Volume 19,2012

International Food Research Journal Volume 19 Issue 4, 2012

Mini Review
  1. Sesame proteins (p1287-1295)
    • Ekasit Onsaard
  2. Spray drying technique of fruit juice powder: some factors influencing the properties of product (p1297-1306)
    • Phisut, N.
  3. Bioactivity studies and chemical constituents of Murraya paniculata (Linn) Jack (p1306-1312)
    • Ng, M. K., Abdulhadi-Noaman, Y., Cheah, Y.K., Yeap, S. K. and Alitheen, N.B.
  4. Technology for production of surimi powder and potential of applications (p1313-1323)
    • Santana, P., Huda, N. and Yang, T. A.
  5. Utilization of Mango seed (p1325-1335)
    • Kittiphoom, S.
  6. Applications of inulin and probiotics in health and nutrition (p1337-1350)
    • Miremadi, F. and Shah, N. P.
Original Articles
  1. Determination of effective diffusion coefficient of water in marshmallow from drying data using finite-difference method (p1351-1354)
    • Hala, F., Collette, F. and Huang, E. C.
  2. Optimization of cocoa beans roasting process using Response Surface Methodology based on concentration of pyrazine and acrylamide (p1355-1359)
    • Farah, D.M.H., Zaibunnisa, A.H. and Misnawi
  3. Innovative use of Sweet sorghum juice in the beverage industry (p1361-1366)
    • Akbar John, B., Kamaruzzaman, B.Y., Jalal, K.C.A. and Zaleha, K. .
  4. In vitro digestion of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) and Cow (Bos taurus) milk (p1367-1374)
    • Opatha Vithana, N. L., Mason, S. L., Bekhit, A. E. A. and Morton, J. D.
  5. Consumers’ willingness to pay for non-gm food labeling in Thailand (p1375-1382)
    • Krualee, S. and Napasintuwong, O.
  6. Improved of color properties on Sardinella lemuru oil during adsorbent refining using magnesol xl (p1383-1386)
    • Suseno, S.H., Tajul, A.Y., Nadiah, W.A. and Noor, A.F.
  7. Studies on the physicochemical and sensory characteristics of goat’s milk dadih incorporated with tropical- fruit purees (p1387-1392)
    • Chye, S. J., Ahmad, R. and Noor Aziah, A. A.
  8. Total phenolic content and in vitro antioxidant activity of Vigna sinensis (p1393-1400)
    • Emynur Shafekh, S., Mohd Adzim Khalili, R., Catherine, C.C.W., Siti Syakiroh, Z.A., Ummu Habibah, A., Norhayati, A.H., Nor Farhanah, M.Y., Noor Husna, Z., Siti Nafizah, M.B., Azlina, M., Noor Shahhida Sazura, A.R. and Ahmad Zubaidi, A. L.
  9. Fatty acid composition of cooked and fermented beans of the wild legumes (Canavalia) of coastal sand dunes (p1401-1407)
    • Niveditha, V. R., Sridhar, K. R. and Chatra, S. K. R.
  10. Ice cream properties affected by lambda-carrageenan or iota-carrageenan interactions with locust bean gum/carboxymethylcellulose mixtures (p1409-1414)
    • Pintor, A. and Totosaus, A.
  11. The effects of egg white powder addition with tapioca and sago flours on physicochemical and sensory properties of duck sausage (p1415-1421)
    • Muthia, D., Huda, N., Ismail, N. and Easa, A. M.
  12. Quality evaluation of deep fried chips produced from lotus rhizome (p1423-1427)
    • Wipawee, Y. and Rajeev Bhat
  13. The study of germination and soaking time to improve nutritional quality of sorghum seed (p1429-1432)
    • Narsih, Yunianta and Harijono
  14. Effect of chitosan-palm stearin edible coating on the post harvest life of star fruits (Averrhoa carambola) stored at room temperature (p1433-1438)
    • Nurul Hanani, M. Z., Halimahton Zahrah, M. S.I and Zaibunnisa, A. H.
  15. Antioxidant activity and total phenolic content in aqueous extracts of selected traditional Malay salads (Ulam) (1439-1444)
    • Reihani, S. F. S. and Azhar, M. E.
  16. Extraction of volatile compounds from ‘Nam Dok Mai’ and ‘Maha Chanok’ mangoes (1445-1448)
    • Laohaprasit, N., Kukreja, R.K. and Arunrat, A.
  17. Effects of marinating ingredients on physicochemical, microstructural and sensory properties of golek chicken (p1449-1455)
    • Komoltri, P. and Pakdeechanuan, P.
  18. Nonthermal pasteurization of Pitaya (Hylocereus polyrhizus) juice using the hurdle concept (1457-1461)
    • Halim, H., Noranizan, M. A., Sobhi, B., Sew, C.C., Karim, R. and Osman, A.
  19. High performance amylolytic yeast strains isolation and identification for valorization of potatoes waste available in Burkina Faso (p1463-1469)
    • Ouédraogo, N., Savadogo, A., Zongo, C., Somda, K. M. and Traoré, A. S.
  20. A DNA-based approach to discriminate between quince and apple in quince jams (p1471-1477)
    • Arleo, M., Ruibal, F., Pereyra, J., Miquel, E., Fernández, M. and Martínez, C.
  21. Mineral composition and pasting properties of banana pseudo-stem flour from Musa acuminata X balbisiana cv. Awak grown locally in Perak, Malaysia (p1479-1485)
    • Ho, L. H., Noor Aziah, A. A. and Rajeev Bhat
  22. Nutritional profile and antioxidative properties of selected tropical wild vegetables (p1487-1496)
    • Ng, X. N. , Chye, F. Y. and Mohd Ismail, A.
  23. Discrimination of plant and animal derived MAG and DAG by principal component analysis of fatty acid composition and thermal profile data (p1497-1501)
    • Nasyrah A.R. ,Marikkar J.M.N. and Dzulkifly M.H.
  24. Mathematical modeling of thin layer drying kinetics of stone apple slices (p1503-1510)
    • Rayaguru, K. and Routray, W.
  25. How accurate is glucometer in determining Glycemic index (p1511-1516)
    • Hettiaratchi, U. P.K., Ekanayake, S. and Welihinda, J.
