VOLUME 20,2013

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 1, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Selection and application of autochthonous functional starter cultures in traditional Croatian fermented sausages (p1-6)
    • Zdolec, N., Dobranić, V., Horvatić, A. and Vučinić, S.
  2. Non dairy probiotic beverages (p7-15)
    • Vasudha, S. and Mishra, H. N.
  3. Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on microbial flora changes in fishery products (p17-26)
    • Velu, S., Bakar, F.A., Mahyudin, N.A., Saari, N. and Zaman, M.Z..
  4. Flaxseed phenolics as natural antioxidants (p27-34)
    • Deepak, M. K.
  5. Metabolic engineering of functional phytochemicals (p35-41)
    • Kabir, M. U., Abdulkarim, S. M., Son, R., Azizah, A. H. and Saari, N. B.
  6. Efficacy of selected purification techniques for bromelain (p43-46)
    • Nadzirah, K.Z., Zainal, S., Noriham, A. and Normah, I.
  7. Food safety regulation in Bangladesh, chemical hazard and some perception to overcome the dilemma (p47-58)
    • Islam, G.M.R. and Hoque, M.M.
Original Articles
  1. Antimicrobial activity of wet chemically engineered spherical shaped ZnO nanoparticles on food borne pathogen (59-64)
    • Chitra, K. and Annadurai, G.
  2. Socio-economic profile of street food vendors and microbiological quality of ready-to-eat salads in Lomé (p65-70)
    • Adjrah, Y., Soncy, K., Anani, K., Blewussi, K., Karou, D. S., Ameyapoh, Y., de Souza, C. and Gbeassor, M.
  3. A qualitative study on personal hygiene knowledge and practices among food handlers at selected primary schools in klang valley area, Selangor, Malaysia (p71-76)
    • Tan, S. L., Cheng, P. L., Soon, H. K., Ghazali, H. and Mahyudin, N. A.
  4. Characterization of plasmids from multiple antibiotic resistant Vibrios isolated from molluscan and crustacean of Kerala (p77-86)
    • Manjusha, S. and Sarita, G. B.
  5. Evaluation of prophylactic and therapeutic properties of ogi in rabbits infected with Salmonella Typhi (p87-91)
    • Aderiye, B. I. and David, O. M.
  6. Chemical composition and microbiological quality of Metata Ayib: a traditional Ethiopian fermented cottage cheese (93-97)
    • Eyassu, S.
  7. Phytochemical analysis, free radical scavenging capacity and antimicrobial properties of Impatiens Bicolor plant (p99-103)
    • Anwer, N., Waqar, M. A., Iqbal, M., Mushtaq, M. and Sobia, A.
  8. Shelf life evaluation of restructured chicken meat blocks extended with sorghum flour and potato at refrigerated storage (4±1◦C) (p105-110)
    • Malav, O.P., Sharma, B.D., Talukder, S., Kumar, R. R. and Mendiratta, S.K.
  9. Mycobiota and aflatoxin B1 contamination of Piper nigrum L. (Ashanti pepper), P. guineense (black pepper) and Monodora myristica (calabash nutmeg) from Lagos, Nigeria (p111-116)
    • Ezekiel, C. N., Fapohunda, S. O., Olorunfemi, M. F., Oyebanji, A. O. and Obi, I.
  10. Antibacterial agents produced by lactic acid bacteria isolated from Threadfin Salmon and Grass Shrimp (p117-124)
    • Noordiana, N., Fatimah, A. B. and Mun, A. S.
  11. Isolation of lactic acid bacteria strain Staphylococcus piscifermentans from Malaysian traditional fermented shrimp cincaluk (p125-129)
    • Hajar, S. and Hamid, T. H. T. A.
  12. Adolescent’s strategies and reverse influence in family food decision making (p131-139)
    • Mohhidin, O., Boo, H. C. and Wan Rusni, W. I.
  13. Effect of food experience on overall satisfaction: comparison between first-time and repeat visitors to Malaysia (p141-146)
    • Roozbeh, B.H., Ng, S.I. and and Boo, H.C.
  14. Quality management framework for the SME’s food processing industry in Malaysia (p147-164)
    • Hayati, H. A. T., Khairul Anuar, M. A. and Fazli, I.
  15. The preference and consumption of chicken lovers with race as a moderator – An empirical study in Malaysia (p165-174)
    • Jayaraman, K., Munira, H., Dababrata Chowdhury and Iranmanesh, M.
  16. Using sensory and mood perceptual maps for generating new energy drink product ideas (p175-181)
    • Khajarern, K.
  17. The effect of addition of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) on nutrient composition and sensory acceptation of selected wheat- and rice-based products (p183-188)
    • Aishah, M. S. and Wan Rosli, W. I.
  18. Effect of osmotic dehydration process on the physical, chemical and sensory properties of osmo-dried cantaloupe (p189-196)
    • Phisut, N., Rattanawedee, M. and Aekkasak, K.
  19. Relationship between volatile compounds of olive oil and sensory attributes (p197-204)
    • Shaker, M. A. and Azza, A. A
  20. Characterization of Vietnamese banana starch and its resistant starch improvement (p205-211)
    • Hung, P.V., Cham, N.T.M. and Truc, P.T.T.
  21. Product development of Wolffia-pork ball (p213-217)
    • Siripahanakul, T., Thongsila, S., Tanuthong, T. and Chockchaisawasdee, S.
  22. Utilization of fish mince in formulation and development of pasta products (p219-224)
    • Lakshmi Devi, N., Aparna, K. and Kalpana, K.
  23. Physico-chemical properties of pineapple variety N36 harvested and stored at different maturity stages (p225-231)
    • Nadzirah, K. Z., Zainal, S., Noriham, A., Normah, I., Siti Roha, A. M. and Nadya, H.
  24. Reducing postharvest losses of tomato in traditional and modern supply chains in Cambodia (p233-238)
    • Borarin, B., Varit , S., Thananya, W., Sirichai, K. and Antonio, A. L. Jr.
  25. Alleviation of internal browning in pineapple fruit by peduncle infiltration with solutions of calcium chloride or strontium chloride under mild chilling storage (p239-246)
    • Youryon, P., Wongs-Aree, C., McGlasson, W.B., Glahan, S. and Kanlayanarat, S.
  26. Effect of UV-C radiation on postharvest physiology of persimmon fruit (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) cv. ʽKarajʼ during storage at cold temperature (p247-253)
    • Khademi, O., Zamani, Z., Mostofi, Y. and Kalantari, S.
  27. Effect on the physico-chemical properties of liberica green coffee beans under ambient storage (p255-264)
    • Ismail, I., Anuar, M. S. and Shamsudin, R.
  28. Utilisation of palm – based and beeswax coating on the postharvest-life of guava (Psidium guajava L.) during ambient and chilled storage
    • Ruzaina, I., Norizzah, A. R., Halimahton Zahrah, M. S., Cheow, C. S., Adi, M. S., Noorakmar, A. W. and Mohd. Zahid, A.
  29. Lipid classes, fatty acid and phospholipid composition of roe lipids from Catla catla and Cirrhinus mrigala (p275-279)
    • Prabhakara Rao, P.G., Balaswamy, K., Narsing Rao, G., Jyothirmayi, T., Karuna, M.S.L. and Prasad, R.B.N.
  30. Comparative chemical characteristics of hydrochloric acid- and ammonium oxalate-extracted pectin from roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) calyces (p281-284)
    • Nazaruddin, R., Noor Baiti, A. A., Foo, S. C., Tan, Y. N. and Ayob, M. K.
  31. Microencapsulation of natural antioxidant powder from Aloe vera (L.) skin using foam mat drying method (p285-289)
    • Narsih, Sri Kumalaingsih, Susinggih Wijana and Wignyanto
  32. Free radical scavenging activity of Sargassum siliquosum J. G. Agardh (p291-297)
    • Mary Jho-Anne, T. C., Marina, O. O. and Librado, A. S.
  33. Total phenolic and flavonoid contents, and in vitro antihypertension activity of purified extract of Indonesian cashew leaves (Anacardium occidentale L.) (p299-305)
    • Agung, E. N., Abdul Malik and Suwidjiyo, P.
  34. Phytochemicals and antioxidant properties of different parts of Camellia sinensis leaves from Sabah Tea Plantation in Sabah, Malaysia (p307-312)
    • Nor Qhairul Izzreen, M. N. and Mohd Fadzelly, A. B.
  35. Determination of flavonoids in Citrus grandis (Pomelo) peels and their inhibition activity on lipid peroxidation in fish tissue (p313-317)
    • Zarina, Z. and Tan, S. Y.
  36. Evaluation of bitter melon(Momordica charantia ) extract administration in the antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities of plasma and liver in male rat (p319-323)
    • Amira, K., Aminah, A. and Zuhair, A.
  37. Effect of solid-to-solvent ratio on phenolic content and antioxidant capacities of “Dukung Anak” (Phyllanthus niruri) (p325-330)
    • Wong, B.Y., Tan, C.P. and Ho, C.W.
  38. Ultrasound-assisted extraction of valuable compounds from winter melon (Benincasa hispida) seeds (p331-338)
    • Bimakr, M., Rahman, R.A., Saleena Taip, F., Adzahan, N.M., Islam Sarker, Z. and Ganjloo, A.
  39. Effect of cornsilk (Maydis stigma) addition in yeast bread: investigation on nutritional compositions, textural properties and sensory acceptability (p339-345)
    • Ng, S. H. and Wan Rosli, W. l.
  40. Impact of freezing on nutritional composition of some less known selected fresh fishes in Iran (p347-350)
    • Ali Aberoumand
  41. Microwave drying of cooked brown rice and the effect on the nutrient composition and trace elements (p351-355)
    • Jaroenkit, P., Matan, N. and Nisoa, M.
  42. Simultaneous quantitative analysis of red fruit oil and sesame oil using FTIR spectroscopy and multivariate calibrations (p357-361)
    • Anggun, M., Riyanto, S. and Rohman, A.
