VOLUME 30 ISSUE 4, 2023

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International Food Research Journal Volume 30 Issue 4, 2023


  1. Natural spices and flavour substitution in zobo tea and drink production: A review
    • Nwankwo, C. S., Ulu, F. O., Okpomor, E. O., Mbachiantim, J. T., Okoyeuzu, C. F., Carew, I. E., Belay, D., Ike, D. C. and Teshome, A.

  2. Biosensors as freshness indicator for packed animal and marine products: A review
    • Milintha Mary, T. P., Kumaravel, B., Nagamaniammai, G., Karishma, S., Essa, M. M., Qoronfleh, M. W. and Chacko, L.

Original articles

  1. Evaluation of maximum growth rate of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat fresh-cut papaya and melon
    • Russo, S., Cosciani-Cunico, E., Dalzini, E., Daminelli, P., Ricchi, M., Arrigoni, N. and Cammi, G.

  2. Development of IMBs-qPCR method for detection of foodborne Salmonella
    • Sun, R., Cao, H., Fu, Y., Tan, Z., Liu, N., Li, H., Feng, Z., Chi, H., Hua, D. and Huang, J.

  3. Chitosan and salicylic acid as alternatives for the control of postharvest fungal diseases in blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum)
    • Ramos Bell, S., Hernández Montiel, L. G., Velázquez Estrada, R. M., Moreno Hernández, C. L. and Gutiérrez Martínez, P.

  4. Physical properties and glycaemic response of tapioca noodles fortified with herb mixture
    • Nurdin, S. U., Arief, R. W., Rustiaty, B., Asnawi, R., Mar’atun, A. M., Arfiathi, A., Koesoemawardani, D., Yuliana, N. and Hadi, S.

  5. Effects of reactive extrusion on cross-linking of corn starch
    • Mendes, M. P., Raniero, G. Z., Demiate, I. M. and Monteiro, A. R. G.