Volume 16, 2009

International Food Research Journal Volume 16 Issue 4, 2009

Review Article
  1. Hepatitis A virus – a general overview.
    • Yong, H. T. and Son, R.
  2. Lawful and unlawful foods in Islamic law focus on Islamic medical and ethical aspects.
    • Nurdeng, D.
Research Article
  1. Acceptability attributes of crackers made from different types of composite flour
    • Noor Aziah, A. A. and Komathi, C. A.
  2. Sensory descriptive analysis and consumer acceptability of  original “kaya” and “kaya” partially substituted with inulin.
    • Phang, Y.L. and Chan, H.K.
  3. Microcomposites of rice starch film reinforced with microcrystalline cellulose from palm pressed fiber.
    • Thawien Wittaya
  4. Fatty acid profile of Tra Catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus) compared to Atlantic Salmon (Salmo solar) and Asian Seabass (Lates calcarifer).
    • Ho, B. T. and Paul, D. R.
  5. Physico-chemical properties of flours and starches from selected commercial tubers available in Australia.
    • Aprianita, A., Purwandari, U., Watson, B. and Vasiljevic, T.
  6. Effect of agitation and antagonism between sucrose and sodium chloride on mass transfer during osmo-dehydration in plant materials.
    • Tortoe, C., Orchard, J. and Beezer, A.
  7. Effect of different drying methods on the degradation of selected flavonoids in Centella asiatica.
    • Mohd Zainol, M.K., Abdul-Hamid A., Abu Bakar, F. and Pak Dek, S.
  8. Perceptions and acceptance of ‘belacan’ in Malaysian dishes.
    • Leong, Q. L., Ab Karim, S., Selamat, J., Mohd Adzahan, N., Karim, R. and Rosita, J.
  9. Using high pitching rate for improvement of yeast fermentation performance in high gravity brewing.
    • Nguyen, T. H. and Viet Man, L. V.
  10. A dynamic method for kinetic model of ascorbic acid degradation during air dehydration of pretreated pineapple slices.
    • Karim, O. R. and Adebowale, A. A.
  11. Desorption and adsorption characteristics of bael (Aegle marmelos) pulp and powder.
    • Bag, S. K., Srivastav, P. P. and Mishra, H. N.
  12. Antioxidant capacity, total phenolic content and nutritional composition of Asian foods after thermal processing.
    • Tangkanakul, P., Auttaviboonkul, P., Niyomwit, B., Lowvitoon, N., Charoenthamawat, P. and Trakoontivakorn, G.
  13. Some physico-chemical qualities and acceptability of fermented curry paste.
    • Abolhassani, Y., Khan, M.A., Salam, A.B. and Ghasem, M.
Short Communication
  1. Microbiological, histamine and 3-MCPD contents of Malaysian unprocessed ‘budu’.
    • Rosma, A., Afiza, T. S., Wan Nadiah, W. A., Liong, M. T. and Gulam, R. R. A.