  43. Properties of proteolytic enzyme from ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) (p363-368)
    • Nafi’, A., Foo, H. L., Jamilah, B. and Ghazali. H. M.
  44. Determination of volatile compounds in fresh and fermented Nipa sap (Nypa fruticans) using static headspace gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) (p369-376)
    • Nur Aimi, R., Fatimah, A. B. and Dzulkifly, M. H.
  45. Application of combined ultrasound and cellulase preparation to guava (Psidium guajava) mash treatment in juice processing: optimization of biocatalytic conditions by response surface methodology (p377-381)
    • Nguyen, V. P. T., Le, T. T. and Le, V. V. M.
  46. Effects of different levels of CO2 on biochemical changes and relationships among different quality indices in Indian mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) (p383-389)
    • Chong, C. Y., Fatimah, A. B., Russly, A. R., Jamilah, B., Selvi, V. and Maryam, S.
  47. Effect of process parameters on the effectiveness of osmotic dehydration of summer onion (p391-396)
    • Alam, M.M., Islam, M. N. and Islam, M.N.
  48. Rapid and sensitive HPLC-PDA method for simultaneous identification and quantification of dietary weight reducing compound hydroxy citric acid lactone and chemo preventive compounds isoxanthochymol and xanthochymol in Garcinia indica (p397-402) Kumar, S., Sharma
    • Kumar, S., Sharma, S. and Chattopadhyay, S.K.
  49. Frying stability of rice bran oil and palm olein (p403-407)
    • Fan, H. Y., Sharifudin, M. S., Hasmadi, M. and Chew, H. M.
  50. Proximate analysis of Artocarpus odoratissimus (Tarap) in Brunei Darussalam (p409-415)
    • Tang, Y. P., Linda, B. L. L. and Franz, L. W.
  51. Characterization of cheeses produced with ovine and caprine milk and microbiological evaluation of processing areas in the dairy plant in Brazil (p1713-1721)
    • Normah, I., Cheow, C.S. and Chong, C.L.
  52. Optimization of gelatin extraction and physico-chemical properties of catfish (Clarias gariepinus) bone gelatin (p423-430)
    • Sanaei, A.V., Mahmoodani, F., See, S.F., Yusop, S.M. and Babji, A.S.
  53. Mineral contents of selected marine fish and shellfish from the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia (p431-437)
    • Nurnadia, A.A., Azrina, A., Amin, I., Mohd Yunus, A.S., Mohd Izuan Effendi, H.
  54. Mechanical, thermal and structural properties of rice starch films reinforced with rice starch nanocrystals (p439-449)
    • Piyada, K., Waranyou, S. and Thawein, W.
  55. An experimental design approach for the extraction of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) oleoresin using pressurised liquid extraction (PLE) (p451-455)
    • Nur Ain. A. H., Zaibunnisa, A. H., Halimahton Zahrah, M. S. and Norashikin, S.
  56. Carotenoids retention in leafy vegetables based on cooking methods (p457-465)
    • Chang, S.K., Nagendra Prasad, K. and Amin, I.
  57. Calcium supplementation amongst postmenopausal women: Effect on serum calcium, phosphorus and magnesium level (p477-480)
    • Fazlini, M.F., Suriah, A.R., Zaitun, Y. , Kandiah, M., Chee, W.S.S. , Chan, Y.M. and Chan, S.P..
  58. Determination of antioxidant capacity and α-amylase inhibitory activity of the essential oils from citronella grass and lemongrass (p481-485)
    • Jumepaeng, T., Prachakool, S., Luthria, D. L. and Chanthai, S.
  59. Extraction and characterisation of β-galactosidase produced by Bifidobacterium animalis spp. lactis Bb12 and Lactobacillus delbrueckii spp. bulgaricus ATCC 11842 grown in whey (p487-494)
    • Prasad, L. N., Ghosh, B. C., Sherkat, F. and Shah, N. P.
  60. Total phenolic compounds and scavenging activity in Clitoria ternatea and Vitex negundo linn (p495-500)
    • Rabeta, M. S. and An Nabil, Z.
  61. Effect of postharvest storage of whole fruit on physico-chemical and microbial changes of fresh-cut cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L. reticulatus cv. Glamour) (p501-508)
    • Munira, Z. A., Rosnah, S., Zaulia, O. and Russly, A. R.
Short Communications
  1. Studies on moisture sorption isotherm and nutritional properties of dried Roselle calyces (p509-513)
    • Ashaye, O. A.

A Perspective

  1. Challenges of Chinese food risk management system in globalizing food supply chain (p515-517)
    • Renee Kim

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 2, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Flaxseed – a nutritional punch (p519-525)
    • Ganorkar, P. M. and Jain, R. K.
  2. Ethnoveterinary medicine in African organic poultry production (p527-532)
    • Adedeji, O. S., Ogunsina, T. K., Akinwumi, A.O., Ameen, S. A., Ojebiyi, O. O. and Akinlade, J. A.
Original Articles
  1. In vitro α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of Monascus-fermented durian seed extracts (p533-536)
    • Srianta, I., Kusumawati, N., Nugerahani, I., Artanti, N. and Xu, G.R.
  2. Effect of duck feet collagen addition on physicochemical properties of surimi (p537-544)
    • Huda, N., Seow, E. K., Normawati, M. N., Nik Aisyah, N. M., Fazilah, A. and Easa, A. M.
  3. Umami potential from crude extract of Bekkai lan (Albertisia papuana Becc.) leaves, an indegenous plant in East Kalimantan-Indonesia (p545-549)
    • Sulvi, P., Umar, S., Supriyadi and Murdijati, G.
  4. Anticancer effect of underutilized fruits (p551-556)
    • Rabeta, M. S., Chan, S., Neda, G. D., Lam, K. L. and Ong, M. T.
  5. Effects of ultrasound on cellulolytic activity of cellulase complex (p557-563)
    • Nguyen, T.T.T. and Le, V.V.M.
  6. Effect of coating of hydrocolloids on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and green gram (Vigna radiata) splits during deep fat frying (p565-573)
    • Asmita S. Phule and Uday S. Annapure
  7. Energy utilization and conservation in instant- pounded yam flour production (p575-579)
    • Akinoso, R. and Olatoye, K. K.
  8. Alleviation of cap browning of 1-MCP /high CO2-treated straw mushroom buttons under MAP(p581-585)
    • Jamjumroon, S., Wongs-Aree, C.,McGlasson, W.B., Srilaong, V., Chalermglin, P. and Kanlayanarat, S.
  9. Effect of replacement of wheat flour with pumpkin powder on textural and sensory qualities of biscuit (p587-591)
    • Kulkarni, A.S. and Joshi, D.C.
  10. Effects of dough improvers on micro-structural, textural, rheological, and baking properties of frozen dough with virgin coconuts oil (p593-599)
    • Punturug, A. and Netiwaranon, S.
  11. Consequence of fatty acids profile including trans fat in chocolate and pastry samples (p601-605)
    • Aftab, A. K., Sherazi, S.T.H, Rubina, S., Razia, S., Ambrat and Arfa, Y.
  12. Studies on development and storage of whey-based pineapple (Ananas comosus) and bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) mixed herbal beverage (p607-612)
    • Baljeet, S. Y., Ritika, B.Y. and Sarita, R.
  13. In vivo antidiabetic and acute toxicity of spray-dried Vernonia amygdalina water extract (p613-616)
    • Yeap, S.K., Liang, W.S., Beh, B.K., Ho, W.Y., Yousr, A.N. and Alitheen, N.B.
  14. Effect of processing methods on keeping quality of aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) preserve (p617-622)
    • Priya, M. D. and Khatkar, B.S.
  15. Effect of UV-C treatment on chlorophyll degradation, antioxidant enzyme activities and senescence in Chinese kale (Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra) (p623-628)
    • Chairat, B., Nutthchai, P. and Varit, S.
  16. Effect of monosodium glutamate and peptone on antioxidant activity of monascal waxy corn (p.629-631)
    • Kraboun, K., Tochampa, W., Chatdamrong, W. and Kongbangkerd, T.
  17. Impact of non-thermal processing on antioxidant activity, phenolic content, ascorbic acid content and color of Winter Melon puree (p633-638)
    • Wan Saidatul, S. W. K., Noriham, A., Zainal, S., Khairusy, S.Z. and Nurain, A.
  18. Comparison on the antioxidant properties of fresh and convection oven-dried guava (Psidium guajava L.) (p639-644)
    • Siow, L. F. and Hui, Y. W.
  19. Tamarind kernel powder, gum arabic and maltodextrin as a novel combination for encapsulating agents of phenolic antioxidants (p645-652)
    • Pitchaon, M., Tanawan, W. and Thepkunya, H.
  20. Effect of drying method and extraction solvent on the total phenolics and antioxidant activity of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L.) extracts (p653-659)
    • Anwar, F., Kalsoom, U., Sultana, B., Mushtaq, M., Mehmood, T. and Arshad, H.A.
  21. Influences of modified atmosphere packaging using active breathable films on antioxidant activity and quality of minimally processed Teaw leaves (Cratoxylum formosum Dyer) (p661-671)
    • Utto, W., Junboon, T., Wongsaree, T. and Manoi, L.
  22. Proximate analysis, mineral content and antioxidant capacity of milk apple, malay apple and water apple (p673-679)
    • Lim, A. S. L. and Rabeta, M. S.
  23. Microencapsulation of natural antioxidant powder from Aloe vera (L.) skin using Foam mat drying method (p681-685)
    • Narsih, Sri Kumalaingsih, Susinggih, W. and Wignyanto
  24. Optimal antioxidant activity with moderate concentrations of Tocotrienol rich fraction (TRF) in in vitro assays (p687-694)
    • Muid, S., Ali, A. M., Yusoff, K. and Nawawi, H.