  26. Welfare impacts of food price inflation in Pakistan (p1517-1531)
    • Idrees, M., Asma, M. and Khalid, Z.
  27. 33 Phytochemicals screening and total phenolic content of Malaysian Zea mays hair extracts (p1533-1538)
    • Solihah, M.A., Wan Rosli, W.I. and Nurhanan, A.R.
  28. Physicochemical and organoleptic properties of cookies incorporated with legume flour (p1539-1543)
    • Noor Aziah, A. A., Mohamad Noor, A. Y. and Ho, L.-H.
  29. Effective jam preparations from watermelon waste (p1545-1549)
    • Souad, A.M., Jamal, P. and Olorunnisola, K. S.
  30. Fumonisin monitoring in Thai red cargo rice by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometry (p1561-1566)
    • Tansakul, N., Limsuwan, S. and Trongvanichnam, K.
  31. The effect of soaking process of agricultural wastes on the adsorption of methylene blue dye (p1567-1571)
    • Abdualhamid, S. A. and Asil, A. A.
  32. Combined effect of low acid paste and modified atmospheric condition on quality changes of white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei during chilled storage (p1573-1580)
    • Siripongvutikron, S., Usawakesmanee, W., Wittaya, T., Koonpaew. B. and Pengseng, N..
  33. Flavonoid, phenolic contents and antioxidant properties of Thai hot curry paste extract and its ingredients as affected of pH, solvent types and high temperature (1581-1587)
    • Settharaksa, S., Jongjareonrak, A., Hmadhlu, P., Chansuwan, W. and Siripongvutikorn, S.
  34. Effect of cocoa bean drying methods on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contamination in cocoa butter (1589-1594)
    • Misnawi
  35. Determination of benzo[a]pyrene levels in smoked and oil fried Lates niloticus (p1595-1600)
    • Muyela, B., Shitandi, A. and Ngure, R.
  36. Antioxidant and antihemolytic activities of common Nilgiri barberry (Berberis tinctoria Lesch.) from south India (p1601-1607)
    • Sasikumar, J. M., Maheshu, V., Smilin, A. G., Gincy, M. M. and Joji, C.
  37. Trans Fat content in labeled and unlabelled Indian bakery products including fried snacks (p1609-1614)
    • Reshma, M. V., Challa, R. K., Nisha, P., SobanKumar, D. R., Sundaresan, A. and Jayamurthy, P.
  38. Cabbage supply chain mapping and postharvest loss in the domestic and export trade in Lao PDR (1615-1620)
    • Thongsavath, C., Varit, S., Thananya, W., Sirichai, K. and Antonio, A., Jr.
  39. Nutritional quality of muskmelon fruit as revealed by its biochemical properties during different rates of ripening (p1621-1628)
    • Menon, S. V. and Ramana Rao, T. V.
  40. Quality and storage stability of low acid Murrel (Channa striatus) fish pickle at room temperature (p1629-1632)
    • Sahu, B. B, Kumar, K., Sahu, A. K., Kumar, R., Mohanty, U. L., Maji, U. J., Noor Jahan, Sahoo, M., Samal, R. and Jayasankar, P.
  41. Optimizing process conditions for palm (Borassus flabelliffer) wine fermentation using Response Surface Methodology (p1633-1639)
    • Ghosh, S., Chakraborty, R. and Raychaudhuri, U.
  42. Effects of germination conditions on 5’-phosphodiesterase activity of selected seeds (p1641-1648)
    • Pui, L.P., Abdulkarim, S.M. and Ghazali, H.M.
  43. Production of germinated Red Jasmine brown rice and its physicochemical properties (p1649-1654)
    • Wichamanee, Y. and Teerarat, I.
  44. Characteristics of butyrylated arenga starch prepared at different reaction time and butyric anhydride concentration (p1655-1660)
    • Abdul Rahim, Haryadi, Muh. Nur Cahyanto and Yudi Pranoto
  45. Squalene recovery from palm fatty acid distillate using supercritical fluid extraction (p1661-1667)
    • Norhidayah, S., Baharin, B. S., Hamed, M. and Zaidul, I. S. M.
  46. Moisture sorption isotherm and isosteric heat of sorption of edible films made from blends of starch, amylose and methyl cellulose (p1669-1678)
    • Chowdhury, T. and Das, M.
  47. Quality assessment of weaning food produced from fermented cereal-legume blends using starters (1679-1685)
    • Wakil, S. M. and Kazeem, M.O.
  48. Effects of jackfruit puree supplementation on lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus FTDC 1295) in terms of viability and chemical compositions of dadih (p1687-1697)
    • Che Othman S.F., Noor Aziah, A.A., Ahmad, R. M.
  49. Biochemical and microbial qualities of Sardinella fimbriata sun dried in different methods (p1699-1703)
    • Zuraida, A., Yusliza, Y., Anuar, H. and Mohd Khairul Muhaimin, RImmaculate, J., Sinduja, P. and Jamila, P.
  50. Microbial and quality attributes of thermally processed chili shrimp paste (p1705-1712)
    • Sobhi, B., Noranizan, M., Ab Karim, S., Abdul Rahman, R., Bakar, J. and Ghazali, Z..
  51. Characterization of cheeses produced with ovine and caprine milk and microbiological evaluation of processing areas in the dairy plant in Brazil (p1713-1721)
    • Cássia, R. N. and Adriano, B.
  52. The curative action of Lactobacillus plantarum FNCC 226 to Saprolegnia parasitica A3 on catfish (Pangasius hypophthalamus Sauvage) (p1723-1727)
    • Nurhajati, J., Atira, Aryantha, I. N. P., Kadek Indah, D. G.
  53. Effect of incorporation of inulin on the survivability of Lactobacillus acidophilus in synbiotic ice cream (p1729-1732)
    • Pandiyan, C., Annal Villi, R., Kumaresan,G., Murugan, B. and Rajarajan, G.
  54. Antimicrobial activity of edible film incorporated with essential oils to preserve dried fish (Decapterus maruadsi) (p1733-1738)
    • Matan, N.
  55. Identification of predominant Lactobacillus species in liquid sourdough fermentation (p1739-1743)
    • Kam, W.Y., Wan Aida, W.M. and Sahilah, A.M.
