Volume 15, 2008

International Food Research Journal Volume 15 Issue 3, 2008
Review Article
  1. Edible films and coatings: characteristics and properties.
    • Bourtoom, T.
  2. Food production strategies for improving household food security amidst rising food prices: sharing the Malaysian experience.
    • Khor, G.L.
Research Article
  1. Microbiological quality of freshwater prawns during storage.
    • Abu Bakar, F., Salleh, A. B. , Razak, C. N. A., Basri, M., Ching, M. K. and Son, R.
  2. Typing of Erwinia Chrysanthemi Isolated from Josapine Pineapple in Malaysia using Antimicrobial Susceptibility, Plasmid Profiles, ERIC-PCR and RFLP Analysis
    • Sahilah, A. M., Rozeita, L., Umi Kalsum, M. S. and Son, R.
  3. Determination of para-dichlorobenzene residues in honey by purge and trap with GCMSD
    • Lu, C., Buddhadasa, S., Barone, S. and Bramwell, P.
  4. Bioactive compounds and volatile compounds of Thai bael fruit (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa) as a valuable source for functional food ingredients
    • Suvimol, C. and Pranee, A.
  5. Effects of Alkali Concentration and Conching Temperature on Antioxidant Activity and Physical Properties of Chocolate
    • Sulistyowati and Misnawi
  6. Hypoglycaemic Properties of Malaysian Cocoa (Theobroma Cacao) Polyphenols-Rich Extract
    • Ruzaidi, A., Abbe Maleyki, Amin, I., Nawalyah, A. G., Muhajir, H.,Pauliena, M. B. S. M. J. and Muskinah, M. S.
  7. Routine analytical methods for use in South Pacific regional laboratories for determining naturally occurring antioxidants in food
    • Lako, J., Trenerry, V. C. and Rochfort, S.
  8. Determination of iodine species content in iodized salt and foodstuff during cooking
    • Wisnu, C.
  9. Prevalence of Campylobacter spp. in retailed ready-to-eat sushi
    • Tan, Y. F., Haresh, K. K., Chai, L. C., Ghazali, F. M. and Son, R.
  10. Essential oil from five Zingiberaceae for anti food-borne bacteria
    • Natta, L., Orapin, K., Krittika, N. and Pantip, B.
  11. Demand for beef in Malaysia: preference for quantity, quality or lean?
    • Tey, Y. S., Mad Nasir, S., Alias, R., Zainalabidin, M. and Amin, M. A.
  12. Effect of storage time and ionising irradiation on the physical properties, cooking time and sensory attributes of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp).
    • Ashaye, O. A
Technical-Short Communication
  1. Modification of Durian Rind Pectin for Improved Biosorbent Ability
    • Wong, W. W., Abbas, F. M. A., Liong, M. T., and Azhar, M. E.