  25. Oxidative stability of sunflower oils supplemented with kenaf seeds extract, roselle seeds extract and roselle extract, respectively under accelerated storage (p695-651)
    • Nyam, K. L., Wong, M. M., Long, K. and Tan, C. P.
  26. Antidiarrheal and antioxidative capability of synbiotic yogurt to the rats (p653-659)
    • Rahayu, W. P., Astawan, M., Wresdiyati, T. and Mariska, S.
  27. Quality of donkey milk: correlations between electric conductivity, freezing point and composition parameters (p711-714)
    • Conte Francesca
  28. Thermostability at different pH levels of peroxidase extracted from four vegetables (p715-719)
    • Suha, O. A., Babiker, E. M. and Babiker, E E.
  29. A study of fatty acid composition and tocopherol content of lipid extracted from marine microalgae, Nannochloropsis oculata and Tetraselmis suecica, using solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extraction (p721-729)
    • Bong, S. C. and Loh, S. P.
  30. Modelling the Rheological behaviour of tender coconut (Cocos nucifera L) water and its concentrates (p731-743)
    • Manjunatha, S.S. and Raju, P.S.
  31. Effect of curing and drying methods on recovery, curcumin and essential oil content of different cultivars of turmeric (Curcuma longa L) (p745-749)
    • Lokhande, S. M., Kale, R. V., Sahoo, A. K., and Ranveer, R. C.
  32. Biochemical and texture property changes during molting process of tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon (p751-758)
    • Nor Faadila, M. I., Harivaindaran, K. V. and Tajul, A. Yang
  33. Fourier transform-near infrared reflectance spectroscopy calibration development for screening of oil content of intact safflower seeds (p759-762)
    • Kumar, S. and Andy, A.
  34. Modelling the acidification curve of tropical fruits: cashew apple, coconut, kiwi, mango, papaya, red guava, watermelon and yellow melon (p763-767)
    • Santos, B. K., Juliano, G. M., Reis, R. M., Pereira, I. O., Turatti, M. A. and Augusto, P. E. D.
  35. Mathematical modeling and quality characteristics of microwave dried medicinal borage leaves (p769-774)
    • Dwivedy, S., Rayaguru, K. and Sahoo, G.R
  36. Development of shelf stable intermediate moisture carrot (Daucus carota) shreds using radiation as hurdle technology (p775-781)
    • Anurag Chaturvedi, Sujatha, V., Ramesh, C. and Dilip Babu, J.
  37. The stability of nutritional composition and physical traits of chicken patty containing oyster mushroom packed with biodegradable and non-degradable packaging materials (p783-789)
    • Wan Rosli, W. I., Solihah, M. A. and Shazwan, Z.
  38. Comparative study on nutrient contents of native and hybrid Koi (Anabas testudineus) and Pangas (Pangasius pangasius, Pangasius hypophthalmus) fish in Bangladesh (p791-798)
    • Monalisa, K., Islam, M. Z.. Khan, T. A., Abdullah, A. T. M. and Hoque, M. M.
  39. The ability of Zea mays ears (Young Corn) powder in enhancing nutritional composition and changing textural properties and sensory acceptability of yeast bread (p799-804)
    • Lim, J.Y. and Wan Rosli, W. l.
  40. Nutritional and antinutritional profile of newly developed chickpea (Cicer arietinum L) varieties (p805-810)
    • Sharma, S., Yadav, N., Singh, A. and Kumar, R.
  41. Application of multiple component constraint mixture design for studying the effect of ingredient variations on the chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of soy-peanut-cow milk (p811-818)
    • Kpodo, F. M., Afoakwa, E. O., Amoa B. B., Saalia, F. K. S. and Budu, A. S.
  42. Nutrient variation in colored varieties of ipomea batatas grown in Vihiga County, Western Kenya (p819-825)
    • Aywa, A. K., Nawiri, M. P. and Nyambaka, H. N.
  43. Anthocyanins from Hibiscus sabdariffa, Melastoma malabathricum and Ipomoea batatas and its color properties (p827-834)
    • Aishah, B., Nursabrina, M., Noriham, A., Norizzah, A.R. and Mohamad Shahrimi, H
  44. Properties of collagen from barramundi (Lates calcarifer) skin (p835-842)
    • Jamilah, B., Umi Hartina, M. R., Mat Hashim, D. and Sazili, A. Q.
  45. AModification of soy crude lecithin by partial enzymatic hydrolysis using phosholipase A1 (p843-849)
    • Estiasih, T., Kgs. Ahmadi, Ginting, E. and Priyanto, A. D.
  46. A combination of bitter gourd ethanolic extract with ant lion larvae aqueous extract for a blood glucose-lowering agent (p851-855)
    • Muhammad Zahrul Mujahid, Dany Dwi Agistia, Miftahus Sa’adah. and Agung Endro Nugroho
  47. Pathological lesions survey and economic loss for male cattle slaughtered at Ismailia abattoir (p857-863)
    • Ahmed A. M., Ismail S. A.S. and Dessouki A. A.
  48. Annealled purple yam (Dioscorea alata var. purpurea) flour improved gelatinisation profile, but increased glycemic index of substituted bread (p865-871)
    • Mojiono, Jailani, F., Kusumawardani, S., Puspitasari, C., Maula, A. and Purwandari, U.
  49. Effect of Riceberry oil (deep purple oil; Oryza sativa Indica) supplementation on hyperglycemia and change in lipid profile in Streptozotocin (STZ)-induced diabetic rats fed a high fat diet (p873-882)
    • Kongkachuichai, R., Prangthip, P., Surasiang, R., Posuwan, J., Charoensiri, R., Kettawan, A. and Vanavichit, A. (IFRJ-2012-251)
  50. Moisture adsorption characteristics of solar-dried mango slices (p883-890)
    • Akoy, E., von Hörsten, D. and Ismail, M.
  51. Heavy metals in water and tilapia fish from Athi-Galana-Sabaki tributaries, Kenya (p891-896)
    • Muiruri, J.M., Nyambaka, H. N. and Nawiri, M. P
  52. Differences in thermostable actin profile of goat meat as observed in two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DE) (p897-901)
    • Sarah, S. A., Karsani S. A., Amin, I., Mokhtar, N. F. K. and Sazili, A. Q.
  53. Chemical, functional and sensory properties of water yam – cassava flour and its paste (p903-909)
    • Babajide, J.M. and Olowe, S.
  54. Dough mixing and thermal properties including the pasting profiles of composite flour blends with added hydrocolloids (p911-917)
    • Ho, L. H. and Noor Aziah, A. A.
  55. Molecular characterization of selected cultivars of rice, Oryza sativa L. using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers (p919-923)
    • Rajani, J,, Deepu, V., Nair, G. M. and Nair, A. J.
  56. A study on the quality of bovine colostrum: physical, chemical and safety assessment (p925-931)
    • Conte, F. and Scarantino, S.
  57. Physicochemical characteristics, sensory acceptability and microbial quality of Wadi Betok a traditional fermented fish from South Kalimantan, Indonesia (p933-939)
    • Petrus, Hari Purnomo, Eddy Suprayitno and Hardoko
  58. Purification and characterization of a cathepsin inhibitor from catfish (Pangasius sp.) of Indonesian water (p941-946)
    • Nurhayati, T., Rusyadi, S., Suwandi, R. and Nugraha, R.
  59. In vitro and in vivo antifungal activities of various gas species under plasma jet treatment against brown rice cereal spoilage molds (p947-951)
    • Suhem, K., Matan, N., Nisoa, M. and Matan, N
  60. Effect of postharvest storage of whole fruit on physico-chemical and microbial changes of fresh-cut cantaloupe (Cucumis melo L. reticulatus cv. Glamour) (p953-960)
    • Zainal Abidin, M., Shamsudin, R., Othman, Z. and Abdul Rahman, R.
  61. Differential responses of Vibrio spp. to young and mature leaves extracts of Terminalia catappa L. (p961-966)
    • Nadirah, M., Wee, T. L. and Najiah, M.
  62. A new source of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a leavening agent in bread making (p967-973)
    • Noroul Asyikeen, Z., Ma’aruf, A.G., Sahilah, A.M., Mohd. Khan, A. and Wan Aida, W.M.
  63. Screening of yeast strains for vinification of fruits from cold desert regions of North West India (p975-979)
    • Negi, B., Sharma, P., Kashyap, S., Seth, S. and Dey, G.
  64. Decrease in the number of microbial cells on chinese cabbage by rapid hygrothermal pasteurization using saturated water vapor (p981-985)
    • Tirawat, D., Noma, S., Kunimoto, H., Tameda, S., Nishibayashi, E., Igura, N. and Shimoda, M.
  65. Assessing biofilm formation by Listeria monocytogenes (p987-990)
    • Fouladynezhad, N., Afsah-Hejri, L., Rukayadi, Y., Marian, M.N. and Son, R
  66. Probiotic potential of thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria strains isolated from cooked meat products (p991-1000)
    • Norma, L. R.-C., Carmen, W.-R., Carlos, A. E.-C. and Lourdes, P.-C.
  67. Risk of Escherichia coli O157:H7 transmission linked to the consumption of raw milk (p1001-1005)
    • Lye, Y. L., Afsah-Hejri, L., Chang, W. S., Loo, Y. Y., Puspanadan, S., Kuan, C. H., Goh, S. G., Shahril, N., Rukayadi, Y., Khatib, A., John, Y.H.T., Nishibuchi, M., Nakaguchi, Y. and Son, R.
  68. Incidences of multi-drug resistance Escherichia coli isolates in Panipuri sold in Bangalore (p1007-1009)
    • Mary, C. and Usha, M. S
  69. Microbiological study of vendor and packed fruit juices locally available in Dhaka city, Bangladesh (p1011-1015)
    • Rashed, N., Md. Aftab, U., Md. Azizul, H., Saurab, K. M., Mrityunjoy, A. and M. Majibur, R.