  56. Genetic relatedness of Cronobacter spp. (Enterobacter sakazakii) isolated from dried food products in Indonesia (p1745-1749)
    • Gitapratiwi, D., Dewanti-Hariyadi, R. and Hidayat, S. H.
  57. Prevalence of Listeria monocytogenes in frozen burger patties in Malaysia (p1751-1756)
    • Wong, W. C., Pui, C. F., Tunung, R., Cheah, Y. K., Nakaguchi. Y., Nishibuchi, M., and Son, R.
  58. Detection of Klebsiella pneumoniae from raw vegetables by Most Probable Number-Polymerase Chain Reaction (MPN-PCR) (p1757-1762)
    • Puspanadan, S., Ying Loo, Y., Nillian, E., Hao Kuan, C., Guat Goh, S., Wei San, C., Ying Ling, L., John, Y.H.T., Yaya, R. , Yoshitsugu, N., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
Short Communications
  1. Prevalence of food borne pathogens in market samples of chicken meat in Bangalore (p1763-1765)
    • Wilfred Ruban, S., Nithin Prabhu, K. and Naveen Kumar, G.S.
  2. Malolactic fermentation of Grape Wine by Lactococcus lactis var cremoris NCIM 2402 (p1767-1770)
    • Kurane, A.B. and Ghosh, J.S.

International Food Research Journal Volume 19 Issue 3, 2012

Original Articles
  1. Physical and chemical quality changes of longkong (Aglaia dookkoo Griff.) during passive modified atmospheric storage (p795-p800)
    • Venkatachalam, K. and Meenune, M.
  2. Evaluation of soft spreadable margarine properties produced by lipase-catalysed interesterification of chicken fat and corn oil (p801-p806)
    • Afida, T. and Mamot, S.
  3. Quality and acceptability of traditional styled fried tripe products from buffalo and goat rumen meat (p807-p810)t
    • Anna Anandh, M, Richard Jagatheesan, P.N, Rajarajan, G, Senthil Kumar, P, Paramasivam, A, and Lakshmanan, V.
  4. Specific heat (Cp) of tropical fruits: Cajá, Cashew Apple, Cocoa, Kiwi, Pitanga, Soursop fruit and Yellow melon (p811-p814)
    • Oliveira, J. M., Lessio, B. C., Morgante, C. M., Santos, M. M. and Augusto, P. E. D.
  5. Fat content and EPA and DHA levels of selected marine, freshwater fish and shellfish species from the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia (p815-p821)
    • Wan Rosli W. I., Rohana, A. J., Gan, S.H., Noor Fadzlina,H., Rosliza, H., Helmy, H. Mohd Nazri, S., Mohd Ismail, I., Shaiful Bahri, I., Wan Mohamad, W.B. and Kamarul Imran, M.
  6. Development and storage stability of aseptically processed ashgourd-mint leaves juice (p823-p828)
    • Majumdar, T.K., Wadikar, D.D. and Bawa, A.S.
  7. Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis in ready-to-eat cooked rice in Malaysia (p829-p836)
    • Sandra, A., Afsah-Hejri, L., Tunung, R., Tuan Zainazor, T.C., Tang, J.Y.H., Ghazali, F.M., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
  8. Physicochemical properties of virgin coconut oil extracted from different processing methods (p837-p845)
    • Mansor, T. S. T., Che Man, Y. B., Shuhaimi ,M, Abdul Afiq ,M. J. and Ku Nurul, F. K. M.
  9. A comparative study of the hydrolysis of supercritical fluid extracted lutein esters by improved saponification and enzyme biocatalysis (p847-p856)
    • Peter Amala Sujith, A., Hymavathi, T.V. and Yasoda Devi, P.
  10. Physicochemical properties of organic and inorganic Phatthalung Sungyod rice (p857-p861)
    • Keawpeng, I. and Meenune, M.
  11. Degree of hydrolysis and free tryptophan content of Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) protein hydrolysates produced with different type of industrial proteases (p863-p867)
    • Herpandi, Huda, N., Rosma, A. and Wan Nadiah W. A.
  12. Quality evaluation of steamed wheat bread substituted with green banana flour (p869-p876)
    • Noor Aziah, A. A., Ho, L. H., Noor Shazliana, A. A. and Rajeev, B.
  13. Assessment of Noroviruses in selected Ulam from local market in Malaysia (p877-p882)
    • Tuan Zainazor, T.C., Afsah-Hejri, L., Noor Hidayah, M.S, Noor Eliza, M.R., Naziehah, M.D., Tang, J.Y. H., Noorlis, A., Elexson, N., Chai, L.C., Ghazali, F.M., Cheah, Y. K., and Son, R.
  14. Banana isotonic drink improves orthostatic tolerance in voluntary dehydration subject (p883-p887)
    • Penggalih, M.H.S.T., Gardjito, M. and Sofro, Z.M.
  15. Standardization of process for preparation of fig-mango mixed toffee (p889-p891)
    • Sakhale, B. K., Chalwad, R.U. and Pawar, V. D.
  16. The compositions and properties of spray dried tuna flavor powder (p893-p899)
    • Kanpairo, K., Usawakesmanee, W. and Siripongvutikorn, S.
  17. Pig species identification in meatballs using polymerase chain reaction- restriction fragment length polymorphism for Halal authentication (p901-p906)
    • Yuny, E., Mohammad, Z. A., Sismindari and Rohman, A.
  18. Study the properties of honey powder produced from spray drying and vacuum drying method (p907-p912)
    • Nurhadi, B., Andoyo, R., Mahani and Rossi Indiarto
  19. Studies on some properties of starches from three Mucuna species (p913-p921)
    • Sobukola, O. P. and Aboderin, A. T.
  20. Effect of sodium hydroxide concentration on properties of carboxymethyl rice starch (p923-p931)
    • Rachtanapun, P., Simasatitkul, P., Chaiwan, W. and Watthanaworasakun, Y.
  21. Validation of mercury analyzer for determination of mercury in snake fruit (p933-p936)
    • Eka, N., Heri, D. H., Astuti and Rohman, A.
  22. Validation and quantitative analysis of cadmium and lead in snake fruit by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry (p937-p940)
    • Eka, N., Astuti, Retno, S. and Rohman, A.
