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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Supplementary Issue 1, 2018

Original articles
  1. The extraction of crude enzyme of lipase from Penicillium candidum PCA 1/TT031 by way of solid state fermentation
    • Alhelli, A. M., Abd Manap, M. Y., Mohammed, A. S., Mirhosseini, S. H., Sukor, R., Mohammed, N. K and Meor Hussin, A. S.
    • Bainto, L. C., Dizon, E. I. and Castillo-Israel, K. A. T.
    • Abdul Alam, N. A., Karim, R. and Muhammad, K.
    • Bahauddin, A. R., Karim, R., Saari, N. and Mohd Shariff, Z.
  2. Muslim consumers’ awareness and perception of Halal food fraud
    • Ruslan, A. A. A., Kamarulzaman, N. H. and Sanny, M.
    • Kua, Y. L., Gan, S., Morris, A. and Ng, H. K.
    • Fazil, F. N. M., Azzimi, N. S. M. and Zubairi, S. I