  70. Prevalence of Vibrio cholerae in different food samples in the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh (p1017-1022)
    • Mrityunjoy, A., Kaniz, F., Fahmida J., Shanzida, J. S., Md. Aftab, U. and Rashed, N.
  71. Prevalence and quantification of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in organic vegetables and chickens (p1023-1029)
    • Chang, W.S., Afsah-Hejri, L., Rukayadi, Y., Khatib, A., Lye, Y. L., Loo, Y. Y., Mohd Shahril, N., Puspanadan, S., Kuan, C.H., Goh, S.G., John, Y.H.T., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R.
Short Communications
  1. Presence of Bacillus cereus s.I. from ready-to-eat cereals (RTE) products in Sarawak (p1031-1034)
    • Lesley, M. B., Velnetti, L., Yousr, A. N., Kasing, A. and Samuel, L.

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 3, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Vietnamese rice-based alcoholic beverages (p1035-1041)
    • Dung, N. T. P. (IFRJ-2012-295)
Original Articles
  1. Antioxidant analysis of different parts of Carica papaya (p1043-1048)
    • Maisarah, A.M., Nurul Amira, B., Asmah, R. and Fauziah, O. (IFRJ-2012-312)
  2. Comparison of antioxidant components and antioxidant capacity in different parts of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) (p1049-1052)
    • Tan, K. P., Khoo, H. E. and Azrina, A. (IFRJ-2012-381)
  3. Evaluation of antioxidant potentials and total phenolic contents of selected Indian herbs powder extracts (p1053-1063)
    • Tupe, R. S., Kemse, N. G. and Khaire, A. A. (IFRJ-2012-364)
  4. Changes in lipid oxidation stability and antioxidant properties of avocado in response to 1-MCP and low oxygen treatment under low-temperature storage (p1065-1075)
    • Prabath Pathirana, U.A., Sekozawa, Y., Sugaya, S. and Gemma, H. (IFRJ-2012-491)
  5. Characteristics and antioxidant activity of Maillard reaction products derived from chitosan-sugar solution (p1077-1085)
    • Phisut, N. and Jiraporn, B. (IFRJ-2012-321)
  6. Evaluation of culinary quality and antioxidant capacity for Mexican common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) canned in pilot plant (p1087-1093)
    • Rocha-Guzman, N. E., Gallegos-Infante, J. A., Gonzalez-Laredo, R. F., Cardoza-Cervantes, V., Reynoso-Camacho, R., Ramos-Gomez, M., Garcia-Gasca, T. and De Anda Salazar, A. (IFRJ-2012-329)
  7. Antioxidant analysis of different types of edible mushrooms (Agaricus bisporous and Agaricus brasiliensis)(1095-1102)
    • Gan, C. H., Nurul Amira, B. and Asmah, R. (IFRJ-2012-306)
  8. A binary solvent extraction system for phenolic antioxidants and its application to the estimation of antioxidant capacity in Andrographis paniculata extracts (1103-1111)
    • Thoo, Y. Y., Ng, S. Y., Khoo, M. Z., Wan Aida, W. M. and Ho, C. W. (IFRJ-2012-226)
  9. Relationship between leaf position and antioxidant properties in three basil species (1113-1117)
    • Wongsen, W., Bodhipadma, K., Noichinda, S. and Leung, D. W. M. (IFRJ-2012-441)
  10. The phenolic contents and antiradical activity of Indonesian Phyllantus urinaria L. (1119-1124)
    • Arina, N. B. and Abdul Rohman (IFRJ-2012-334)
  11. Proximate composition, phytochemical profile and free radical scavenging activity of radiation processed Emblica officinalis (1125-1131)
    • Khattak, K. F. (IFRJ-2012-449)
  12. Impact of sprouting pretreatment on phytic acid and polyphenol level of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) flour (1133-1137)
    • Yuwei Luo, Weihua Xie, Xiaoxiao Jin, Beibei Tao, Qikang Chen and Wenjing Zhu (IFRJ-2012-480)
  13. Effect of various solvent systems on extraction of phenolics, tannins and sugars from beach pea (Lathyrus maritimus L.) (1139-1144)
    • Chavan, U. D. and Amarowicz, R. (IFR-2012-126)
  14. Mango seed kernel oil and its physicochemical properties (1145-1149))
    • Kittiphoom, S. and Sutasinee, S. (IFRJ-2012-355)
  15. Nutritional composition and oil fatty acids of Indian winter melon [Benincasa hispida (Thunb.)] seeds (1151-1155)
    • Rayees, B., Dorcus, M. and Chitra, S. (IFRJ-2012-338)
  16. Industrially produced trans fatty acids: major potential sources in Malaysian diet (1157-1164)
    • Azimah, A., Azrina, A., Norhaizan, M. E., Mohd Sokhini, A. M. and Daud, A. Z. (IFRJ-2012-179)
  17. Some nutritional attributes of bambara groundnut as influenced by domestic processing (1165-1171)
    • Mazahib, A. M., Nuha, M. O., Sara, I. and Babiker, E. E. (IFRJ-2012-456)
  18. Composition of tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) and Chinese apple flower (Malus spp.) buds (1173-1179)
    • Voon, H.C., Rajeev Bhat, Karim A.A. and Rosma A. (IFRJ-2012-370)
  19. Development of smoothies from selected fruit pulps/juices (1181-1185)
    • Balaswamy, K., Prabhakara Rao, P.G., Nagender, A., Narsing Rao, G., Sathiya Mala K., Jyothirmayi, T., Math, R.G. and *Satyanarayana, A. (IFRJ-2012-360)
  20. Effect of corn varieties on the characteristics of soycorn milk (1187-1190)
    • Trisnawati, C. Y., Srianta, I. and Marsono, Y. (IFRJ-2012-444)
  21. The roles of phytochemicals in red wine as a protective agent against alcohol damage (1191-1197)
    • Gupta, A., Ellis, M.E. and Oduse, K.A. (IFRJ-2012-425)
  22. A study of Mu Yor sausage wraps using chitosan films incorporating garlic oil, lemon grass oil and galangal oil (1199-1204)
    • Jirukkakul, N. (IFRJ-2012-422)
  23. Energy requirements of size reduction of some selected cereals using attrition mill (1205-1209)
    • Akinoso, R., Lawal, I. A. and Aremu, A. K. (IFRJ-2012-416)
  24. Optimisation of ambient temperature vacuum distillation technique for the characterisation of volatile compounds in mushrooms (1211-1214)
    • Ashmore, L., Craske, J. D. and Srzednicki, G. (IFRJ-2012-411)
  25. Changes in acidification, sugars and mineral composition of cocoa pulp during fermentation of pulp pre-conditioned cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans (1215-1222)
    • Afoakwa, E. O, Kongor, J. E., Takrama, J. F. and Budu, A. S. (IFRJ-2012-397).
  26. Sorption characteristics and some physical properties of caraway (Carum Carvi L.) seeds (1223-1227)
    • Rajamanickam, R., Kumar, R., Johnsy, G. and Sabapathy, S.N. (IFRJ-2012-393)
  27. Chemical composition and anti-proliferative properties of flowers of Clitoria Ternatea (1229-1234)
    • Neda, G. D., Rabeta, M. S. and Ong, M. T. (IFRJ-2012-389)
  28. Comparative study of Monascus sanguineus and Monascus purpureus for red pigment production under stress condition (1235-1238)
    • Dikshit, R. and Tallapragada, P. (IFRJ-2012-385)
  29. Effect of chlorogenic acid on hydroxymethylfurfural in different Maillard reaction systems (1239-1242)
    • Jiang, S.S., Ou S.Y, Liang, E., Yu, M., Huang, C.H., and Zhang, G.W. (IFRJ-2012-362)
  30. Determination of potential volatiles markers from citrus, eucalyptus, cotton and wildflower Palestinian honeys using SPME followed by GCMS analysis (1243-1247)
    • Odeh, I., Abu-Lafi, S. and Al-Najjar, I. (IFRJ-2012-325)
  31. Complex formation between Tragacanth gum and beta-lactoglobulin in aqueous solution (1249-1254)
    • Nasirpour, A., Amir, M., Hajihashemi, Z. and Fazilati, M. (IFRJ-2012-319)
  32. Physicochemical properties of silver catfish (Pangasius sp.) frame hydrolysate (1255-1262)
    • Amiza, M. A., Ow, Y.W. and Faazaz, A. L. (IFRJ-2012-313)
  33. Modified atmosphere packaging of sweet cherries with biodegradable films (1263-1268)
    • Giacalone, G. and Chiabrando, V. (IFRJ-2012-304)
  34. Encapsulation of coconut shell liquid smoke in chitosan-maltodextrin based nanoparticles (1269-1276)
    • Saloko, S., Darmadji, P., Setiaji, B., Pranoto, Y. and Anal, A.K. (IFRJ-2012-299)
  35. Impacts of freeze-thawing on melanosis and quality change of pre-cooked Pacific white shrimp (1277-1283)
    • Manheem, K., Benjakul, S., Kijroongrojana, K. and Visessanguan, W. (IFRJ-2012-193)
  36. The impact of processing on phytic acid, in vitro soluble zinc and Phy/Zn molar ratio of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) (1285-1291)
    • Yuwei Luo, Weihua Xie, Xiaoxiao Jin, Bo Zhang, Qian Wang and Yijian He (IFRJ-2012-090)
  37. Maca flour: a powerful ingredient for functionally enhanced bread (1293-1300)
    • Puoci, F., Malanchin, R., Piangiolino, C.,1Restuccia, D., Curcio, M., Parisi, O.I., Cirillo, G. and Picci, N. (IFRJ-2012-086)
  38. Development and physical analysis of high fiber bread incorporated with cocoa (Theobroma cacao sp.) pod husk powder (1301-1305)
    • Amir, I.Z., Hanida, S. and Syafiq, A. (IFRJ-2012-344)
  39. Effect of de-oiled peanut meal flour (DPMF) on the textural, organoleptic and physico chemical properties of bread (1307-1312)
    • Yadav, D.N., Thakur, N., Sunooj, K.V. and Singh, K.K. (IFRJ-2012-374).