  23. Study on durian seed as a new substrate for angkak production (p941-p945)
    • Srianta, I., Hendrawan, B., Kusumawati, N. and Blanc, P.J.
  24. Pectolytic treatment of non-sonicated or sonicated barbados cherry (p947-p954)
    • Dang, B. K. and Le, V. V. M.
  25. Soursop (Anona muricata L.): Blood hematology and serum biochemistry of Sprague-Dawley rats (p955-p959)
    • Syahida, M., Mohammad Yusof, M., Suri, R., Mamot, S. And Hadijah, H.
  26. Effect of microwave treatment on the antinutritional factors of two accessions of velvet bean, Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. var. Utilis (Wall. ex Wight) Bak. ex Burck (p961-p969)
    • Kala, B. K. and Mohan, V. R.
  27. Rheological and nutritional properties of legumes incorporated corn extrudates (p971-p975)
    • Balasubramanian, S., Borah, A. and Mahanta, C. L.
  28. Biochemical composition and nutritional assessment of selected under-utilized food legume of the genus Rhynchosia (p977-p984)
    • Kalidass, C. and Mohan, V. R.
  29. Characterization of chemical composition and anti-nutritional factors in seven species within the Ghanaian yam (Dioscorea) germplasm (p985-p992)
    • Polycarp, D., Afoakwa, E. O., Budu, A. S. And Otoo, E.
  30. Effect on the addition of Pleurotus sajor-caju (PSC) on physical and sensorial properties of beef patty (p993-p999)
    • Wan Rosli, W. I. and Solihah, M. A.
  31. The effect of storage on the quality attributes of ultraviolet-irradiated and thermally pasteurised pineapple juices (p1001-p1010)
    • Chia, S. L., Rosnah, S., Noranizan, M. A. And Wan Ramli, W. D.
  32. Effect of different types of low sweetness sugar on physicochemical properties of threadfin bream surimi (Nemipterus spp.) during frozen storage (p1011-p1021)
    • Nopianti, R., Huda, N., Fazilah, A., Ismail, N., and Easa, A. M
  33. Effect of drying method on physical and chemical quality, hotness and volatile flavour characteristics of dried chilli (p1023-p1031)
    • Toontom, N., Meenune, M., Posri, W. and Lertsiri, S.
  34. In vitro effect on the antioxidative properties of crude extract of Chenopodium album in presence of the organophosphate, acephate (p1033-p1039)
    • Sanjukta, D. and Ghosh, S.
  35. Total phenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant activity of banana pulp and peel flours: influence of variety and stage of ripeness (p1041-p1046)
    • Fatemeh, S. R., Saifullah, R., Abbas, F. M. A. and Azhar, M. E.
  36. Anthocyanin and total phenolics content of mangosteen and effect of processing on the quality of mangosteen products (p1047-p1053)
    • Chaovanalikit, A., Mingmuang, A., Kitbunluewit, T., Choldumrongkool, N., Sondee, J. and Chupratum, S.
  37. Effect of clarification on the polyphenolic compound content and antioxidant activity of commercial apple juices (p1055-p1061)
    • Candrawinata, V.I, Blades, B.L., Golding, J. B., Stathopoulos, C. E. and Roach, P. D.
  38. Comparative analysis of total phenolics, flavonoid content and antioxidant profile of different date varieties (Phoenix dactylifera L.) from Sultanate of Oman (p1063-p1070)
    • Singh, V., Guizani, N., Essa, M.M., Hakkim, F.L., and Rahman, M.S.
  39. Changes in total polyphenols, o-diphenols and anthocyanin concentrations during fermentation of pulp pre-conditioned cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans (p1071-p1077)
    • Afoakwa, E. O., Quao, J., Takrama, F. S., Budu, A. S. and Saalia, F. K.
  40. Simultaneous determination of heavy metals in drinking waters and wines by methods: Ion pair-reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography and capillary zone electrophoresis (p1079-p1088)
    • Pimrote, W., Santaladchaiyakit, Y., Kukusamude, C., Sakai, T. And Srijaranai, S.
  41. Levels of metals (Cd, Pb, Cu and Fe) in cow’s milk, dairy products and hen’s eggs from the West Bank, Palestine (p1089-p1094)
    • Abdulkhaliq, A., Swaileh, K. M., Hussein , R. M. and Matani, M.
  42. Patterns of fruits and vegetable consumption among adults of different ethnics in Selangor, Malaysia (p1095-p1107)
    • Nurul Izzah, A., Aminah, A., Md Pauzi, A., Lee, Y. H., Wan Rozita, W. M. and Siti Fatimah, D.
  43. Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of some promising wild edible fruits (p1109-p1116)
    • Prakash, D., Upadhyay, G., Gupta, C., Pushpangadan, P. And Singh, K.K.
  44. Evaluation of antioxidant properties in fresh and pickled papaya (p1117-p1124)
    • Nurul, S. R. and Asmah, R
  45. Antioxidant proprieties of methanolic and ethanolic extracts of Euphorbia helioscopia, (L.) aerial parts (p1125-p1130)r
    • Ben Mohamed Maoulainine, L., Jelassi, A., Hassen, I. and Ould Mohamed Salem Ould Boukhari, A.
  46. Effect of thermal and ultraviolet treatments on the stability of antioxidant compounds in single strength pineapple juice throughout refrigerated storage (p1131-p1136)
    • Goh, S.G., Noranizan, M., Leong, C.M., Sew C.C. and Sobhi, B.
  47. Pulsed electric field technology: Modeling of electric field and temperature distributions within continuous flow PEF treatment chamber (p1137-p1144)
    • Salengke, S., Sastry, S. K. and Zhang, H. Q.
  48. Dietary supplementation versus direct postmortem addition of α-tocopherol acetate on fatty acid composition of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fillets during refrigerated storage (p1145-p1151)
    • Zakipour Rahimabadi, E., Jasour, M.S., Ehsani, A., Rahnama, M. and Arshadi, A. .
  49. Prediction of glycaemic indices (GI) of meals by starch hydrolysis Indices (p1153-p1159)
    • Hettiaratchi, U.P.K., Ekanayake, S. and Welihinda, J.
  50. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy applied for rapid analysis of lard in palm oil (p1161-p1165)
    • Rohman, A., Kuwat, T., Retno, S., Sismindari, Yuny, E. And Tridjoko, W.
