VOLUME 30 ISSUE 3, 2023

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International Food Research Journal Volume 30 Issue 3, 2023


Original articles

  1. Formulation of halalan toyyiban radish effervescent tablet
    • Azahar, N. N., Muhammad, N., Abdul Rahim, N. F. and Leong, Y. S.

  2. Gel properties of the gum from Chinese quince (Chaenomeles sinensis) seeds
    • Hou, L. X., Miao, W. B., Yao, Y. T., Zhu, Z. D., Liu, H. M., Qin, Z. and Wang, X. D.

  3. Antioxidant capacity and sequence of peptides derived from oysters and green mussels in Vietnam
    • Anh, P. T. H., Trang, H. P., Thanh, B. Đ., Trinh, N. T. N., Thang, T. Đ., Phuong, D. L., Tuan, N. N. and Huyen, T. T.

  4. In vitro evaluation of anticancer, antiviral, and antioxidant properties of an aqueous methanolic extract of Rhus typhina L. leaves
    • Antov, G., Vilhelmova-Ilieva, N., Nikolova, M., Nikolova, I., Simeonova, L., Grozdanov, P., Krasteva, M., Vladimirova, A. and Gospodinova, Z.