  40. Effect of UV-treatment on the properties of biodegradable rice starch films (1313-1322)
    • Nawapat, D. and Thawien, W. (IFRJ-2012-052)
  41. Some physical characteristics and bioactive compounds, of young flattened rice (Khao-Mao) (1323-1328)
    • Ekasit, O. and Jiraporn, B. (IFRJ-2012-435)
  42. Effects of amylose and resistant starch on starch digestibility of rice flours and starches (1329-1335)
    • Tutusaus, J. A. M., Srikaeo, K. and Diéguez, J. G. (IFRJ-2012-434)
  43. Contour presentation of long grain rice degree of milling and instrumental texture during cooking (1337-1344)
    • Saleh, M. and Meullenet, J.-F. (IFRJ-2012-361)
  44. Physiochemical properties, proximate composition, and cooking qualities of locally grown and imported rice varieties marketed in Penang, Malaysia (1345-1351)
    • Rachel Thomas, Wan-Nadiah, W. A. and Rajeev Bhat (IFRJ-2012-303)
  45. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) concentration and steeping time duration effects on starch production from dry-milled low quality rice IR 64 grade 3 flour using alkaline-protease enzyme digestion method (1353-1358)
    • Bindar, Y., Efan, A. and Rahmi (IFRJ-2012-192)
  46. Postharvest of paddy and milled rice affected physicochemical properties using different storage conditions (1359-1366)
    • Werasit, K. and Metinee, M. (IFRJ-2012-173)
  47. Utilisation of date wastes as substrate for the production of α-amylase (1367-1372)
    • Acourene, S., Amourache, L., Benchabane, A. and Djaafri K. (IFRJ-2011-313)
  48. Effect of fermentation and processing on in vitro mineral estimation of selected fermented foods (1373-1377)
    • Mohite, B. V.,Chaudhari, G. A., Ingale, H. S. and Mahajan, V. N. (IFRJ-2011-190)
  49. Selection of genotype and development of technology for sorghum hurda Production (1379-1382)
    • Chavan, U. D., Dalvi, U. S., Pawar, G. H. and Shinde, M. S. (IFRJ-2012-095)
  50. Authentication analysis of butter from beef fat using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy coupled with chemometrics (1383-1388)
    • Nurrulhidayah, A.F., Che Man, Y.B., Rohman, A.,Amin, I., Shuhaimi, M. and Khatib, A. (IFRJ-2012-415)
  51. Discrimination of pork content in mixtures with raw minced camel and buffalo meat using FTIR spectroscopic technique (1389-1394)
    • Lamyaa, M. A. (IFRJ-2011-373)
  52. Identification polypeptide biomarkers of porcine skin gelatin by two-dimensional electrophoresis (1395-1399)
    • Aina, M.A., Amin, I., Raja Mohd Hafidz, R.N. and Yaakob, C.M. (IFRJ-2012-407)
  53. Effect of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging on quality changes of refrigerated tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fillets (1401-1408)
    • Masniyom, P., Benjama, O. and Maneesri, J. (IFRJ-2012-398)
  54. Effect of whey fractions on microbial and physicochemical properties of probıotıc ayran (drinkable yogurt) (1409-1415)
    • Ayar, A. and Burucu, H. (IFRJ-2012-187)
  55. Effect of temperature on the lipolytic and proteolytic activity of Bacillus cereus isolated from dairy products (1417-1420)
    • Montanhini, M.T.M., Montanhini, R.N., Pinto, J.P.N. and Bersot, L.S. (IFRJ-2012-423)
  56. Occurrence of Aflatoxin M1 in raw and pasteurized milk produced in west region of Iran (during summer and winter) (1421-1425)
    • Vagef, R. and Mahmoudi, R. (IFRJ-2012-465)
  57. Experimental validation of product quality model for bread baking process (1427-1434)
    • Hadiyanto (IFRJ-2012-128)
  58. Is the use of a questionnaire on non-cereal foods consumption is reliable and valid to measure households’ food insecurity: experience and understanding from chronically poverty prone region in Bangladesh (1435-1442)
    • Islam, G.M.R., Alam, M.J. and Buysse, J. (IFRJ-2012-354)
  59. Microbial quality of Khoa and Khoa based milk sweets from different sources (1443-1447)
    • Karthikeyan, N. and Pandiyan, C. (IFRJ-2012-342)
  60. Characterization of Aeromonas hydrophila from hemorrhagic diseased freshwater fishes in Anhui Province,China (1449-1452)
    • Ye, Y.W., Fan, T. F., Li, H., Lu, J. F., Jiang, H., Hu, W. and Jiang, Q. H. (IFRJ-2012-350)
  61. Bacteriostatic and fungistatic activities of Oreganum vulgare extract and volatile oil and interaction studies in combination with antibiotics and antifungal agents against food poisoning pathogens (1453-1458)
    • Bharti, V., Vasudeva, N. and Duhan, J.S. (IFRJ-2012-432)
  62. University foodservice: an overview of factors influencing the customers’ dining choice (1459-1468)
    • Nadzirah, S., Ab Karim, S. Ghazali, H. and Othman, M. (IFRJ-2012-222)
  63. Bacterial contamination in fresh white cheeses sold in bazaars Canakkale, Turkey (1469-1472)
    • Alper , S. and Nesrin, C. (IFRJ-2012-254)
  64. Antibiotic resistance and plasmid profile of Escherichia coli isolated from ducks in Penang, Malaysia (1473-1478)
    • Ting, S. L., Adzitey, F., Ali, G.R.R. and Huda, N. (IFRJ-2012-427)
  65. Characterization of extended-spectrum β -lactamases (ESBLs) producers in Klebsiella pneumoniae by genotypic and phenotypic method (1479-1483)
    • Puspanadan, S., Afsah-Hejri, L., John, Y.H.T., Rukayadi, Y., Loo, Y.Y, Nillian, E., Kuan, C.H., Goh, S.G., Chang, W.S., Lye, Y.L., Mohd Shahril, N., Yoshitsugu, N.,Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R. (IFRJ-2013-001)
  66. Efficiency of four Malaysian commercial disinfectants on removing Listeria monocytogenes biofilm (1485-1490)
    • Fouladynezhad, N., Afsah-Hejri, L., Rukayadi, Y., Nakaguchi, Y., Nishibuchi, M. and Son, R. (IFRJ-2012-489)
  67. Microbiological study of sea fish samples collected from local markets in Dhaka city (1491-1495)
    • Md. Rokibul, H., Mrityunjoy, A., Eshita, D., Kamal, K. D., Tasnia, A., Muhammad, A. A., Kazi., K. F. and Rashed, N. (IFRJ-2012-391)
Short Communications
  1. New red rice transgressive variants with high antioxidant capacity (1497-1501)
    • Parviz, F., Aminah, A., Kharidah, M., Khalid, H. M. and Wickneswari, R. (IFRJ-2012-357)
  2. Food risk management quality (FRMQ) of government and the private firms: Consumers’ perspectives in China and Korea (1503-1509)
    • Renee BoYoung Kim (IFRJ-2013-058)

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 4, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Detection of malachite green and leuco-malachite green in fishery industry (1511-1519)
    • Hidayah, N., Abu Bakar, F., Mahyudin, N.A., Faridah, S., Nur-Azura, M.S. and Zaman, M.Z.
Original Articles
  1. Evaluation of physical properties of rice cultivars grown in the temperate region of India (1521-1527)
    • Mir, S. A., Bosco, S. J. D. and Sunooj, K. V.
  2. Effects of maltodextrin and trehalose on the physical properties of Chinese steamed bread made from frozen doughs (1529-1535)
    • Sze-Yin, S. and Lai-Hoong, C.
  3. Incorporation of Himanthalia elongata seaweed to enhance the phytochemical content of breadsticks using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) (1537-1545)
    • Cox, S. and Abu-Ghannam, N.
  4. Physical and mechanical properties of seeds and kernels of Canavalia of coastal sand dunes (1547-1554)
    • Niveditha, V.R., Sridhar, K.R. and Balasubramanian, D.
  5. Physicochemical, functional, thermal and pasting properties of starches isolated from pearl millet cultivars (1555-1561)
    • Bhupender, S. K., Rajneesh, B. and Baljeet, S. Y.
  6. Physico-chemical, malting and biochemical properties of some improved Nigerian barley cultivars and their malts (1563-1568)
    • Makeri, M. U., Nkama, I. and Badau, M. H.
  7. Effect of drying methods on nutrient quality of Basil (Ocimum viride) leaves cultivated in Ghana (1569-1573)
    • Eric Danso-Boateng
  8. Effect of Ginger oil on the sensory and chemical changes of fish finger (Sarda sarda, Heckel 1843) during refrigerated storage (1575-1578)
    • Emir Çoban, Ö
  9. Effect of gamma irradiation and retort processing on microbial, chemical and sensory quality of ready–to–eat (RTE) chicken pulav (1579-1584)
    • Kumar, R., Johnsy, G., Rajamanickam, R., Lakshmana, J. H., Kathiravan, T., Nataraju, S. and Nadanasabapathi, S.
  10. Effect of chitosan on gelling properties, lipid oxidation, and microbial load of surimi gel made from African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) (1585-1594)
    • Amiza, M.A. and Kang, W.C.
  11. Effects of blanching and drying on fiber rich powder from pitaya (Hylocereus undatus) peel (1595-1600)
    • Sengkhamparn, N., Chanshotikul, N., Assawajitpukdee, C. and Khamjae, T.
  12. Effects of drying, fermented and unfermented tea of Ocimum tenuiflorum Linn. on the antioxidant capacity (1601-1608)
    • Rabeta, M.S. and Lai, S.Y.
  13. Effects of phosphorylation and cross-linking on the pasting properties and molecular structure of sago starch (1609-1615)
    • Polnaya, F.J., Haryadi, Marseno, D.W. and Cahyanto, M.N.