  51. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopic study of extracted gelatin from shaari (Lithrinus microdon) skin: effects of extraction conditions (p1167-p1173)
    • Al-Saidi, G. S., Al-Alawi, A., Rahman, M. S. and Guizani, N.
  52. Differentiation of bovine and porcine gelatins in processed products via Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate-Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) and principal component analysis (PCA) techniques (p1175-p1180)
    • Nur Azira, T., Amin, I. and Che Man, Y. B.
  53. The best method for isolated total RNA from durian tissues (p1181-p1183)
    • Ky, H., Yeap, S. K. and Napis, S. B.
  54. Synergistic or additive antimicrobial activities of Indian spice and herbal extracts against pathogenic, probiotic and food-spoiler micro-organisms (p1185-p1191)
    • Das, S., Anjeza, C. and Mandal, S.
  55. Screening of bacterial compost from spoiled vegetables and fruits and their physiochemical characterization (p1193-p1198)
    • Mohamed Mahroop Raja, M., Raja, A., Mohamed Hajee, S. and Sheik.Mohamed, A.
  56. Effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on the growth of Bifidobacterium spp. as assessed using Real-time PCR (p1199-p1205)
    • Yamin, S., Suhaimi, M, Arbakariya, A., Fatimah, A.B., Khalilah, A.K., Anas, O. and Yazid, A.M.
  57. Antimicrobial activity of extracts of dried kokum (Garcinia indica C) (p1207-p1210)
    • Sutar, R. L., Mane, S. P. and Ghosh, J.S.
  58. Properties of canned mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia L.) extract during storage (p1211-p1215)
    • Noor Hafizah, Y., Maskat, M.Y., Wan Aida, W.M. and Maaruf, A.G.
  59. Determination of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin in some hot chilli varieties by RP-HPLC-PDA after magnetic stirring extraction and clean up with C18 cartridge (p1217-p1226)
    • Juangsamoot, J., Ruangviriyachai, C., Techawongstien, S. and Chanthai, S.
  60. Screening of antibacterial activity of some underutilized fruits of Sapotaceae (p1227-p1231)
    • Patel, P. R. and Rao, T. V. R.
  61. Development of synbiotic ice cream incorporating Lactobacillus acidophilus and Saccharomyces boulardii (p1233-p1239)
    • Pandiyan, C., Annal Villi, R., Kumaresan, G., Murugan, B. And Gopalakrishnamurthy, T. R.
  62. Microbiological quality evaluation of goat milk collected from small scale dairy farms in Penang Island, Malaysia (p1241-p1245)
    • Suguna, M., Rajeev Bhat, and Wan Nadiah, W.A.
  63. Characterization of Edwardsiella tarda isolated from Asian Seabass, Lates calcarifer (p1247-p1252)
    • Nadirah, M., Najiah M. and Teng,S.Y.
  64. Culture condition for the production of glucoamylase enzyme by different isolates of Aspergillus spp. (p1261-p1266)
    • Abdalwahab, S. A., Ibrahim, S. A. and Dawood, E. S.
  65. Molecular characterization of clinical isolate of Vibrio cholera isolated from outbreaks cases in Malaysia (p1267-p1274)
    • Patrick, G. B., Nishibuchi, M., Tunung, R. and Son, R.
A Perspective
  1. Relation of moisture distribution and texture of rice-based foods – a Perspective (p1275-p1278)
    • Widjajaseputra, A.I.
Short Communications
  1. 68. A TaqMan® multiplex assay for hoofed livestock species identification and nuclear DNA quantification (p1279-p1285)
    • Ng, J., 1Satkoski, J., Premasuthan, A. and Kanthaswamy, S.

International Food Research Journal Volume 19 Issue 2, 2012

Mini Review
  1. Fermented foods and beverages of the North-East India
    • Das, A. J. and Deka, S. C.
  2. Aspects of glucosamine production using microorganisms
    • Sitanggang, A. B., Sophia, L. and Wu, H. S..
A Perspective
  1. Bioproduction of xylitol by enzyme technology and future prospects
    • Rafiqul, I. S. M. and Mimi Sakinah, A. M.
Original Articles
  1. Performance characteristics and estimation of measurement uncertainty of two plating procedures for Listeria monocytogenes enumeration in chicken meat
    • Yong, W. Z., Haresh, K. K., Wong, W. C., Pui, C. F. and Son, R..
  2. Effects of microbial and chemical fertilization on yield and seed quality of faba bean (Vicia faba)
    • Rugheim, A. M. E. and Abdelgani, M. E..
  3. TAL - a source of bacterial endotoxin detector in liquid biological samples
    • Akbar John, B., Kamaruzzaman, B.Y., Jalal, K.C.A. and Zaleha, K. .
  4. Optimization of cassava peel medium to an enriched animal feed by the white rot fungi Panus tigrinus M609RQY
    • Tijani, I. D. R., Jamal, P., Alam, M. Z., and Mirghani, M. E.S.
  5. Conversion of isoflavone glycoside to aglycones in soy protein isolate (SPI) using crude enzyme extracted from Bifidobacterium animalis Bb12 and Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus ATCC 11842
    • Prasad, L. N. and Shah, N. P.
  6. In vivo and in vitro effect of Lactobacillus acidophilus in synbiotic ice cream enriched with whey protein concentrate
    • Pandiyan,C., Annal Villi, R., Kumaresan,G., Murugan,B. and Gopalakrishnamurthy, T.R.
  7. Sensory and chemical changes associated with microbial flora of Oreochromis niloticus stored in ice
    • Farag, H. E. M.
  8. Effects of vegetables on iron and zinc availability in cereals and legumes
    • Luo, Y. W. and Xie, W. H
  9. Optimization of multiplex PCR conditions for rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 virulence genes
    • Jeshveen, S. S., Chai, L. C., Pui, C. F. and Son, R. (Jeshveen)
  10. Biosafety of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from vegetables based on antimicrobial sensitivity and RAPD profiling
    • Tunung, R., Jeyaletchumi, P., Noorlis, A., Tang, Y. H., Sandra, A., Ghazali, F. M., Noranizan, M. A., Lesley, M. B., Haresh, K. K., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
  11. Differentiation of lard and other animal fats based on triacylglycerols composition and principal component analysis
    • Rohman, A., Triyana, K., Sismindari and Erwanto, Y.
