VOLUME 25 ISSUE 3, 2018

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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Issue 3, 2018 new

Mini Review
  1. Valorization of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) by-products: Food and non-food perspectives
    • Mahmood, K., *Fazilah, A., Yang, T.A., Sulaiman, S. and Kamilah, H.
Original articles
    • Poubol, J., Techavuthiporn, C. and Kanlayanarat, S.
    • Bhatt, V., Mahesh Kumar, M. and Periyar Selvam, S.
    • Ahmed, H.O., Hassan, Z. and Abdul Manap, M.N.
    • Azizkhani, M. and Parsaeimehr, M.
    • Ramli, S., Lim, L.Y.,Samsudin. N.I.P. and 1Rukayadi, Y.
    • Techavuthipor, C. and Supapvanich, S.
    • Kortei, N.K, Odamtten, G.T., Obodai, M,Wiafe- Kwagyan, M. and Dzomeku, M.
  1. Hygienic qualityof the honey samplesproduced in the Iran in comparison with international standards
    • Zahedi Namini, N., Mousavi, M.H., Mahmoudi, R. and Hassanzadeh, P.
    • Tefera, M. and Chandravanshi, B. S.
    • Poyesh, D.S., Terada, N., Sanada, A., Gemma, H. and Koshio, K.
    • Chew, S. K., Md Noor, N.A., Maizura, M., Tan, T.C. and Rusul, G.
    • Sharima-Abdullah, N., Hassan, C.Z., Arifin, N. and Huda-Faujan, N.
    • Kiran, M., NithinPrabhu, K., Paramesha, S. C., Rajshekar, T., Praveen, M. P., Punitkumar, C., Puneetha, S. C., Kumar, R., Rahul, Y. and Nagabhushan, C.
    • Gbadegesin, A. R.,Odunlade, T. V. and Otunola, E. T.
    • Norfarahin, A. H., Sanny, M., Sulaiman, R. and Nur Hanani, Z.A.
    • Mouhoubi-Tafinine, Z.,Ouchemoukh S., Bachir bey M., Louaileche, H. and Tamendjari, A.
  2. Physicochemical properties of fermented sweetpotato flour in wheat composite flour and its use in white bread
    • Yuliana, N.,Nurdjanah, S. and Dewi, Y.R.
    • Olayinka, B. U. and Etejere, E.O.
    • Fontan, R. C. I., Sampaio, V. S., Souza Jr, E. C., Pereira, R. G., Rodrigues, L. B., Gonçalves, G. R. F., Gandolfi, O. R. R. and Bonomo, R. C. F.
    • Sathiya Mala, K., Aathira, P., Anjali, E. K., Srinivasulu, K. and Sulochanamma, G.
    • Noor Hashim, N. H., Maulidiani, M., Mediani, A. and Abas, F.
    • Arsyanti, L., Erwanto, Y., Rohman, A. and Pranoto, Y.
    • Oladeji, B.S., Irinkoyenikan, O. A, Akanbi, C.T. and Gbadamosi, S.O.
    • Razak, R. A.,Karim, R., Sulaiman, R. and Hussain, N.
    • Otegbayo, B. O., Adebiyi, O. M., Bolaji, O. A. and Olunlade, B. A.
  3. Quality attributes of tomato powder as affected by different pre-drying treatments
    • Aderibigbe, O.R., Owolade, O.S., Egbekunle, K.O., Popoola, F.O. and Jiboku, O.O.
    • Odunmbaku, O.K. and Adenipekun, C.O.
  4. Development and acceptance of freeze-dried yogurt “Powder yogurt”
    • Santos, G., Nunes, T.P., Silva, M.A.A.P., Rosenthal, A. and Pagani, A. A. C.
  5. Bioactive compounds during processing and storage of sweet guava (conventional and light)
    • Freda, S. A., Krumreich, F.D., Rutz, J. k., Hartwig, N. and Zambiazi, R. C.
  6. Low cost cassava, peach palm and soy by-products for the nutritional enrichment of cookies: physical, chemical and sensorial characteristics
    • Egea, M. B., Bolanho, B. C., Lemes, A. C., Bragatto, M. M., Silva, M. R., Carvalho, J. C. M. andDanesi, E. D. G.
  7. Effect of brewing temperature, tea types and particle size on infusion of tea components
    • Yadav, G. U., Farakte, R. A., Patwardhan, A. W. and Singh, G.
  8. Moisture-dependent physical properties of green peas (Pisum sativum L.)
    • Ganjloo, A., Bimakr, M., Zarringhalami, S., JaliliSafaryan, M. and Ghorbani, M.
  9. Functional properties of Phaleriamacrocarpa fruit flesh at different ripeness
    • Ahmed Asrity, S.M., Tsan, F.Y., Ding, P. and Syed Aris, S.R.
  10. Quality evaluation of pomegranate waste and extracted oil
    • Laghari, Z.H., Mahesar, S.A.,Sherazi, S.T.H., S.A. Memon, Sirajuddin, Mugheri, G.A.,Shah, S.N. Panhwar, T. and Chang, A.S.
  11. Production and characterization of starch composite films with silver loaded zeolite
    • Souza, A. F., Behrenchsen, L., Souza, S. J., Yamashita, F., Leimann, F. V. and Shirai, M. A.