  14. Ohmic treatment of fresh foods: Effect on textural properties (1617-1621)
    • Olivera, D. F., Salvadori, V. O. and Marra, F.
  15. Optimization of roasting conditions for high-quality Arabica coffee (1623-1627)
    • Ku Madihah, K.Y., Zaibunnisa, A.H., Norashikin, S., Rozita, O. and Misnawi, J.
  16. Effect of some red marine algae as biofertilizers on growth of maize (Zea mayz L.) plants (1629-1632)
    • Safinaz, A. F, and Ragaa, A. H.
  17. The effect of air flow rate on single-layer drying characteristics of Arabica Coffee (1633-1637)
    • Muhidong, J., Mursalim and Rahman, A.
  18. The effect of vitamin C on morphology and histology of liver and spleen of Plasmodium - infected mice (IFRJ-2012-349) (1639-1643)
    • Rungruang, T., Kaewkongkwan, Y., Sukakul, T., Kettawan, A., Chompoopong, S. and Boonmars, T.
  19. Effects of cultural conditions on dextran production by Leuconostoc spp. (1645-1651)
    • Onilude, A. A., Olaoye, O., Fadahunsi, I.F., Owoseni, A., Garuba, E.O. and Atoyebi, T.
  20. Antioxidant activity and physicochemical properties changes of papaya (Carica papaya L. cv. Hongkong) during different ripening stage (1653-1659)
    • Zuhair, R. A., Aminah, A., Sahilah, A. M. and Eqbal, D.
  21. Comparison of antioxidant properties of pomelo [Citrus grandis (L) Osbeck] varieties (IFRJ-2012-403) (1661-1668)
    • Toh, J.J., Khoo, H.E. and Azrina, A.
  22. Extraction optimization and in vitro antioxidant properties of phenolic compounds from Cumin (Cuminum cyminum l.) seed (1669-1675)
    • AL Juhaimi, F. Y. and *Ghafoor, K.
  23. Optimizing conditions for antioxidant extraction from Sea Buckthorn leaf (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) as herbal tea using response surface methodology (RSM) (1677-1681)
    • Touseef Ahmed Wani, Wani, S. M., Shah, A. G. and Masoodi, F. A.
  24. Phenolic-dependent anti-lipid peroxidative, antimodulatory and antioxidant activity of virgin coconut oil in vitro (1683-1689)
    • Librado, A. S. and Von Luigi, M. V.
  25. Total phenolic content and ferric reducing antioxidant power of the leaves and fruits of Garcinia atrovirdis and Cynometra cauliflora (1691-1696)
    • Rabeta, M.S. and Nur Faraniza, R.
  26. Teucrium polium L. essential oil: phytochemiacl component and antioxidant properties (1697-1701)
    • Mahmoudi, R. and Nosratpour, S.
  27. Effect of sonication on anthocyanins, total phenolic content, and antioxidant capacity of pomegranate juices (1703-1709)
    • Alighourchi, H. R., Barzegar, M., Sahari, M. A. and Abbasi, S.
  28. Comparative evaluation of various total antioxidant capacity assays applied to phytochemical compounds of Indian culinary spices (1711-1716)
    • Deepa, G., Ayesha, S., Nishtha, K. and Thankamani, M.
  29. Total phenol and antioxidant activity of some fruits and their under-utilized parts (1717-1724)
    • Dhan Prakash, Garima Upadhyay and Charu Gupta
  30. Effect of blanching on enzyme and antioxidant activities of Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) peel (1725-1730)
    • Nurhuda, H.H., Maskat, M.Y., Mamot, S., Afiq, J. and Aminah, A.
  31. Minerals and nutritional composition of radhuni (Carum roxburghianum Benth.) seeds (1731-1737)
    • Paul, B. K., Saleh-e-In, M. M., Ara, A. and Roy, S. K.
  32. Aroma volatile profiles of Thai green chili paste (Nam Prig Noom) preserved by ultra-high pressure, pasteurization and sterilization (1739-1746)
    • Apichartsrangkoon, A., Chaikham, P., Srisajjalertwaja, S., Chunthanom, P. and Dajanta, K.
  33. Chemical composition, mineral and nutritional value of wild Bischofia javanica seed (1747-1751)
    • Indra, R., Bachheti, R. K. and Archana, J.
  34. A concept of strategy development for a food company in a polycyclic environment (Food company strategy) (1753-1763)
    • Kokodey, T.A.
  35. Development and evaluation of shelf stable retort processed ready-to-drink (RTD) traditional Thari Kanchi payasam in flexible retort pouches (1765-1770)
    • Mohammedali Shihab, C.P., Hafeeda, P., Kumar, R., Kathiravan, T. and Nadanasabapathi, S.
  36. Application of ISO 22000 in comparison with HACCP on industrial processing of milk chocolate (1771-1781)
    • Afoakwa, E. O, Mensah-Brown, H., Crentsil, G. K., Frimpong, K. and Asante, F.
  37. Trace elements residues in the table eggs rolling in the Mansoura City markets Egypt (1783-1787)
    • AL-Ashmawy, M. A. M.
  38. A comparative study of ‘nasi kandar’ eating patterns among patrons in the Klang Valley and Penang of Malaysia (1789-1797)
    • Abdul Rais, A.R., Wan Abdul Manan, W.M., Shariza, A.R. and Wan Nadiah, W.A.
  39. Factors affecting fast food consumers’ intention to use menu labeling in Klang valley, Malaysia (1799-1805)
    • Delvarani, S., Ghazali, H. and Othman, M.
  40. Heavy metals residues and trace elements in milk powder marketed in Dakahlia Governorate (1807-1812)
    • Salah, F. A. A. E., Esmat, I. A. and Mohamed, A. B.
  41. Fermentation performance of free and immobilized yeast on cork (Sonneratia caseolaris) root – application of immobilized yeast to repeated batch ethanol fermentation (1813-1817)
    • Tang, P.D.P. and Le, V.V.M.
  42. Synergistic effect of gamma rays and citric acid to improve fresh sausage quality (1819-1825)
    • Zahran, D. A. and Hendy, B. A.
  43. Control of xerophilic mould in traditional Egyptian salted fish, "Molouha" (1827-1831)
    • Ismail, S.A.S.
  44. Characterization of quality degradation during chilled shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) supply chain (1833-1842)
    • Imran, A., Chawalit, J. and Somrote, K.
  45. Changes in nib acidification and biochemical composition during fermentation of pulp pre-conditioned cocoa (Theobroma cacao) beans (1843-1853)
    • Afoakwa, E. O., Kongor, J. E., Takrama, J. and Budu, A. S.
  46. Quality and shelf life status of salted and sun dried fishes of Tuticorin fishing villages in different seasons (1855-1859)
    • Immaculate, K., Sinduja, P., Velammal, A. and Jamila Patterson
  47. Quality evaluation in storage of aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) juice extracted from fruits preserved by steeping in water (1861-1865)
    • Bhattacherjee, A. K., Dikshit, A., Kumar, S., Shukla, D. K. and Tandon, D. K.
  48. Assessment of copper in diverse pulses, bananas, vegetables and arums of five upazila of Chittagong area in Bangladesh by spectro-photometric method (1867-1871)
    • Islam, F., Bhattacharjee, S.C., Hossain, A., Islam, S., Mahmud, A. S. M., Ahmed, Y. and Rahman, M.
  49. Prevalence of hypercarotenaemia in nursery/kindergarten children in the Western province in Sri Lanka: a preliminary survey (1873-1875)
    • Wageesha, N. D. A., Ekanayake, S. and Jansz, E. R.
  50. Assessment of the freshness state of preserved Sarpa salpa under ice (1877-1881)
    • Boubaker, K., Achour, S., Abdelkarim, M. and Souheil, B. M.
  51. The analysis of benzene contaminant in Thai commercial non-alcoholic beverages by Headspace Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (1883-1887)
    • Techakriengkrai, I. and Lertborwornwong, C.
  52. Fermentation of Morinda citrifolia extract by Saccharomyces cerevisiae as affected by substrate concentration, inoculum size, temperature and fermentation time (1889-1894)
    • Nur Hafiza, Z., Maskat, M.Y., Liew, S.L. and Mamot, S.
  53. Detection of enterotoxin targeted entFM and hblA genes by inoculating Bacillus cereus (Strain BC1) into ready-to-eat food (RTF) and drink samples using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (1895-1899)
    • Nooratiny, I. and Sahilah, A. M.
  54. Biochemical and antibacterial properties of Thai medicine herbal infusions (1901-1907)
    • Chunthanom, P., Chaikham, P. and Intaket, R.
  55. Combined effect of bacteriocin with gold nanoparticles against food spoiling bacteria - an approach for food packaging material preparation (1909-1912)
    • Thirumurugan, A., Ramachandran, S. and Shiamala Gowri, A.
  56. Screening of significant factors in collagen extraction from hybrid Clarias sp. using a statistical tool (1913-1920)
    • Kiew, P. L. and Mat Don, M.
  57. Incidence and survival of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes on salad vegetables (IFRJ-2012-263) (1921-1925)
    • Uzeh, R.E. and Adepoju, A.
  58. Susceptibility of Lactobacillus pentosus strains isolated from fermented products to streptomycin and kanamycin (1927-1931)
    • Han, J. H., Li, X. F., Gao, W. H., Walczak, P., Zhang, B. L. and Jia, Y. M.
  59. Effect of lemon grass (Cymbopogon citratus (DC.) Stapf.) treatments on Aspergillus flavus (SGS-421) infestation and aflatoxin B1 content of maize grains (1933-1939)
    • Atanda, O. O. and Olopade, T. A.
  60. Determination of sugar content in pineapple waste variety N36 (1941-1943)
    • Siti Roha, A.M., Zainal, S., Noriham, A. and Nadzirah, K.Z
  61. Thermal characteristics of Agaricus bisporus mushroom: freezing point, glass transition, and maximal-freeze-concentration condition (1945-1952)
    • Guizani, N., Rahman, M. S., Klibi, M., Al-Rawahi, A. and Bornaz, S.