  12. Characterization of the ribose-induced maillard reaction in minced chicken and minced pork: a potential means of species differentiation
    • Tan, T. C., Abbas, F. M. A., Azhar, M. E.
  13. The potential of artificial neural network (ANN) in optimizing media constituents of citric acid production by solid state bioconversion
    • Ricca, R. N., Mohammed Saedi, J. and Md. Zahangir, A.
  14. Screening of significant media components for production of bioprotein from coconut dregs using statistical approach
    • Hafiza, S., Ahmad Anas, N. G. and Nor Hidayah, B.
  15. Supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive flavonoid from Strobilanthes crispus (pecah kaca) and its comparison with solvent extraction
    • Liza, M. S., 2,3Abdul Rahman, R., 3Mandana, B., 3Jinap, S., 4Rahmat, A., 3Zaidul, I. S. M. and 3Hamid, A.
  16. Simultaneous treatment of acerola mash by ultrasound and pectinase preparation in acerola juice processing: optimization of the pectinase concentration and pectolytic time by response surface methodology.
    • Dang, B. K., Huynh, T. V. and Le, V. V. M.
  17. Development of reduced calorie chocolate cake with jackfruit seed (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) flour and polydextrose using response surface methodology (RSM)
    • Siti Faridah, M. A. and Noor Aziah, A. A.
  18. Impact of adding chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) flour to wheat flour on the rheological properties of toast bread
    • Hefnawy, T. M. H., El-Shourbagy, G. A. and Ramadan, M. F.
  19. Identification of carotenoid composition in selected ‘ulam’ or traditional vegetables in Malaysia
    • Fatimah, A. M. Z., Norazian, M. H. and Rashidi, O.
  20. Scheme of obtaining β-carotene standard from pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) flesh
    • Norshazila, S.,Irwandi, J., Othman, R. and Yumi Zuhanis, H. H.
  21. Isolation and characterization of the major natural dyestuff component of Brazilwood (Caesalpinia sappan L.)
    • Lioe, H.N., Adawiyah, D.R. and Anggraeni, R.
  22. Detection of foreign bodies in canned foods using ultrasonic testing
    • Meftah, H. and Mohd Azimin, E. .
  23. Application of ultrasound to pineapple mash treatment in juice processing
    • Nguyen, T. P. and Le, V. V. M.
  24. Effect of temperature and concentration on rheological properties pomelo juice concentrates
    • Keshani, S., A. Luqman Chuah and Russly A.R..
  25. Characterizaton of red fruit (Pandanus conoideus Lam) oil
    • Rohman, A., Sugeng, R. and Che Man, Y. B.
  26. Bioactivity analysis of lemongrass (Cymbopogan citratus) essential oil
    • Mirghani, M. E. S., Liyana, Y. and Parveen, J.
  27. Physico-chemical study of seed oil of Prunus armeniaca L. grown in Garhwal region (India) and its comparison with some conventional food oils
    • Bachheti, R. K., Rai, I. and Joshi, A. and Rana, V.
  28. Contribution of roasted grains and seeds in aroma of oleang (Thai coffee drink)
    • Puvipirom, J. and Chaiseri, S.
  29. Antioxidant properties of raw garlic (allium sativum) extract
    • Rahman, M. M., Fazlic, V. and Saad, N. W.
  30. Total phenolic content, in vitro antioxidant activity and type II diabetes relevant enzyme inhibition properties of methanolic extract of traditionally processed underutilized food legume, Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd ex. Delile
    • Vadivel, V. and Biesalski, H.K
  31. Binary mixtures of natural polyphenolic antioxidants with ascorbic acid: impact of interactions on the antiradical activity
    • Aoun, M. and Makris, D. P.
  32. Use of tannery effluent for irrigation: an evaluative study on the response of antioxidant defenses in maize (Zea mays)
    • Sangeetha, R., Kamalahasan, B. and Karthi, N. .
  33. Nutritional composition and antioxidant capacity of several edible mushrooms grown in the Southern Vietnam
    • Hung, P. V. and Nhi, N. N. Y.
  34. The effect of blanching on antioxidant activity and glycosides of white saffron (Curcuma mangga Val.)
    • Pujimulyani, D., Raharjo, S., Marsono Y. and Santoso, U.
  35. Thai red curry paste lowers glucose, oxidative stress and insulin levels in type II diabetic rats
    • Prangthip, P., Charoenkiatkul, S., Kettawan, A., Okuno, M. and Okamoto, T.
  36. Nutritional and functional characterization of defatted seed cake flour of two Sudanese groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) cultivars
    • Fekria, A. M., Isam, A. M. A., Suha, O. A. and Elfadil, E. B.
  37. Physico-chemical and antinutritional attributes of gamma irradiated Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. subsp. unguiculata seeds
    • Tresina, P. S. and Mohan, V. R.
  38. Rheological characteristics and nutritional aspects of novel peanut-based kefir beverages and whole milk kefir
    • Bensmira, M. and Jiang, B. .
  39. Solubilization, amino acid composition and electrophoretic characterization of Conophor nut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) proteins
    • Gbadamosi S. O., Abiose, S.H. and Aluko, R.E.
  40. Effect of orange sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) flour on the physical properties of fried extruded fish crackers
    • Noorakmar, A. W., Cheow, C. S., Norizzah, A. R., Mohd Zahid, A. and Ruzaina, I.
  41. Morphological, functional and pasting properties of starches separated from rice cultivars grown in Nigeria
    • Ashogbon, A.O. and Akintayo, E.T.
  42. Effect of germination on total phenolic, tannin and phytic acid contents in soy bean and peanut
    • Megat Rusydi, M.R. and Azrina, A.
  43. Effect of partial replacement of sucrose with the artificial sweetener sucralose on the physico-chemical, sensory, microbial characteristics, and final cost saving of orange nectar
    • Al-Dabbas, M. M. and 2Al-Qudsi, J. M.
  44. The effects of coating and Zataria multiflora Boiss essential oil on chemical attributes of Silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) fillet stored at 4ºC
    • Zakipour Rahimabadi, E. and Divband, M
  45. Effect of multiple distillation and head fraction removal on the volatile content of distillate from fermented coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water
    • Timbol, M. R. G., Dizon, E. I. and Carpio, E. V.
