2. Combined effect of pediocin bacHA-6111-2 and high hydrostatic pressure to control Listeria innocua in fermented meat sausage
    • Castro, S. M., Silva, J., Casquete, R., Queirós, R., Saraiva, J. A. and Teixeira, P.
    • Benmeziane, F., Djermoune-Arkoub, L. Adamou Hassan, K. and Zeghad, H.
    • Purwandhani, S. N., Utami, T., Milati, R. and Rahayu, E. S.
    • Samsudin N.I.P., Lee H.Y., Chern P.E., Ng C.T., Panneerselvam L., Phang S.Y., Tan W.T. and Mahyudin N.A.
    • La Cava, E. and Sgroppo, S.
    • Abd El-Aziz, D. M. and Yousef, N .M. H.
    • Ahmad, M., Islam, M. S., Sarwar, N., Kobra, K.T., Hoque, M.M., Junayed, M., Mamun, A. A. Morshed, S. and Ahmed, T.
    • Glover, R.L.K, Madilo, F.K., Terlabie, J.L., Ametefe, E.N. and Jespersen, L.
    • Coulibaly, W.H., Cot, M., N’guessan, K.F., Coulibaly, I., Rigou, P. and Djè, K.M.
  3. Identification of Klebsiella pneumoniae in microwavable chicken curries using 16s rRNA analysis
    • Wong, C. Y., Rao, P. V. and Soon, J. M.
    • Goh, L. P. W., Chong, E. T. J., Wong, J. J., Abdul Aziz, Z., Surugau, N., Abd. Latip, M. and Lee, P. C.
    • Chung, H.H
    • Rafi, M., Jannah, R., Heryanto, R., Kautsar, A. and Septaningsih, D.A.
    • Veena, K.S., Sameena, M.T., Padmakumari, A.K.P., Srinivasa, G.T.K., Nishanth, K.S. and Reshma, M.V.
    • Verma, A. K., Gupta, A., Keerti and Dubey, A.
    • Fernandes, R.V.B., Botrel, D.A., Monteiro, P.S., Borges, S.V., Souza, A.U. and Mendes, L.E.S.
    • Kaponda, P. and Kapute, F.
    • Martinez, M.J. and Pilosof, A.M.R.
    • Ly, H. L., Tran, T. M. C., Tran, T. T. T., Ton, N. M. N. and Le, V. V. M.
  4. Silkworm pupae drying using microwave combined with hot air
    • Wiset, L.,Wongkasem, K., Poomsa-ad N. and Kampakdee, M.
  5. Pilot plant scale extraction of black cincau (Mesona palustris BL) using historical-data response surface methodology
    • Widyaningsih, T.D., Widjanarko, S.B., Waziiroh, E., Wijayanti, N. and Maslukhah, Y.L.
  6. Effect of flour chia (Salvia hispanica L.) as a partial substitute gum in gluten free breads
    • Huerta, K., Soquetta, M., Alves, J., Stefanello, R., Kubota, E., and Rosa, C. S.
  7. Bioactive compounds and shelf life of clarified umbu juice
    • Ribeiro, L. O., Costa, S. D. O., Silva, L. F. M., Ferreira, J. C. S., Freitas, S. P. And Matta, V. M.
  8. Oxidation stability of sesame oil encapsulated by spray drying
    • Onsaard, E., Putthanimon, J., Singthong, J. and Thammarutwasik, P.
  9. Elaboration of active films with whey protein isolate and concentrate
    • Ribeiro–Santos, R., Motta, J. F. G., Melo, N. R., Costa, B. S. and Gonçalves, S. M.
  10. Total phenolic content of organic and conventional oranges and the effects of their juices on biochemical parameters of wistar rats
    • Dolinsky, M., Fialho, E., Souza, P. R., Ferreira-Fiochi, R. S., Cardoso, L. M. F., Simões, V., Maldronato, I. W., Pimenta, N. M. A., Ciarelli, G., Barroso, S. G. and Rocha, G. S.
  11. Nutrients assessment of some lima bean varieties grown in southwest Nigeria
    • Seidu, K.T., Osundahunsi, O.F. and Osamudiamen, P.M.
  12. Physico-chemical, textural and sensory evaluation of sponge cake supplemented with pumpkin flour
    • Hosseini Ghaboos, S. H., Seyedain Ardabili, S. M. and Kashaninejad, M.
  13. Chemical characterization, nutritional aspects and antioxidant capacity of noni (Morinda citrifolia L) produced in northeastern Brazil
    • Nascimento, L.C.S., Rodrigues, N. da R., Alves, M.P.C., Sabaa Srur, A.U.O., Barbosa Junior, J.L. and Barbosa, M.I.M.J.
Short Communication
    • Dehghani, M. H. Farhang, M. and Zarei, A.
    • Amorim, A. M. B., Melo, D. H., Souza, B. V., Medeiros, L. M., Mattoso, J. M. V. and Nascimento, J. S.