  62. Influence of additives on Saccharomyces cerevisiae -glucan production (1953-1959)
    • Naruemon, M., Romanee, S., Cheunjit, P., Xiao, H., McLandsborough, L. A. and Pawadee, M.
  63. Upgrading the utilization of brassica wastes: physicochemical properties and sensory evaluation of fermented brassica stalks (1961-1969)
    • Bekhit, A. E. D., Lingming, K., Mason, S.L., Zhou, J. H. and Sedcole, J. R.
  64. Studies on storage stability of hot extracted (HEVCO) and cold extracted virgin coconut oil (CEVCO) in different flexible and rigid packaging system (1971-1976)
    • Srivastava, Y., Semwal, A.D. and Sharma, G.K.
  65. Analysis of corn and soybean oils in red fruit oil using FTIR spectroscopy in combination with partial least square (1977-1981)
    • Setyaningrum, D.L., Riyanto, S. and Rohman, A.
  66. Mathematical modelling of thin layer solar drying of whole Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) pods (1983-1989)
    • Ismail, M.A. and Ibn Idriss, E.M.
  67. D-Optimal mixture design on melting and textural properties of dark chocolate as affected by cocoa butter substitution with Xanthan gum/Guar gum blends (1991-1995)
    • Amir, I.Z., Sharon, W.X.R. and Syafiq, A.
  68. Response surface-optimized synthesis of cis-9,trans-11-octadecadienoic acid through dehydration of castor oil (1997-2003)
    • Jafari, M., Kadivar, M. and Goli, S. A. H.
  69. Concentration dependent rheological behaviour of promising basmati and non basmati rice flour (2005-2008)
    • Prasad, K., Anil, A., Singh, Y. and Sinha, A.S.K.
  70. Steady state and tme dependent rheological behaviour of mayonnaise (egg and eggless) (2009-2016)
    • Singla, N., Verma, P., Ghoshal, G. and Basu, S.
Short Communications
  1. Improvement of the raw milk microbiological quality by ozone treatment (2017-2021)
    • Cavalcante, M. A., Leite Júnior, B. R. C., Tribst, A. A. L. and Cristianini, M.

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 5, 2013

Mini Review
  1. MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry of oligomeric food polyphenols (2023-2034)
    • Madrigal-Carballo, S., Rodriguez, G., Vega-Baudrit, J.R., Krueger, C.G. and Reed, J.D.
  2. Date seed and date seed oil (2035-2043)
    • Abdul Afiq, M.J., Abdul Rahman, R., Che Man, Y.B., AL-Kahtani, H.A. and Mansor, T.S.T.
  3. Phytochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology properties of Strobilanthes crispus (2045-2056)
    • Nurraihana, H. and Norfarizan-Hanoon, N.A.
Original Articles
  1. Phytochemicals and antioxidant properties of extracts from the root and stems of Anabasis articulata (2057-2063)
    • Benhammou, N., Ghambaza, N., Benabdelkader, S., Atik-Bekkara, F. and Kadifkova Panovska, T.
  2. Effects of extraction conditions on antioxidant properties of sapodilla fruit (Manilkara zapota) (2065-2072)
    • Woo, P.F., Yim, H.S. Khoo, H.E., Sia, C.M. and Ang, Y.K.
  3. Relationships between phytochemicals and antioxidant activity in corn silk (2073-2079)
    • Sarepoua, E., Tangwongchai, R., Suriharn, B. and Lertrat, K.
  4. Effect of hydrolysis time on nutritional, functional and antioxidant properties of protein hydrolysates prepared from gingerbread plum (Neocarya macrophylla) seeds (2081-2090)
    • Amza, T., Balla, A., Tounkara, F., Man, L. and Zhou, H.M.
  5. Marzeh Khuzistani essential oil as a natural antioxidant in canola oil under forced conditions (2091-2102)
    • Hashemi, S.M.B., Mousavi Khaneghah, A., Khoshnoudi nia, S. and Mahdavian mehr, H.
  6. Differences in chemical components and antioxidant-related substances in virgin coconut oil from coconut hybrids and their parents (2103-2109)
    • Arlee, R., Suanphairoch, S. and Pakdeechanuan, P.
  7. In vitro antioxidant activities of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Smyrnium cordifolium Boiss and Sinapis arvensis L.(2111-2115)
    • Tabaraki, R. and Ghadiri, F.
  8. Antioxidant properties and antiproliferative effect of brewers’ rice extract (temukut) on selected cancer cell lines (2117-2124)
    • Tan, B.L., Norhaizan, M.E., Suhaniza, H.J., Lai, C.C., Norazalina, S. and Roselina, K.
  9. Antioxidative activity and polyphenol content in fermented soy milk supplemented with WPC-70 by probiotic Lactobacilli (2125-2131)
    • Subrota, H., Shilpa, V., Brij, S., Vandna, K. and Surajit, M.
  10. Fatty acids, essential amino acids, and chlorogenic acids profiles, in vitro protein digestibility and antioxidant activity of food products containing green coffee extract (2133-2144)
    • Budryn, G., Nebesny, E., Rachwał-Rosiak, D., Oracz, J.
  11. Combined microwave and hot air convective dehydration on physical and biochemical qualities of dried longan flesh (2145-2151)
    • Chaikham, P., Kreungngern, D. and Apichartsrangkoon, A.
  12. Characterization of domestic onion wastes and bulb (Allium cepa L.): fatty acids and metal contents (2153-21)
    • Bello, M.O., Olabanji, I.O., Abdul-Hammed, M. and Okunade, T.D.
  13. Some compositional and physical characteristics of some Turkish hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) variety fruits and their corresponding oils (2161-2165)
    • Kanbur, G., Arslan, D. and Özcan, M.M.
  14. Influence of pH and protein concentration on rheological properties of whey protein dispersions (2167-2171)
    • Dissanayake, M., Ramchandran, L. and Vasiljevic, T.
  15. Formation and stability of an oil in water emulsion containing lecithin, xanthan gum and sunflower oil (2173-2181)
    • Traynor, M.P., Burke, R., Frías, J.M., Gaston, E. and Barry-Ryan, C.
  16. Studies on equilibrium moisture absorption of kappa carrageen (2183-2191)
    • Bajpai, S.K. and Pradeep, T.
  17. Evaluation of mixture effects in binary solutions of ascorbic acid with grape (Vitis vinifera) seed extracts using Response Surface Methodology (2193-2198)
    • Karvela, E., Makris, D.P. and Karathanos, V.T.
  18. Multistage heat pump drying of macadamia nut under modified atmosphere (2199-2203)
    • Borompichaichartkul, C., Chinprahast, N., Devahastin, S., Wiset, L., Poomsa-ad, N. and Ratchapo, T.
  19. Studies on preparation and functional properties of carboxymethyl starch from sorghum (2205-2210)
    • Ganorkar, P.M. and Kulkarni, A.S.
  20. Effect of some process variables on mass transfer kinetics during osmotic dehydration of bamboo slices (2211-2217)
    • Suresh Kumar, P., Choudhary, V.K., Kanwat, M. and Sangeetha, A.
  21. Effects of steaming, boiling and frozen storage on carotenoid contents of various sweet corn cultivars (2219-2225)
    • Junpatiw, A., Lertrat, K., Lomthaisong, K. and Tangwongchai, R.
  22. Physicochemical properties of hydrolysates from enzymatic hydrolysis of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata) protein meal (2227-2240)
    • Muhamyankaka, V., Shoemaker, C.F., Nalwoga, M. and Zhang, X.M.
  23. Characterization of Bestak sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) variety from Indonesian origin as prebiotic (2241-2245)
    • Lestari, L.A., Soesatyo, M.H.N.E., Iravati, S. and Harmayani, E.
  24. Development and evaluation of shelf stable retort processed ready-to-drink (RTD) traditional Thari Kanchi payasam in flexible retort pouches (2247-2252)
    • Mohammedali Shihab, C.P., Hafeeda, P., Kumar, R., Kathiravan, T. and Nadanasabapathi, S.
  25. Role of hydrocolloids in improving the physical and textural characteristics of fennel bread (2253-2259)
    • Das, L., Raychaudhuri, U. and Chakraborty, R.
  26. Bitterness of green mussel (Perna viridis) hydrolysate as influenced by the degree of hydrolysis (2261-2268)
    • Normah, I., Siti Hafsah, M.S. and Nurul Izzaira, A.
  27. Topical application of Terminalia chebula extract helps croton oil-induced dermatitis in mice (2269-2272)
    • Sukakul, T., Kettawan, A., Chompoopong, S. and Rungruang, T.
  28. Comparative studies of the functional and physico-chemical properties of isolated Cassava, Cocoyam and Breadfruit starches (2273-2277)
    • Gbadamosi, S.O. and Oladeji, B.S.
  29. Hypoglycemic effect of biscuits containing water-soluble polysaccharides from wild yam (Dioscorea hispida Dennts) or lesser yam (Dioscorea esculenta) tubers and alginate (2279-2285)
    • Harijono, Estiasih, T., Sunarharum, W.B. and Hartono, M.D.
  30. Nutritional composition and amino acid profile of a sub-tropical red seaweed Gelidium pusillum collected from St. Martin’s Island, Bangladesh (2287-2292)
    • Siddique, M.A.M., Khan, M.S.K. and Bhuiyan, M.K.A.
  31. Nutrient composition and effect of processing treatments on anti nutritional factors of Nigerian sesame (Sesamum indicum Linn) cultivars (2293-2300)
    • Makinde, F.M. and Akinoso, R.
  32. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of wild Tiger’s milk mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus) collected from Pahang, Malaysia and its nutritional value and toxic metal content 2301-2307)
    • Lai, W.H., Loo, S.S., Rahmat, N., Shaharuddin, S., Daud, F., Zamri, Z. and Saleh, N.M.