  46. Effect of blanching and coating with hydrocolloids on reduction of oil uptake in french fries
    • Pahade, P. K. and Sakhale, B. K.
  47. Incorporation of surimi powder in wet yellow noodles and its effects on the physicochemical and sensory properties
    • Chin, C. K., Huda, N. and Yang, T. A.
  48. Effect of using starch on off-odors retention in tuna dark meat
    • Junsi, M., Usawakesmanee, W. and Siripongvutikorn, S.
  49. The effect of water and citric acid on sago starch bio-plastics
    • Zuraida, A., Yusliza, Y., Anuar, H. and Mohd Khairul Muhaimin, R
  50. Enzymatic preparation of palm kernel expeller protein hydrolysate (PKEPH)
    • Ng, K. L. and Mohd Khan, A.
  51. Differential scanning calorimetry as tool in observing thermal and storage stability of recombinant bromelain
    • Nurul, A. I. and Azura, A.
  52. Studies on shelf life extension of sorghum roti
    • Unhale, D.S., Sakhale B. K., Ranveer, R.C. and Pawar, V. D.
  53. Fat hydrolysis in a food model system: effect of water activity and glass transition
    • Adawiyah, D.R., Soekarto, T.S. and Hariyadi, P.
  54. Physicochemical properties, glass transition state diagram and colour stability of pulp and peel of two dragon fruit varieties (Hylocereus spp.) as affected by freeze-drying
    • Liaotrakoon, W., De Clercq, N., Lewille, B. and Dewettinck, K.
  55. Determination of quality parameters in Cavendish banana during ripening by NIR spectroscopy
    • Liew, C.Y. and Lau, C.Y.
  56. Low temperature storage maintains postharvest quality of cabbage (Brassica oleraceae var. capitata L.) in supply chain
    • Kramchote, S., Srilaong, V., Wongs-Aree, C. and Kanlayanarat, S.
  57. Ayurvedic dietary formulations and postprandial glycemia in rats
    • Tiwari, A. K., Praveen Kumar, M., Anand Kumar, D., Agawane S. B., Madhusudana, K. and Zehra, A.
Short Communications
  1. Yeast identification from domestic ragi for food fermentation by PCR method
    • Siti Hajar, M.D, Noorhisham, T.K and Nurina, A.
  2. Studies on shelf life extension of sweet oranges (Citrus sinensis L.)
    • Sakhale, B. K. and Kapse, B. M.
  3. The effect of antimicrobials and bacteriocins on beer spoilage microorganisms
    • Franchi, M. A., Tribst, A. A. L. and Cristianini, M.
  4. Nutritional assessment in tasting menu from molecular gastronomy restaurant
    • Gaya, M.S., Soler, C., Mañes, J., Soriano, J.M. and Sebastià N.
  5. Chemical characteristics of pasteurised goat milk and goat milk kefir prepared using different amount of indonesian kefir grains and incubation times
    • Purnomo, H. and Muslimin, L. D.

International Food Research Journal Volume 19 Issue 1, 2012

Mini Review
  1. The effect of high pressure homogenization on microorganisms in milk
    • Marcelo, M. P., Cláudia, R. G. P., Alline, A. L. T., Mark, A. F. and Marcelo, C.
  2. Factors affecting mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of fruits
    • Phisut, N.
  3. Analysis of curcuminoids in food and pharmaceutical products
    • Abdul Rohman
  4. Reducing blood cholesterol by a healthy diet
    • Zahra, I., Ali, N., Masoumeh, I. and Touba, I.
Original Articles
  1. Occurrence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in retailed seafood in The Netherlands
    • Hassan, Z. H., Zwartkruis-Nahuis, J.T.M. and de Boer, E.
  2. Molecular quantitation and characterization of Vibrio cholerae from different seafood obtained from wetmarket and supermarket
    • Vengadesh, L., Son, R. and Yoke-Kqueen, C.
  3. Enumeration of Salmonella spp., Salmonella Typhi and Salmonella Typhimurium in fruit juices
    • Diana, J. E., Pui, C. F. and Son, R.
  4. Multidrug resistance among different serotypes of Salmonella isolates from fresh products in Indonesia
    • Kusumaningrum, H. D., Suliantari and Dewanti-Hariyadi, R.
  5. Microbiological status of various foods served in elementary school based on social economic status differences in Karawaci Region, Tangerang District – Indonesia
    • Adolf, J. N. P. and Azis, B. S.
  6. Biofilm forming ability and time course study of growth of Salmonella Typhi on fresh produce surfaces
    • Tang, P. L., Pui, C. F., Wong, W. C., Noorlis, A. and Son, R.
  7. Antibacterial property of Hylocereus polyrhizus and Hylocereus undatus peel extracts
    • Nurmahani, M. M., Osman, A., Abdul Hamid, A., Mohamad Ghazali, F. and  Pak Dek, M.S.
  8. Microbial growth, EPS concentration and textural properties of fermented milk supplemented with calcium and whey protein analysed using response surface methodology
    • Purwandari, U. and Vasiljevic, T.
  9. Evaluation of injury to Saccharomyces rouxii YSa40 cells in low water activity/pH glycerol/CPB stress system
    • Yeoh, T. K., Cheah, Y. K. and Davies, R.
  10. Methodology of rice beer preparation and various plant materials used in starter culture preparation by some tribal communities of North-East India: A survey
    • Arup, J. D., Chandra Deka, S. C. and Tatsuro, M.
  11. Fermentation of black tea broth (Kombucha): I. Effects of sucrose concentration and fermentation time on the yield of microbial cellulose
    • Goh, W.N., Rosma A., Kaur, B., Fazilah, A., Karim A.A. and Rajeev Bhat
  12. Effect of alloe vera (Alloe vera) and crown of god fruit (Phaleria macrocarpa) on sensory, chemical, and microbiological attributes of Indian mackerel  (Restrelliger neglectus) during ice storage
    • Tri Winarni,  A., Eko, S., Ismail M.A. and Mohammad Shafiur R.
