Volume 14,2007

ASEAN Food Journal Volume 14 Issue 3, 2007
Review Paper
  1. Potential of Non-Thermal Processing for Food Preservation in Southeast Asian Countries
    • Mohd Adzahan, N. and Benchamaporn, P.
Original Paper
  1. Lipid Profile, Apparent Digestibility and Protein Efficiency Ratio of Sprague Dawley Rats Fed With Red Palm Fat Diets
    • Wan Rosli, W.I., Babji, A.S. and Aminah, A.
  2. Characterization of Salmonella enterica Isolated From Street Food and Clinical Samples in Malaysia
    • Tunung, R., Chai, L.C., Usha, M.R., Lee, H.Y., Fatimah, A.B., Farinazleen, M.G. and Son, R.
  3. Studies on the Production of Protein Isolates From Defatted Sesame Seed (Sesamum indicum) Flour and Their Nutritional Profile
    • Gandhi, A.P. and Srivastava, J.
  4. Speciation Analysis of Arsenic (III), Arsenic (V) and Total Arsenic by Continuous Flow HG-AAS in Thai Fruit Wines and Distilled Spirits
    • Chanthai, S., Suwamat, N., Ruangviriyachai, C. and Danvirutai, P.
  5. Fatty Acid Composition of Five Malaysian Biscuits (Cream Crackers) With Special Reference to trans- Fatty Acids
    • Neo, Y.P., Tan, C.H. and Ariffin, A.
  6. Effect of Reducing Pulp-Particles on the Physical Properties of Carrot Juice
    • Sinchaipanit, P. and Kerr, W.L.

ASEAN Food Journal Volume 14 Issue 2, May 2007
Review Paper
  1. Soft Drinks and Hard Facts: A Health Perspective
    • Xavier, R., Sreeramanan, S., Diwakar, A., Sivagnanam, G. and Sethuraman, K.R.
Original Paper
  1. Improvement of Glucose Production by Raw Starch Degrading Enzyme Utilizing Acid-Treated Sago Starch as Substrate.
    • Yetti, M., Nazamid, B.S., Roselina, K. and Abdulkarim, S.M
  2. Oleic Acid Enhancement of Moringa oleifera Seed Oil by Enzymatic Transesterification and Fractionation.
    • Abdulkarim, S.M., Lai, O.M., Muhammad, S.K.S., Long , K. and Ghazali, H.M.
  3. Characterisation of the Ability of Globulins from Legume Seeds to Produce Cocoa Specific Aroma.
    • Rashidah, S., Jinap, S., Nazamid, S. and Jamilah, B.
  4. Detection of Aerolysin and Hemolysin Genes in Aeromonas spp. Isolated from Environmental and Shellfish Sources by Polymerase Chain Reaction.
    • Yousr, A.H., Napis, S., Rusul, G.R.A. and Son, R.
  5. Physico-Chemical and Sensory Evaluation of Breads Supplemented with Pumpkin Fluor.
    • See, E.F, Noor Aziah, A.A. and Wan Nadiah, W.A.
Short Communication
  1. Protein Quality of Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Seeds
    • Halimatul, S.M.N., Amin, I., Mohd.-Esa, N., Nawalyah, A.G. and Siti Muskinah, M.

ASEAN Food Journal Volume 14 Issue 1, January 2007
Review Paper
  1. Microencapsulation of Vitamins
    • Wilson, N. and Shah, N.P
Original Paper
  1. Fermentation of Jamun (Syzgium cumini L.) Fruits to Form Red Wine.
    • Chowdhury, P. and Ray, R. C
  2. Comparison of Melting Behaviors of Edible Oils Using Conventional and Hyper Differential Scanning Calorimetric Scan Rates.
    • Abdulkarim S. M. and Ghazali, H.M
  3. Physico-Chemical Properties, Sensory Characteristics and Glycemic Index of Tidal Peat-Swamp Rice Grown in South Kalimantan.
    • Wijaya, C.H., Bernard, Purnomo, E. and Hashidoko, Y.
  4. Volatile Components of Coconut Fresh Sap, Sap Syrup and Coconut Sugar.
    • Purnomo, H.
  5. Meat Molecular Detection: Sensitivity of Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction
    • Ong, S.B., Zuraini, M.I., Jurin, W.G., Cheah, Y.K., Tunung, R., Chai, L.C., Haryani, Y., Ghazali, F.M. and Son, R
  6. Antioxidative Activities of Water Extracts of Some Malaysian Herbs.
    • Huda-Faujan, N., Noriham, A., Norrakiah, A.S. and Babji, A.S