VOLUME 25 ISSUE 5, 2018

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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Issue 5, 2018

Mini Review
  1. Nutritional and functional perspectives of barley β-glucan
    • Din, A., Chughtai, M. F. J., Khan, M. R. K., Shahzad, A., Khaliq, A. and Nasir, M. A.
Original articles
    • Hukmi, N. M. M. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Suryani, C. L., Tamaroh, S. and Budipitojo, T.
    • Nurain, A., Noriham, A. and Zainon, M. N.
    • Kang, P. Y., Ishak, N. H. and Sarbon, N. M.
  1. Dietary potential of some forgotten wild leafy vegetables from Morocco
    • Tbatou, M., Kabil, M., Belahyan, A. and 1Belahsen, R.
  2. Optimization of agar and glycerol concentration in the manufacture of edible film
    • Arham, R., Salengke, S., Metusalach, M. and Mulyati, M. T.
    • Berhimpon, S., Montolalu, R. I., Dien, H. A., Mentang, F. and Meko, A. U. I.
    • Fitriani, N.F., Sudjadi and Rohman, A.
    • Petkova, N. T., Sherova, G. and Denev, P. P.
    • Phungam, N., Utto, W. and Pruthtikul, R.
    • Padilah, B., Bahruddin, S., Fazilah, A., Ahmad, M. and Gulam, R.R.A.
    • Koh, S.P., Khor, Y.P., Tan, C. P., Hamid, N.S.A., Long, K. and Shariah, L.
    • Sathya Prabhu, D., Apoorva, S., Nandita, J., Palani Chamy and Devi Rajeswari, V.
    • Jirasatid, S., Chaikham, P. and Nopharatana, M.
  3. Effect of pre-treatments on the phytochemical composition of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) rind
    • Mohan Akshaya, Sasikala, S., V.Nithyalakshmi, Meenakshi, N., Dhivya Kiruthika, K. and Pavithra, M. S.
    • Harti, L.B., Suprihati, S. and Kristina, T.N.
    • Raharjo, T. J., Hasyyati, S., Septianingtyas, D. H. and Haryadi, W.
    • Moreira, J. B., Carvalho, L. F., Santos, T. D., Oliveira, M. S. and Costa, J. A. V.
    • Abd El-Aziz, D. M.
    • Laila Liyana, M. N., Sahilah, A. M., Nur Qistina, Z., Mohd Khan, A., Aminah, A. and Abdul Salam, B.
    • Halim, H.H. and Thoo, Y.Y.
    • Hipol, R.L.B. and Alma-in, A.B.
    • Sicari, V., Pellicanò, T. M., Giuffrè, A. M., Zappia, C., Capocasale, M. and Poiana, M.
    • Arruda, H. S., Pereira, G. A. and Pastore, G. M.
  4. The effect of extraction methods on total phenolic, flavonoid and antioxidant capacity of Loloh Sembung (Blumea balsamifera)
    • Kusumawati, I.G.A.W.,Yogeswara, I.B.A., Darmawijaya, I.P., Umar, S. and Marsono, Y. M.
  5. Development and quality evaluation of soy-walnut milk drinks
    • Bolarinwa, I. F., Aruna, T. E., Adejuyitan, J. A., Akintayo, O. A. and Lawal, O. K.
  6. The impact of chitosan and guava leaf extract as preservative to extend the shelf-life of fruits
    • Islam,T., Afrin, N., Parvin, S., Dana, N.H., Rahman, K., Zzaman,W. and Islam, M.N.
  7. Physiological responses and storage quality of fresh-cut red and white dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp.) treated with 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)
    • Tadeo, P. R. M., Castillo-Israel, K. A. T., Serrano, E. P., Gandia, J. B. L. and Absulio, W. L.
  8. Antibacterial activity of phenolic compounds of Pulicaria odora, wild plant in northern Algeria
    • Touati, N., Saidani, K., Boudries, H., Hammiche, H., Ouazene, N. and Bedjou, F.
  9. Isolation of glucosamine HCl from Penaeus monodon
    • Fawwaz, M., Baits, M., Saleh, A., Irsyaq, M.R. and Pratiwi, R.E.
  10. The hypoglycemic effect and sensory properties of bread prepared using combinations of Japanese whole rye, whole-wheat and wheat flours
    • Nishio, Y., Tsunemi, N., Tanimoto-Yoshikawa, E., Tanaka, A., Nakagawa, Y., Iwasaki, T., Kaneda, I., Ishioroshi, M., Mafune, N. and Funatsu, Y.