  33. Nutritional quality characteristics of pumpkin fruit as revealed by its biochemical analysis(2309-2316)
    • Sonu Sharma and Ramana Rao, T.V.
  34. A comparative assessment of Goan natural solar salt and its adequacy in iodine content and nutritive value (2317-2321)
    • Kerkar, S. and Fernandes, M.S.
  35. Changes in properties of palm sugar syrup produced by an open pan and a vacuum evaporator during storage (2323-2334)
    • Naknean, P., Meenune, M. and Roudaut, G.
  36. Continuous improvement of a system quality management: accelerating thawing process of poultry meat by using a microwave oven (2335-2341)
    • Boubaker, K., Eltaief, K. and Sami, A.
  37. Implementation of ricotta cheese production process in Tunisia (2343-2848)
    • Kamel, B., Boubaker, K. and Attia, H.
  38. Quality of fermented fresh water fish (Wadi Betok) added with palm (Arenga pinnata) sugar and Lime (Citrus aurantifolia) juice (2849-2855)
    • Petrus, Purnomo, H., Suprayitno, E. and Hardoko
  39. The values of the traditional culinary practices towards the modernization as perceived by the Malay Chefs in Klang Valley (2857-2864)
    • Ismail, N.A., Ab. Karim, M.S., Othman, M. and Abd. Halim, N.
  40. Consumer’s preferences for eggs attributes in Malaysia: Evidence from conjoint survey (2865-2872)
    • Ahmad Hanis, I.A.H., Mad Nasir, S., Jinap, S., Alias, R. and Ab Karim, M.S.
  41. Does cooking affect the phytate content in local soy based dishes? (2873-2880)
    • Shimi, G. and Hasnah, H.
  42. Use of solar cooker in Nigeria (2881-2886)
    • Aremu, A.K. and Akinoso, R.
  43. Hungernomics: explaining food trade sustainability 2887-2893)
    • Lau, E., Hamzah, S.N.Z., Sallih, S.A. and Arip, M.A.
  44. Farmer’s acceptance towards fragrant rice farming: the case of non-granary areas in the East Coast, Malaysia (2895-2899)
    • Jamal, K., Kamarulzaman, N.H., Abdullah, A.M., Ismail, M.M. and Hashim, M.
  45. Total aflatoxin contamination of maize produced in different regions of Qazvin- Iran (2901-2904)
    • Mahmoudi, R., Norian, R., Katiraee, F. and Pajohi Alamoti, M.R.
  46. Screening antimicrobial activity of tropical edible medicinal plant extracts against five standard microorganisms for natural food preservative (2905-2910)
    • Rukayadi, Y., Lau, K.Y., Zainin, N.S., Zakaria, M. and Abas, F.
  47. Microbiological quality of Minas Frescal cheese treated with ozonated water (2911-2915)
    • Cavalcante, M.A., Leite Júnior, B.R.C., Tribst, A.A.L. and Cristianini, M.
  48. Characterization of the effects on the growth kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes in solid culture in contact with caseinate base edible films added with antilisterial activity from Streptococcus sp. ABMX isolated from Pozol, an indigenous Mexican beverage (2917-2925)
    • Mendoza-Mendoza, B., Rodríguez-Hernández, A.-I., Vargas-Torres, A., Díaz-Ruiz, G., Montiel-Duarte, R., Ramos-Aboites, H.–E., Castro-Rosas, J. and Chavarría-Hernández, N.
  49. Assessment of microbial load of some common vegetables among two different socioeconomic groups (IFRJ-2013-131) (2927-2931)
    • Chaturvedi, M., Kumar, V. Singh, D. and Kumar, S.
  50. Microbial quality of irrigation water and irrigated vegetables in Kano State, Nigeria (2933-2938)
    • Abakpa, G.O., Umoh, V.J., Ameh, J.B. and Yakubu, S.E.
  51. Isolation of steroids from n-hexane extract of the leaves of Saurauia roxburghii (2939-2943)
    • Ahmed, Y., Rahman, S., Akhtar, P., Islam, F., Rahman, M. and Yaakob, Z.
  52. Effect of indigenous lactic acid bacteria fermentation on enrichment of isoflavone and antioxidant properties of kerandang (Canavalia virosa) extract (2945-2950)
    • Titiek, F.D., Umar, S., Nur Cahyanto, M., Takuya, S., Endang, S.R. and Kosuke, N.
  53. Effect of harvest time on antioxidant activity of Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract and evaluation of its antibacterial activity (2951-2957)
    • Karami, Z., Mirzaei, H., Emam-Djomeh, Z., Sadeghi Mahoonak, A.R. and Khomeiri, M.
Short Communications
  1. DNA extraction from ghee and beef species identification using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay (2959-2961)
    • Nooratiny, I., Sahilah, A.M., Alif Alfie, A.R. and Mohd. Farouk, M.Y.
  2. Detection of tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin in dried salted yellow puffer fish (Xenopterus naritus) eggs from Satok Market, Kuching, Sarawak (2963-2966)
    • Mohd Nor Azman, A. and Wan Norhana, M.N.
  3. Evaluation of brown rice and germinated brown rice as an alternative substrate for probiotic food formulation using Lactobacillus spp. isolated from goat milk (2967-2971)
    • Subhasree, R.S., Bhakyaraj, R. and Dinesh Babu, P.
  4. Microbiological quality on food handlers’ hands at primary schools in Hulu Langat District, Malaysia (2973-2977)
    • Tan, S.L., Lee, H.Y., Abu Bakar, F., Abdul Karim, M.S., Rukayadi, Y. and Mahyudin, N.A.

International Food Research Journal Volume 20 Issue 6, 2013

Mini Review
  1. Bioavailability of heavy metal in rice using in vitro digestion model (2979-2985)
    • Omar, N. A., Praveena, S. M., Aris, A. Z. and Hashim, Z.
Original Articles
  1. Physicochemical characteristics and electric conductivity of various fruit wines (2987-2993)
    • Lee, J.-H., Choi, K. H., Kim, S. H., Park, K. S., Park, S. H., Kim, J. S., Kang, S. A., Cheong, C. and Jang, K.-H.
  2. Amino acid composition and solubility of proteins isolated from sunflower meal produced in Bulgaria (2995-3000)
    • Ivanova, P., Chalova, V., Koleva, L. and PIshtiyski, I.
  3. Investigation into the biological activities and chemical composition of Calendula officinalis L. growing in Tunisia (3001-3007)
    • Rigane, G., Ben Younes, S., Ghazghazi, H. and Ben Salem, R.
  4. Arsenic effects on growth parameters of Indian prawn, Penaeus indicus (3009-3011)
    • Rajkumar, J. S. I.
  5. Extraction and characterization of pepsin-solubilized collagen from the body wall of crown-of-thorns Starfish (Acanthaster planci) (3013-3020)
    • Tan, C. C., Karim, A. A., Latiff, A. A., Gan, C. Y. and Ghazali, F. C.
  6. Aroma volatile profiles of flavored cashew tea with licorice root addition (3021-3026)
    • Chunthanom, P., Chaikham, P., Jannok, P. and Chumroenphat, T.
  7. In vitro starch digestibility of plantain and cooking-banana at ripe and unripe stages (3027-3031)
    • Odenigbo, A. M., Victoria, U. A., Stella, U. and Ngadi, M.
  8. Physico-chemical changes in dabai (Canarium odontophyllum Miq.) fruit during modified atmosphere storage (3033-3040)
    • Ding, P. and Diana, J.
  9. Development of a hot water reconstitutable appetizer soup mix from Coleus aromaticus using response surface methodology (3041-3046)
    • Wadikar, D. D. and Premavalli, K. S.
  10. The effect of peptide (Asp – Glu) synthetic base on sterilized fermented soymilk on lipid profile of Sprague Dawley rats (3047-3052)
    • Fatma, Z. N., Bety Wahyu, H. and Waluyo
  11. Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis of cockle (Anadara Granosa) meat wash water precipitate for the development of seafood flavor (3053-3059)
    • Haslaniza, H., Maskat, M. Y., Wan Aida, W. M., Mamot, S. and Saadiah, I.
  12. Physicochemical properties of honey produced in Sekota district, northern Ethiopia (3061-3067)
    • Tewodros Alemu, Eyassu Seifu and Amsalu Bezabih
  13. Storage stability of pennywort juice as affected by high pressure and thermal processing (3069-3076)
    • Chaikham, P., Chunthanom, P. and Apichartsrangkoon, A.
  14. Influence of heating temperature on the development of volatile compounds in bigeye tuna meat (Thunnus obesus) as assessed by E-nose and SPME-GC/MS (3077-3083)
    • Sun, J., Wang, Q.-J., Huang, J., Hou, Y.-D., Chen, Y.-F. and Su, X.-R.
  15. Extraction and characterization of gelatin from different fresh water fishes as alternative sources of gelatin (3085-3091)
    • Ratnasari, I., Yuwono, S. S., Nusyam, H. and Widjanarko, S. B.
  16. Isolation and characterization of starches from two cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) cultivars (3093-3100)
    • Ashogbon, A. O. and Akintayo, E. T.
  17. Optimization and quality evaluation of freeze dried mutton manchurian (3101-3106)
    • Jalarama Reddy, K., Pandey, M. C., Harilal, P. T. and Radhakrishna, K.
  18. Replacement value of hatchery waste meal for fish meal in the diet of laying Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) (3107-3110)
    • Odunsi, A. A., Akinwumi, A. O. and Falana, O. I.
  19. Rheological interaction of sage seed gum with xanthan in dilute solution (3111-3116)
    • Razavi, S. M. A., Hasan Abadi, M., Ghadiri, Gh. R. and Salehi, E. A.
  20. Effects of extraction solvent system, time and temperature on total phenolic content of henna (Lawsonia inermis) stems (3117-3123)
    • Tan, M. C., Tan, C. P. and Ho, C. W.
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