VOLUME 28 ISSUE 6, 2021

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International Food Research Journal Volume 28 Issue 6, 2021

Original articles
    • Zhao, W., Xu, G., Chen, Y., Yu, Z., Li, J., Yu, H. and Liao, X.
    • Süfer, Ö. and Bozok, F.
    • Dai, Q., Wang, H., Wang, Y., Xiao, M., Jin, H., Li, M. and Xia, T.
    • Wahyuni, S., Khaeruni, A., Faradilla, R. H. F., Asnani, Rahmawati, S. and Dewi, N. D. P.
  1. Effect of somatic cell count of cow’s milk on the lipolysis and fatty acid profile of farmer cheese
    • Ivanov, G. Y., Bilgücü, E., Balabanova, T. G. and Ivanova, I. V.
  2. Physicochemical parameters, organoleptic property, and Escherichia coli load of fresh turkey organs
    • Jaber, H., Boulamtat, R., Oubayoucef, A., Rhaim, N., Bourkhiss, B. and Ouhssine, M.
  3. Antioxidant and pro-apoptosis activities of coffee husk (Coffea arabica) anthocyanins
    • Fu, X. P., Shen, X. J., Yin, X., Zhang, Y. H., Wang, X. F., Han, Z. H., Lin, Q. and Fan, J. P.
    • Mamot, M., Mohamed, N. A., Mohd Rani, M. D., Osman, M., Mohd Zulkefli, N. A., Sekawi, Z. and Awang Hamat, R.
    • Goh, K. M., Ng, S. Y. and Nyam, K. L.
    • Syed Abd Halim, S. A., Abd Ghafar, N., Das, S., Zainalabidin, S. and Jubri, Z.
    • Abdullah, H., Ibrahim, M., Ahmed, I. A., Ramli, N., Mhd Jalil, A. M. and Nurlisa Fatihah, A. R.
    • Song, Z., Li, M., Du, J. and Zhang, K.
    • Samanros, A. and Lin, J.
    • Noypitak, S., Jaitrong, N. and Terdwongworakul, A.
    • Shen, M. Y., He, L. Y. Z., Xu, L., Sui, T., Wei, D. M., Cao, C., Hu, J. W., Fu, R. Y. and Zhou, Y. B.
  4. Bacterial community analysis of winter salad during fermentation, and its antimicrobial properties
    • Davati, N. and Hesami, S.
  5. Antioxidant, anti-acetylcholinesterase, and anticancer activities of four Polygonum species from Istanbul
    • Yilmaz-Ozden, T., Nasabi, N. T., Hasbal-Celikok, G., Kocyigit, M. and Özhan, G.
  6. The effect of dietary rapeseed on milk protein fractions in dairy cows
    • Oancea, A.-G., Dragomir, C., Pistol, G.-C., Cismileanu, A., Toma, S. M. and Radu, G. L.