  13. Influence of pulp-preconditioning and fermentation on fermentative quality and appearance of Ghanaian cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans
    • Emmanuel, O. A., Jennifer, Q., Agnes, S. B., Jemmy, S. T. and Firibu, K. S.
  14. Heavy metals (Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium, Plumbum) in selected marine fish and shellfish along the Straits of Malacca
    • Alina, M., Azrina, A., Mohd Yunus, A.S., Mohd Zakiuddin, S., Mohd Izuan Effendi, H. and Muhammad Rizal, R.
  15. Health promoting bioactive phytochemicals from Brassica
    • Kumar, S. and Andy, A.
  16. Microstructure and physical properties of microbial cellulose produced during fermentation of black tea broth (Kombucha). II.
    • Goh, W.N., Rosma, A., Kaur, B., Fazilah, A., Karim, A.A. and Rajeev Bhat
  17. Xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity from potential Malaysian medicinal plant as remedies for gout
    • Azmi, S. M. N., Jamal, P. and Amid, A.
  18. Chemical composition changes of two water apple (Syzygium samaragense)
    • Rosnah, S., Wong, W. K., Noraziah, M. and Osman, H.
  19. Chemical composition and cyanogenic potential of traditional and high yielding CMD resistant cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) varieties
    • Emmanuel, O. A., Clement, A., Agnes, S. B., Chiwona-Karltun, L. and Drinah, B. N.
  20. Biochemical properties of red tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) protein hydrolysates
    • Shamloo, M., Bakar, J., Mat Hashim, D. and Khatib, A.
  21. Determination of folate content in commonly consumed Malaysian foods
    • Chew, S.C., Loh, S.P. and Khor, G.L.
  22. Effects of degree of hydrolysis on physicochemical properties of Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) frame fydrolysate
    • Amiza, M.A., Kong, Y.L. and Faazaz, A.L.
  23. Antioxidant activity of fractionated foxtail millet protein hydrolysate
    • Mohamed, T. K.,  Issoufou, A. and Zhou, H.
  24. Total anthocyanin content and antioxidant activity of germinated colored rice
    • Sutharut, J. and Sudarat, J.
  25. Antioxidant activities of date pits in a model meat system
    • Amany, M. M. B., Shaker, M. A. and Abeer, A. K.
  26. Antioxidant activity of winter melon (Benincasa Hispida) seeds using conventional soxhlet extraction technique
    • Mandana, B., Russly, A. R., Farah, S. T., Noranizan, M. A., Zaidul, I. S.,
      and Ali, G.
  27. Determination of total phenolics and anthocyanin contents in the pericarp of hot chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
    • Arnnok, P., Ruangviriyachai, C., Mahachai, R., Techawongstien, S. and Chanthai, S.
  28. Ethnobotany, nutritional composition and DPPH radical scavenging of leafy vegetables of wild Paederia foetida and Erechtites hieracifolia
    • Srianta, I., Arisasmita, J.H., Patria, H.D. and Epriliati, I.
  29. Study on some properties of acid-soluble collagens isolated from fish skin and bones of rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss)
    • Shahiri Tabarestani, H., Maghsoudlou, Y., Motamedzadegan, A., Sadeghi Mahoonak, A. R. and Rostamzad, H.
  30. Formulation and stability of water-in-virgin coconut oil microemulsion using ternary food grade nonionic surfactants
    • Rukmini, A., Raharjo, S., Hastuti, P. and Supriyadi, S.
  31. The effects of UV treatment on the properties of sago and mung bean films
    • Ummi-Shafiqah, M. S., Fazilah, A., Karim, A. A., Kaur, B. and Yusup,Y.
  32. Factors influencing quality of palm oil produced at the cottage industry level in Ghana
    • Tagoe, S.M.A., Dickinson, M. J. and Apetorgbor, M.M.
  33. Optimization of alginate and gellan-based edible coating formulations for fresh-cut pineapples
    • Azarakhsh, N., Osman, A., Ghazali, H.M., Tan, C.P. and Mohd Adzahan, N.
  34. The empirical evaluation of productivity growth and efficiency of LSEs in the Malaysian food processing industry
    • Yodfiatfinda, Mad Nasir, S., Zainalabidin, M., Md Ariff, H., Zulkornain, Y. and Alias, R.
  35. Effect of dietary fiber on blood lipid profile of selected respondent
    • Khogare, D.T.
  36. Evaluation of functional properties of egg white obtained from pasteurized shell egg  as ingredient in angel food cake
    • Tan, T. C., Kanyarat, K.,  Azhar, M. E.
  37. Development of nutrient rich noodles by supplementation with malted ragi flour
    • Sharduli, K., Anuradha, D., Sahoo, A. and Rahul, R.
  38. Extraction and characterization of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) starch
    • Udachan, I. S., Sahoo A.K. and  Hend, G.M.
  39. Ajowan (Trachyspermum ammi) munch: A shelf stable ready-to-eat appetizer, its development and storage
    • Wadikar, D. D. and Premavalli, K. S.
  40. Effects of drying methods on bioactive compounds of vegetables and correlation between bioactive compounds and their antioxidants
    • Hung, P. V.and Tran, L. D.
  41. Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of frozen wheat flour dough added with selected food gums
    • Sim, S. Y., Noor Aziah, A. A., Teng, T. T. and Cheng, L. H.
  42. Optimization of extraction conditions by response surface methodology for preparing partially defatted peanut
    • Badwaik, L. S., Prasad, K. and Deka, S. C.
  43. Morphological and genetic characteristics of Oyster mushrooms and conditions effecting on its spawn growing
    • Dung, N. T. P., Tuyen, D. T. B. and Quang, P. H.
  44. Response surface methodology for optimisation of hot air drying of blackcurrant concentrate infused apple cubes
    • Diamante, L. M. and Yamaguchi, Y.
  45. Consumers’ demand and willingness to pay for rice attributes in Malaysia
    • Ahmad Hanis, I. A. H., Jinap, S., Mad Nasir, S., Alias, R. and Muhammad Shahrim,  A. K.
  46. Halal market surveillance of soft and hard gel capsules in pharmaceutical products using PCR and southern-hybridization on the biochip analysis
    • Sahilah, A. M., Mohd. Fadly, L., Norrakiah, A. S. Aminah, A., Wan Aida, W. M. Ma’aruf, A. G and Mohd. Khan, A.