International Food Research Journal Volume 16 Issue 3, 2009

Research Article
  1. Antimicrobial effects of probiotics against selected pathogenic and spoilage
    bacteria in cheese-based dips.
    • Tharmaraj, N. and Shah, N. P.
  2. Comparison of thermophilic Campylobacter spp. occurrence in two types of
    retail chicken samples.
    • Tang, J.Y.H., Mohamad Ghazali, F., Saleha, A.A., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
  3. Identification of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolates by PCR targeted to the toxR
    gene and detection of virulence genes.
    • Zulkifli, Y., Alitheen, N. B., Son, R., Yeap, S. K., Lesley, M. B. and
      Raha, A. R.
  4. Bacterial membrane disruption in food pathogens by Psidium guajava leaf
    • Henie, E.F. P., Zaiton, H. and Suhaila, M.
  5. Demand for quality vegetables in Malaysia.
    • Tey, Y.S., Mad Nasir, S., Zainalabidin, M., Jinap, S., and Abdul Gariff, R.
  6. Real-time PCR evaluation of seven DNA extraction methods for the
    purpose of GMO analysis.
    • Jasbeer, K., Son, R., Mohamad Ghazali, F., and Cheah, Y. K.
  7. A Comparative study of storage stability in virgin coconut oil and extra virgin
    Olive oil upon thermal treatment.
    • Henna Lu, F. S. and Tan, P.P.
  8. Effects of drying temperature on quality of dried Indian Gooseberry powder.
    • Thankitsunthorn, S., Thawornphiphatdit, C., Laohaprasit, N. and
      Srzednicki, G.
  9. Quality attributes of stored Roselle jam.
    • Ashaye O.A and Adeleke T.O.
  10. Utilization of green banana flour as a functional ingredient in yellow noodle.
    • Saifullah, R., Abbas, F. M. A., Yeoh, S.-Y. and Azhar, M. E.
  11. Extraction and characterization of gelatin from different marine fish species in Malaysia.
    • Irwandi, J., Faridayanti, S., Mohamed, E. S. M., Hamzah, M. S., Torla, H. H. and Che Man, Y. B.
  12. Changes in volatile compounds during fermentation of nham (Thai fermented sausage).
    • Premsiri, R., Wonnop, V., Thitapa, S. and Siree, C.
  13. Pasting and leaching properties of irradiated starches from various botanical sources.
    • Mohd Adzahan, N., Mat Hashim, D. Muhammad, K., Abdul Rahman, R.,Ghazali, Z. and Hashim, K.
  14. Hypocholesterolemic effect of red pitaya (Hylocereus sp.) on hypercholesterolemia induced rats.
    • Mohd Adzim Khalili, R.,Norhayati, A.H, Rokiah, M.Y., Asmah, R., SitiMuskinah, M. and Abdul Manaf, A.
  15. Effect of drying air temperature and chemical pretreatments on quality of dried chilli.
    • Wiriya, P., Paiboon, T. and Somchart, S.

International Food Research Journal Volume 16 Issue 2, 2009

Review Article
  1. Food consumption and expenditures in Singapore: implications to Malaysia’s agricultural exports.
    • Tey, Y. S., Suryani, D., Emmy, F. A. and Illisriyani, I.
  2. Application of molecularly imprinted polymers in food sample analysis – a perspective.
    • Lok, C. M. and Son, R.
Research Article
  1. Random amplified polymorphic DNA-PCR and ERIC PCR analysis on Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from cockles in Padang, Indonesia.
    • Zulkifli. Y., Alitheen, N.B., Son, R., Raha, A.R., Samuel, L., Yeap, S.K. and Nishibuchi, M.
  2. Functional and pasting properties of a tropical breadfruit(Artocarpus altilis) starch from Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
    • Akanbi T.O., Nazamid, S. and Adebowale, A.A
  3. The effect of different ratios of Dory fish to tapioca flour on the linear expansion, oil absorption, colour and hardness of fish crackers.
    • Nurul, H., Boni, I. and Noryati, I.
  4. Rheological and sensory properties of rice varieties from Improvement Programmes in Ghana.
    • Gayin, J., Manful, J. T. and P-N.T. Johnson
  5. Evaluation of the modified-ceylon copra kiln for accelerated production of ball copra.
    • Marikkar, J.M.N., Banu, M.K.I. and Yalegama, C.
  6. Assessment of physical properties of ripe banana flour prepared from two varieties: Cavendish and Dream banana.
    • Abbas F. M. A., Saifullah, R. and Azhar, M. E.
  7. Molecular characterization and antimicrobial resistance profiling of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica isolated from ‘Selom’ (Oenanthe stolonifera).
    • Learn-Han, L., Yoke-Kqueen, C., Shiran, M.S., Sabrina, S., Noor Zaleha, A.S., Sim J.H., Chai-Hoon, K., and Son R.
  8. Optimisation of extraction conditions for phenolic compounds from limau purut (Citrus hystrix) peels.
    • Chan, S. W., Lee, C. Y., Yap, C. F., Wan Aida, W. M. and Ho, C. W.
  9. Microbiological quality of keropok lekor during processing.
    • Nor-Khaizura, M. A. R. Zaiton, H., Jamilah, B. and Gulam Rusul, R. A.
  10. Moisture, fat content and fatty acid composition in breaded and nonbreaded deep-fried black pomfret (Parastromateus niger) fillets.
    • Yazdan. M., Jamilah, B., Yaakob C. M. and Sharifah, K.
  11. Red-fleshed pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) fruit colour and betacyanin content depend on maturity.
    • Phebe, D., Chew, M. K., Suraini, A. A., Lai, O. M. and Janna, O. A.
  12. Effect of PEG on the biodegradability studies of Kenaf cellulose -polyethylene composites.
    • Behjat, T., Russly, A. R., Luqman, C. A., Yus, A. Y. and Nor Azowa, I.
  13. Nutritional evaluation of germinated seeds of coastal sand dune wild legume Canavalia cathartica.
    • D’Cunha, M., Sridhar, K. R., Young, C.-C. and Arun, A.B.

