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International Food Research Journal Volume 25 Supplementary Issue 2, 2018

Original articles
    • Muhammad Hazmi, Edy Sutiarso and Syamsul Hadi
    • Ashari, Sharifuddin, J., Mohammed, Z. and Terano, R.
    • Hassan, N. A., Kamarulzaman, N. H. and Mohd Nawi, N.
  1. Modeling purchase intention towards edible bird’s nest products among Malaysians
    • Mohamad Shukri, N. N. H., Mohd Nawi, N., Abdullah, A. M. and Man, N.
  2. The efficacy of combined coatings of chitosan and cinnamic acid on tomatoes
    • Mior Azmai, W. N. S., Abdul Latif, N. S. and Md Zain, N.
  3. Effects of saline irrigation water on morphological characteristics of banana (Musa spp.)
    • Al Harthy, K. M., Siti Aishah, H., Yahya, A., Roslan, I. and Al Yahyai, R.
  4. Overripe tempe as source of protein in development of ready to eat porridge
    • Puteri, M. D. P. T. G., Fortunata, S. A., Prabawati, E. K., Kristianti, F. and Wijaya, C. H.