International Food Research Journal Volume 15 Issue 2, 2008
Review Article
  1. Indonesian Traditional Meatball
    • Purnomo, H. and Rahardiyan, D.
Research Article
  1. Antibacterial Effects of Aromatic Materials Produced in Indonesia on the Preservation of Skimmed and Whole Milk in Storage.
    • Tatik Khusniati, T. and Yantyati, W.
  2. Influence of Partial Substitution of Wheat Flour with Banana (Musa paradisiaca var. Awak) Flour on the Physico – Chemical and Sensory Characteristics of Doughnuts.
    • Chong, L. C and Noor Aziah, A. A.
  3. Biosafety of Campylobacter jejuni from Raw Vegetables Consumed as Ulam with Reference to their Resistance to Antibiotics.
    • Chai, L. C., Fatimah, A. B., Ghazali, F. M., Lee, H. Y., Tunung, R., Shamsinar, A. T.,Laila, R. A. S., Thahirahtul, A. Z., Malakar, P. M., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M.
      and Son, R.
  4. Purification of Endopolygalacturonase from Submerged Culture of Aspergillus awamori L1 Using a Two-step Procedure: Enzyme Precipitation and Gel Filtration
    • Ngo, L. T. A., Pham, T. L. and *Le, V. V. M
  5. Development of HACCP Procedure for the Production of Full Fat Soy Flour.
    • Gandhi, A. P
  6. Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Using Molecular Techniques in Food and Feed Samples from Malaysia and Vietnam
    • Tung Nguyen, C. T., Son, R., Raha, A. R., Lai, O. M. and Clemente Michael Wong, V. L.
  7. Factors Affecting the Properties of Edible Film Prepared from Mung Bean Proteins
    • Bourtoom, T
  8. Biochemical Changes of Fresh and Preserved Freshwater Prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) During Storage.
    • Abu Bakar, F., Salleh, A. B., Razak, C. N. A., Basri, M., Ching, M. K. and Son, R.
  9. Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Antioxidants in Dates (Phoenix dactylifera)
    • Abbas, F. M. A., Foroogh, B., Liong, M. T. and Azhar, M. E.
  10. Healthy Eating Away-from-Home: Effects of Dining Occasion and the Number of Menu Items
    • Boo, H.C., Chan, L.T. and Fatimah, U.
  11. Determination of Main Tea Seed Oil Antioxidants and their Effects on Common Kilka Oil
    • Fazel, M., Sahari, M. A. and Barzegar, M.
  12. Survival of Free and Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria in Orange and Apple Juices
    • Ding, W. K. and Shah, N. P.
Short Communication
  1. Antibacterial Activity of Modified Sago Starch-Alginate Based Edible Film Incorporated with Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Oil.
    • Maizura, M., Fazilah, A., Norziah, M. H. and Karim, A. A.

ASEAN Food Journal Volume 15 Issue 1, January 2008
Review Paper
  1. Application of DNA and Immunoassay Analytical Methods for GMO Testing in Agricultural Crops and Plant-Derived Products.
    • Jasbeer, K., Ghazali, F. M., Cheah, Y. K. and Son, R.
Original Paper
  1. Potential Uses of Cocoa Bean Infested by Conopomorpha cramerella for Polyphenol Extraction.
    • Misnawi and Teguh, W.
  2. Relating Descriptive Sensory Analysis to Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry of Palm Sugars Using Partial Least Squares Regression.
    • Wan Aida, W. M., Ho, C. W., Maskat, M. Y. and Osman, H.
  3. Effect of Cultivar and Cold Storage of Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Juices on Organic Acid Composition.
    • Aarabi, A., Barzegar, M. and Azizi, M. H..
  4. Characterization of Enterobacter cloacae Isolated From Street Foods.
    • Haryani, Y., Tunung, R., Chai, L. C., Lee, H. Y., Tang, S. Y. and Son, R.
  5. Effect of Protein Additives on Gelling Properties of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) Meat.
    • Eakpetch, P., Benjakul, S., Visessanguan, W. and Kijroongrojana, K.
  6. Biochemical Studies on the Immobilization of the Enzyme Invertase (EC. in Alginate Gel and its Kinetics.
    • Vu, T. K. H. and Le, V. V. M
  7. Effects of Anti-Browning Agents on Polyphenoloxidase Activity and Total Phenolics as Related to Browning of Fresh-Cut ‘Fuji’ Apple.
    • Jeong, H. L., Jin, W. J., Kwang, D. M. and Kee, J. P
  8. Extraction and Determination of Oryzanol in Rice Bran of Mixed Herbarium UKMB; AZ6807; MR185, AZ6808; MR211, AZ6809: MR29.
    • Azrina, A., Maznah, I. and Azizah, A. H.
Technical Paper
  1. Studies on the Production of Defatted Sunflower Meal with Low Polyphenol and Phytate Contents and its Nutritional Profile.
    • Gandhi, A. P., Jha, K. and Gupta, V.