International Food Research Journal Volume 16 Issue 1, 2009

Review Article
  1. Edible Protein Films: Properties Enhancement
    • Bourtoom, T.
  2. Quality of Soybean and its food products
    • Gandhi, A. P.
Research Article
  1. Comparison of DNA Extraction Efficiencies Using Various Methods for the Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
    • Tung Nguyen, C. T., Son, R., Raha, A. R., Lai, O. M. and Clemente Michael, W. V. L.
  2. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing and Genotyping by RAPD for Campylobacter jejuni Isolates from Retailed Ready-to-eat food
    • Tan, Y. F., Haresh, K. K., Chai, L. C. and Son R.
  3. Chemical Compositions and Minerals of some Commercially Important Fish Species from the South Caspian Sea
    • Pirestani, S., Ali Sahari, M., Barzegar, M. and Seyfabadi, S. J.
  4. Effect of boiling and stir frying on Total phenolics, carotenoids and radical scavenging activity of cooked pumpkin
    • Azizah A.H., Wee, K. C., Osman, A. and Misran, A.
  5. Antibiotic resistance and plasmid profiling of Vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated from cockles in Padang, Indonesia.
    • Zulkifli, Y., Alitheen, N.B., Raha, A.R., Yeap, S. K., Marlina, Son, R., Nishibuchi, M.
  6. Optimization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae immobilization in bacterial cellulose by ‘adsorption- incubation’ method
    • Nguyen, D. N., Ton, N. M. N., Le, V. V. M.
  7. Comparison of the viability of probiotics from various cultured-milk drinks in a stimulated pH study of the human gastrointestinal tract
    • Ting, A.S.Y. and DeCosta, J.L.
  8. The impact of Lactobacillus brevis and Pediococcus pentosaceus on the sensorial quality of “nem chua” – a Vietnamese fermented meat product
    • Ho, T. N. T., Nguyen, N. T.,  Deschamps, A., Hadj Sassi, A., Urdaci, M. and Caubet, R.
  9. Differentiation of ripe banana flour using mineral composition and logistic regression model
    • Abbas F. M. A., Saifullah, R. and Azhar, M. E.
  10. Prevelance of Toxic Genes of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in shrimps (Penaeus monodon) and culture environment.
    • Sujeewa, A. K. W., Norrakiah, A. S. and Laina, M
  11. Properties and permeability of aroma compounds in food through plasticized cassava films
    • Boonsong, P.,  Laohakunjit, N.,  Kerdchoechuen, O.  and Tusvil, P.
  12. Mineral and Heavy Metal Contents of Marine Fin Fish in Langkawi Island, Malaysia
    • Irwandi, J. and Farida, O.
  13. Rapid Isolation of Genomic DNA from Asian Green-lipped Mussel (Perna viridis) for Random Amplified Microsatellite Polymorphism
    • Chai, L. C., Fatimah, C. A., Norhisyam, M. S., Rozila, A., Nadzirah, A. S. and Natasha, L. H. Y.