VOLUME 27 ISSUE 6, 2020

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International Food Research Journal Volume 27 Issue 6, 2020

  1. Environmental implications of global food loss and waste with a glimpse on the Mediterranean region
    • Capone, R., Berjan, S., El Bilali, H., Debs, P. and Allahyari, M. S.
Original articles
    • Yilmaz-Ozden, T., Hasbal-Celikok, G., Aksoy-Sagirli, P., Altiparmak-Ulbegi, G., Kocyigit, M., Can, A. and Akev, N.
    • Rohin, M. A. K., Sagar, H. and Ridzwan, N.
    • Turgut, T. and Diler, A.
    • Zhu, S. J., Sun, X., Liu, Y., Shi, C. H., Miao, W. J., He, S. H. and Liu, D.
  1. Isolation and characterisation of ovine collagen hydrolysates following thermal and different enzymatic treatments
    • Ángeles-Santos, C., Aguirre-Cruz, G., Jiménez-Alvarado, R., León-López, A. and Aguirre-Álvarez, G.
  2. Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) seed: a potential nutritional source with antioxidant and pharmaceutical activity
    • Han, C. H., Kim, I. D., Kwon, S. I., Dhungana, S. K., Jang, S. Y., Kim, M. J. and Shin, D. H.
  3. Optimisation of yogurt mousse dairy protein levels: a rheological, sensory, and microstructural study
    • Gomez-Betancur, A. M., Carmona-Tamayo, R., Jaimes-Jaimes, J., Casanova-Yepes, H. and Torres-Oquendo, J. D.
    • Belcadi-Haloui, R., Hatimi, A. and Zekhnini, A.
    • Cheng, S. H. and Sarbon, N. M.
    • Widyastuti, E., Schonherr, M. F. P., Mubarok, A. Z., Effendi, F. D. and Hsu J. L.
    • Cárdenas-Torres, F. I., Cruz-Mendívil, A., López-Valenzuela, J. A., Ayón-Reyna, L. E., López-López, M. E., Tamayo-Limón, R., Martínez-Téllez, M. A. and Vega-García, M. O.
    • Li, Z. C., Chen, G. L., Zheng, F. J., Sun, J., Lin, B., Khoo, H. E. and Fang, X. C.
    • Baysal, S. and Ozcan, T.
    • Zainal, Adiputra, R. and Bilang, M.
    • Nguyen, H. P. T., Morançais, M., Fleurence, J., Pham, T. T. M., Nguyen-Le, C. T., Mai, T. P. C., Tran, T. N. L. and Dumay, J.
  4. Vibration-assisted forward osmosis process for Mao (Antidesma bunius L. Spreng) juice concentration: water flux enhancement and preservation of phytochemicals
    • Sirinupong, T., Tirawat, D., Lau, W. J. and Youravong, W.