VOLUME 25 ISSUE 4, 2018

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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Issue 4, 2018

Mini Review
Original articles
    • Hasizah, A., Mahendradatta, M., Laga, A., Metusalach, M., Supratomo, Waris, A. and Salengke, S.
    • Harlen, W. C., Muchtadi, T.R. and Palupi, N. S.
    • Taheri-Garavand, A. and Meda, V.
    • Utama-ang, N., Cheewinworasak, T., Simawonthamgul, N. and Samakradhamrongthai, R.S.
  1. Effect of microwave heating on soluble proteins of porcine muscle
    • Agyapong, D. A. Y., Zeng, H. J., Du, W. J., Zhao, R. L., Li, C. X. Jiang, Y. R. and Fu, W. J.
    • Ridhowati, S., Chasanah, E., Syah, D. and Zakaria, F.
    • Norafida, A. and Aminah, A.
    • Pinsirodom, P. , Taprap, R. and Parinyapatthanaboot, T.
    • Abidin, N. S. A., Rukunudin, I. H., Zaaba, S. K. and Wan Omar, W. A.
    • Muthukumaran, P., Divya, R., Indhumathi, E. and Keerthika, C.
    • Lye, H.M., Chiew, J.C. and Siddique, M.M.
    • Wetwitayaklung, P., Wangwattana, B. and Narakornwit, W.
    • Farida, Purba, M.,Nisa, F.Z.
  2. Rind color change and granulation in pummelo [Citrus maxima (Burm. ex Rumph.) Merr.] fruit as influenced by 1-methylcyclopropene
    • Lacerna, M.M., Bayogan, E.V. and Secretaria, L.B.
    • Costa, L. L., Tomé, P. H. F., Jardim, F. B.B., Silva, V.P., Castilho, E.A., Damasceno, K. A. and Campagnol, P. C. B.
    • Le, P.T.Q. and Pham, M.H.
    • Formigoni, M., Milani, P. G., Dacome, A. S. and Costa, S. C.
    • Pratiwi,D., Fitriani, N.E., Sudjadi, and Rohman, A.
    • Belattmania, Z., Engelen, A.H., Pereira, H., Serrão, E.A., Custódio, L., Varela, J.C., Zrid, R., Reani, A. and Sabour, B.
    • Wan Saidatul Syida, W.K., Noriham, A. Normah, I. and Mohd Yusuf, M.
    • Konsue, N., Yimthiang, S. and Kwanhian, W.
    • Rasli, H. I. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Ajala, A.S., Ajagbe, O.A., Abioye, A.O. and Bolarinwa, I.F.
  3. Quality changes of white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) stressed by acute hypoxia and stored under chilled conditions
    • García-Sifuentes, C. O., Pacheco-Aguilar, R., Ramírez-Suarez, J. C., Scheuren-Acevedo, S. M., Lugo-Sánchez, M. E., Garcia-Sánchez, G. and Carvallo-Ruiz, G.
  4. Development and quality evaluation of crackers enriched with edible insects
    • Akullo, J., Nakimbugwe, D., Obaa, B. B., Okwee-Acai, J. and Agea, J.G.
  5. Enhancing moringa nutritive value for impoverished populations and healthy wellbeing through proper nutrient enrichment
    • Rufai, S., Hanafi, M.M., Rafii, M.Y., Mohidin, H., Kankara, S.S., Hussaini, M.A. and Syed Rastan, S.O.
  6. Evaluation of elemental, microbial and biochemical status of raw and pasteurized cow’s milk
    • Huque R., Jolly Y.N., Choudhury T.R., Munshi M. K., Hussain M. S., Khatun A., Roy B.K., Islam M., Hossain M.A. and Hossain A.
  7. Expression and characterization of functional single-chain variable fragment against norfloxacin in Pichia pastoris GS115
    • Mala, J., Puthong, S., Maekawa, H., Kaneko, Y., Palaga, T.,Komolpis, K. and Sooksai, S.
  8. Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria from Indonesian fermented foods as -aminobutyric acid-producing bacteria
    • Agung Yogeswara, I.B., Kusumawati, I.G.A.W., Sumadewi, N.L.U., Rahayu, E.S and Indrati, R.
Short Communication
  1. Bacterial contaminants of raw broiler meat sold at Korle-Gonno, Accra, Ghana
    • Pesewu, G.A., Quaynor, E.B., Olu-Taiwo, M.A., Anim-Baidoo, I., Asmah, R.H