VOLUME 30 ISSUE 5, 2023

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International Food Research Journal Volume 30 Issue 5, 2023

  1. Overview of Pleurotus spp., edible fungi with various functional properties
    • Juárez-Hernández, E. O., Pérez-Zavala, M. L., Román-Reyes, M., Barboza-Corona, J. E. and Macías-Sánchez, K. L.

  2. Fermented vegetables and fruits as vitamin B12 sources: An overview
    • Reissig, G. N., Oliveira, T. F. C., Bragança, G. C. M., Rodrigues, R. S. and Barbosa, F. F.

Original articles

  1. Modelling post-frying oil absorption, water loss, and cooling of potato cylinders
    • Del Rosario-Santiago, J., López-Méndez, E. M., Ruiz-Espinosa, H., Ochoa-Velasco, C. E., Escobedo-Morales, A. and Ruiz-López, I. I.

  2. Nutritional content and quality of processed gluten-free products
    • Al-Zaben, A. S., Babakr, E. N., Bajandoh, D. A., Shatwan, I. M. and Hanbazaza, M. A.